Do Chinese People Go Out For American Food?

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Hey Lao Waiers! Its Laowei86 here with another video
And how many times have you asked a question do I want Chinese food tonight?
Sometimes they’re too lazy to cook
Sometimes they’re too lazy to go out for a big fancy meal
Sometimes you want something cheap
So in the west or at least in America a lot of people say
“Let’s get Chinese tonight”
Now, Chinese takeout is usually
It’s kind of a fast food in a way, it’s quick
it’s dirty, it’s cheap and
Everyone has their local favorite Chinese restaurant.
Now if you check out my video on my channel where Vivvy my wife
She’s actually a chinese woman trying American Chinese food for the first time
It’s quite the laugh
But I’m actually going to pose another question to you
It’s one of those questions that you kind of ask, but are never answered. Right?
For example like in America
We say if you dig far enough down in the dirt, you’ll end up in China.
What do they say in China if they dig all the way down to they end up in America?
Well the question I’m asking today is
Do Chinese people go out for American food? for example
We say “I’m going to go out for Chinese tonight”
Do they say the same thing?
The short answer to that is absolutely.
But it’s not so simple because American food isn’t really a thing here
It’s called western food or 西餐 [Xi Can]
Now western food in China is kind of insane conglomeration of all countries food together
So you got Japanese, Indian, Thai
Italian, French, American, all of these countries food together
in cuisines end up kind of lumped together in Western Food
and that doesn’t make any sense considering Japan or Thailand or
India for example is not in the west, right?
But despite all these foods being lumped together into “western food” Chinese people absolutely
Do go out to eat it.
Now, It does have different scales,
and it is kind of ridiculous to think about all these countries together being lumped into one group
But we do the same thing with Chinese food because as we know
China’s Provinces all have their own cuisine and when we say Chinese food,
We’re actually just talking about Chow mein or eggrolls or General Tso’s chicken
[things] like this now chinese people do the same thing with cuisines here from different countries around the world and
To be honest there are different levels here of western food or foreign food in China for example
We can go all the way down to a fake ripoff KFC restaurants actually Winston
And I went to something called Paleo Burger something Pala Burger
And it was kind of this weird bastardization of Burger king mixed together with KFC.
So you can go all the way down to these kind of counterfeit foreign restaurants you can go to KFC, pizza hut
is a completely different world here in China.
It’s actually kind of like a
Upper-Middle class restaurant where people go
The menu is about this thick.You could drink wine there.
They have like wine pairings with different pasta dishes and stuff
It’s absolutely crazy
of course you have things like
McDonald’s and KFC like I mentioned
but then you can go up and actually we’re here right now in a very very foreign
Populated area of China,
and this is actually called 蛇口[She kou] and it’s a place in Shenzhen where winston actually lives
It’s a first tier city and a lot of foreigners live here for the oil business
and a lot of foreign businesses that have sprung
up around this area because of its close proximity to Hong Kong
Now these restaurants that are here this “Foreign” or western food are not just for the foreigners that live here
Actually a lot of Chinese people will come from within the city to this little place to eat foreign food now
It’s not so simple because they’re not
Necessarily going there because they really really have a hankering for some Indian food
or they really really want a good australian steak
What they’re actually doing is coming here to do something
Called 装逼 [Zhuang Bi] and that kind of term means to kind of pose, right?
Now if you are a chinese person that has any sort of money in China
You absolutely know how important “face” [reputation] is
so you get a nice car that looks flashy, maybe it’s out of your price range
But it’s really really important to have the nicest car and the nicest things in your house
It’s a very materialistic society and the same goes for going out to eat
Because of quan chi connections and face and its importance in Chinese culture a lot of people in China will go to expensive
“Western restaurants” not for the food but to show off to their friends
or to impress business clients or to
Impress a new woman that you want her to think you’re really rich things like this now
there’s a lot of reasons that people do that, but the food is kind of
second-Tier important
Compared to the face that you get when eating western food so connections and face and all that kind of stuff aside
What if chinese people actually like to eat in terms of American or western food as they call it well?
one thing I noticed is that if you’re going to look at fast food you go to McDonald’s or KFC
of course KFC is famous for their chicken, but if you go to McDonald’s
Almost all of the menu items are also chicken related
They do have big macs and hamburgers and all that kind of stuff, but when Chinese people say 汉堡 [han bao]
Or hamburger actually what they’re talking about is a chicken burger. Which I found quite interesting
now in terms of wanting to go take your family out for a nice evening
a lot of times five-star hotels will actually have a
Western Buffet
And that usually involves some people wearing ridiculous chef hats and that you know roast beef cutting station
But what I’ve noticed that a lot of times is that in these “western buffets”
They’re supposed to have “western food.” Whatever that might mean
It’s actually full of Chinese food as well
So often times you can see that people are actually there for the experience to look like they’re eating fancy expensive western food
Because of the kind of positive image that’s attached to it. So when they’re there
Maybe they don’t particularly like the food that’s on offer
So they’ll actually
Prefer to eat the Chinese food that’s on offer as well
at least with my wife and Chinese friends when I’ve taken them to eat
Indian food I’ve noticed that it’s wildly unpopular.
Number one. They don’t like to eat things with their hands
There’s not a whole lot of bread and things like stuffing things with
Inside of bread and pitas and all that kind of stuff in Chinese cuisine
So that’s a little bit strange and the curries are much too strong tasting a lot of the times especially down south where we live
People prefer really really bland food they call it ching don, and they’re kind of proud [of] that
You know how bland their food can [be] so Indian food kind of goes against that it’s a little too spicy a little bit
Too strong another thing that’s super popular or at least I don’t know to show off. How much money you have is steak
is actually a restaurant here called wang steak and
Actually is Wang steak I apologize [wang means king anyway]
There’s a franchise restaurants here that actually sell steaks
and it’s actually supposed to be french cuisine despite. It being a Chinese owned company and
You’ll at least spend [$100] per head if you go to these restaurants
And they’re full of this really really gaudy
furniture and kind of like
ornate paintings and stuff that looks like it comes from my grandma’s basement and
people who are willing to spend it a lot of money to be able to go there and say I ate steak last night with
My wife or my girlfriend or my business partner. It’s a real big thing for them
So steaks are definitely really really popular as well now Japanese food sometimes the lumps under the same kind of image is western food
Like I said at some of these five-star hotels they’ll have a sushi bar next to a place where you get steak
It doesn’t make any sense because it’s called at Western Buffet but often times
Chinese people actually really like Japanese food
because it’s pretty mild mild tasting and it has a lot more similarities [with] Chinese food than
[western] food has
Thai food isn’t super super popular amongst Chinese people I’ve noticed I think that has something to do the spice or the
Kind of strong flavours involved in Thai cooking as well
really big thing is actually Korean food
Korean food is Wildly popular right now
And I don’t know if it’s attached to the popularity of kpop or Korean Dramas or things like that
But that’s absolutely popular here inside actually Winston did a video where he had his chinese wife Sasha try
Korean food in China and actually in almost every Mall shopping mall
It seems like you can find a Korean barbecue or a chicken and beer restaurant as they call it
Crazy Popular here
and more and more you’re seeing western Chains pop up like you see a Burger King
KFC McDonald’s pizza all these things but they always have a Chinese twist to them for example in
Almost every city in China now. You can find a Starbucks
I live in a pretty small third, Tier city
But we have a lot of Starbucks franchises open up
now when I actually asked my cousin who works there a Chinese girl
What do chinese people like to order from Starbucks more often than not it’s not actually coffee
usually the cakes or sandwiches on offer
or they have lots of fruity different teas and
kind of Milky beverages that are super super sweet and
Actually, there’s kind of spin-offs of Starbucks in my city now that are getting more and more popular that actually take a cup of very
Very milky weak coffee and then add cheese like whipped cheese on top of it.
It’s absolutely crazy stuff
So that like I said there’s always kind of a Chinese spin on some of these western offered items
To sum it up do chinese people go out for American food.
Yes, if you call it western food
It’s absolutely a thing here in China
But like I said it’s more about showing off
rather than enjoying
A culinary adventure like most westerners kind of Delude themselves into thinking that
they’re doing when they go out on some main strip and try
Different foods from around the world
Western food is more expensive
[usually] often imitated here with knockoff restaurants and
I got to be honest with you unless the restaurant is foreign-owned.
I’ve noticed that western food typically doesn’t taste very good here in China
Anyway, that’s all
Thank you so much, and I will catch you on the next
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Chinese convenience stores
how are they different from the convenience stores in your country?
you have to be careful because I have seen
“8 12 ” than the like here in China. They do tend to like to copy the logo, but that does appear to be a real one
*Speaks Chinese*
strong alcohol
Vodka kind of [mixer] things, and you have a huge selection, and they’re very cheap very very cheap with smokers
I’m sure you’ll love it, and of course yes, would you actually have condoms over here which is useful but
Yeah, I know. I’ve had a lot of my foreign friends myself included complain a little bit about the sizes that [are] available here

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