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  1. Can digitalization help food redistribution? Cause that's what we need first. Its the same story with land usage. avb land vs. control.

  2. The big fat farmer boasting how his cattle eat the weed, is driving the huge car .. is that vehicle running on vegetable oils? Or Petrol? Bogus Hope in face of reality … Fact is 80% of the farmers across the world are not some "cowboy driving a metal horse on the colonised plains of america" … Could you guys look at India to learn more? Guess Not….

  3. Capitalism in the food industry is all about selling more and more. They like to keep things a secret, not tell you what they really put in the food. So they load it up with manufactured sugar from corn, even your government encourages the use, they get special tax breaks. The whole industry has consolidated, taught big is better, it was just a way to control the marketplace. Those fast food outlets, all the premanufactured items so they all look alike. Lots of calories, but it just encourages you to eat more and more.

  4. Adding technology to every problem isn't the solution to every problem. It isn't the magic bullet and it will add huge upfront costs which will eliminate small private farms. If there is already mistrust in our overly industrialized, subsidized, lobbied and backed by big oil farms…. what makes you think adding big tech companies into the mix is the best solution?

    Permaculture works, and is ridiculously low tech for the abundance it naturally creates. If you want to add some tech it would be autonomous machines that can harvest, collect and monitor the variety of produce and prepare it for market so the farmer and his small staff can go away for longer periods without worry of food rotting or produce not being harvested for the markets, CSA's and restaurants they supply.

    Farmers work very hard and those who work with nature just need a bit of tech to allow them to enjoy more time away from their land without worry.

    How much more expensive is a factory made, artificial environmentally controlled farm going to cost? With wages and job growth stagnant and public services looking to be abolished… how many people will be able to afford to eat while we throw money at farms that poison the land, water and air doing things how it is currently done?

  5. I think these technologies will be helpful to colonize Mars and some will be very useful in tracking where are food comes from, the health of the soil and in identifying areas of over distribution or lack of diversity for communities and markets.

  6. All you can control is what you put in the machine. We all know what comes out…but I digress. Yes, we are machines who make waste.

  7. Come on people, what do you expect from very low prices? People are pushing for cheaper prices all the time, so they are in large part responsible for the insanity of the production system. They closed their eyes for decades perfectly knowing the whole food production apparatus was built lies. And now they wake up and cry wolf because they're gluten intolerant? Non sense. You want good food, you have to recognize that the value of it has to be paid fairly. And it's not cheap.

  8. Off topic: Isn't it normally best practice to credit the artist for using his music? (which is Paul Kalkbrenner, by the way)

  9. We don't have a shortage of food, half of what we produce goes to waste one way or another. We have a distribution problem and greedy people in power that's the problem. We still feed good plant food to our farmanimals instead of feeding the people with that, we leave have of our harvest on the fields because it's not the right shape or size. Even a huge amount of the meat we produce under horrific surcumstances goes to waste. We don't need the food industry or our governments solving problems they are responsible for, we need a change in society and we need that fast!

  10. It's the cost of transportation of the food that makes the food so expensive. Farm & grow locally and distribute locally is the solution.

  11. Creative people create nice solutions.
    The issue of industrial farming with chemicals is a huge disaster on our planet. Great people will reduce the destruction that was caused by industrial farming with chemicals. We need that to help nature and to have better health with basic foods.

  12. It's full of digital nutrition of course…?.Don't eat any vegetables and fruits from shops-all poison, and salt will eat you from inside

  13. For everybody who liked this documentary, we suggest to check out our documentary about vertical farming and food flats in urban agriculture. They are important alternatives to our current inefficient food system! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBhTyNbJE6A

  14. do they light the plants 24 hours a day for 30 days in the warehouse in the Netherlands at 23:00?
    Just convert daily tons of food waste into consumable, no man would sleep hungry.

  15. In the US the digital technology improves everything but never ever the food for the best chefs in restaurants. That is worldwide today. What matters is the quality of the food not the cost of producing it. I come from a farm family, the Blomeyer family, 400 years old and producing Bio-food. The Blomeyer family is today also in the US. And when I will visit the US, I will have my health fasting period because normal American food makes you sick a tiny bit. I will not eat it. Obese people and cancer is the result of American food production. There is a very small beginning in the US to realise that the whole concept of present food production is completely wrong. The bio food had been introduced in about 1925 by Rudolf Steiner in Germany with his slogan: "No artificial fertiliser, no pesticides".
    It is such a pity that my American friends are living in an artificial world. Only a very few have changed, first the best of best cooks who never serve any food except bio food. Also there are hotels who changed to this concept.
    I believe also that the last will become the first and one day American food has got the excellency which you experience in France and Spain in their 3 star restaurants.

  16. I forgot to mention that food is so much related to sickness that conscious Americans use the opportunity to heal cancer completely in India or Mexiko or Germany. The use of organic bio food in special hospitals will spread and one day the medical doctors in the US see clearly what the colleagues are doing in these countries. They will call for an open revolution in all internet forums and their songs will bring the walls build by pharma industry to a sudden fall. All goes very fast when it will be revealed that the children of the pharma CEOs are treated in Germany, Mexico and India.

  17. yum, carrot steak…I'm out!
    Just convert daily tons of food waste into consumable, no man would sleep hungry.

  18. go permaculture <3
    "When you are buying a hamburger, you don't know what kind of animal it was"
    ME: o-0

  19. Just convert daily tons of food waste into consumable, no man would sleep hungry.
    "When you are buying a hamburger, you don't know what kind of animal it was"
    ME: o-0

  20. 9:04 And suddenly busted fake food scanners appear.
    yum, carrot steak…I'm out!
    now that looks damn right bloody scary

  21. Just an idea…. if order a dominos pizza, I can see when they start what part of each process, right to my door.
    I don't know how expensive it would be technologically ( the overhead ), but if you had a little tag that held the surveillance data of that food product from start to end ( at key transactional points )…so you could see a montage of moments that were part of the process, tap your phone, scan the food-id and then you can see the whole process. Even see yourself purchasing it at the store. Well, it is food for thought.
    It would help watchdog the processes, and help people get closer to understanding the processes and thus making good food choices that match their ethics.

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