Doctor Mike on Diets: Ketogenic Diet | Diet Review

Doctor Mike on Diets: Ketogenic Diet | Diet Review

– What the heck is ketogenic diet? – [Narrator] Quickly lose weight. – Fats with benefits. – Satiates your appetite. – She chose this. – He chose this. – [Reporter] Butter is good. – Explain yourself. – The ketogenic diet, let’s break down what
all this hype is about. I’m gonna tell you what it is, briefly how it works, and discuss some of the claims they’re most commonly made on the subject. Let’s get started. (upbeat music) Before we get into the ketogenic diet, let’s break down some very
simple nutrition basics. There’re three major macronutrient groups that we’re gonna be paying attention to: proteins, fats, and carbs. These are nutrients that you
find in the foods you eat every single day. This standard American diet
consists of 35% of fats, 15% of proteins, and 50% of carbs. Now if you’re looking at ketogenic diet, the numbers are quite
different with 75% being fats, 20% being proteins, and
only 5% being carbs. Think about that, that’s
10 times less carbs than in an standard American diet. Let’s say you switch
from your standard diet to a ketogenic diet, what
happens inside of your body? Your body deals with this
very low carb consumption in two ways: first, it enters
a state called ketosis, which shifts your body’s energy
source to a primarily fats. Which basically means
that it breaks down fats into something known as
ketones, hence ketosis, and then uses those for energy. Simply put, your body begins to burn fat as its primary energy source,
and moves away from glucose, which is a carbohydrate. The process of going into
ketosis does take a few days, and during those days, people experience some
adverse side effects: brain fog, irritability,
nausea, GI discomfort. Some people label this the “Keto Flu.” – I don’t feel so good. – The second process your
body uses is gluconeogenesis, which sounds scary, but it’s really not. All it is is your body creating glucose because now all cells can
function on fats alone. Fun fact here, for survival purposes, you don’t need to consume any carbs as long as you’re getting
enough fats and proteins. Now where did all of this hype for the ketogenic diet come from? Let’s take a look at the claims
and find out what’s true, and what’s not. Claim number one, the ketogenic diet is
good for weight loss. Yeah, the ketogenic diet
is good for weight loss, and this happens through
two important mechanisms. First, since you’re using fats as your primary energy source, you’re burning a lot of stored fat. Second, because fat is very
satiating, makes you feel full, when you eat a high fat content meal, you actually don’t want to eat as much. Therefore, you limit the
amount of calories you take in throughout the day. A lot of people are surprised that when they start the ketogenic
diet, that they lose weight very quickly, but that’s
a little misleading because the majority of
the weight loss initially comes from water loss, not fat loss. For those of you seeking
long-term weight loss, the ketogenic diet is
not super sustainable. It’s graduation day, all
your friends are going to get ice cream, some of them are getting a cookies and cream milkshakes. And you can’t have any cause
you on a ketogenic diet, that’s crazy. You have to be super vigilant when you’re on a ketogenic diet because carbs have this
nasty habit of just sneaking into your foods. Ketchup, high carb food. Apples, bananas, cookies
and cream milkshakes, well, I just love cookies
and cream milkshakes. And so much for having a
salivatory drink with your friends, no to alcohol. Claim number two, the ketogenic
diet is good for the brain. The truth of the matter is, the
jury’s still out on this one because science hasn’t
given us the answer. The research on this area just
hasn’t been completed yet. Anecdotally, some people
say they feel more focused or sharper when on a ketogenic diet, but I’ve also heard patients
of mine that they feel foggier, and that Keto Flu
stays with them much longer than anticipated. So I don’t like using
anecdotes as reasons why a certain diet is good or not. I need quality research,
which I just don’t have. Claim number three, a keto
diet prevents, or manages, many chronic diseases. This is a yes and no answer,
where a keto diet really shines is in Type II Diabetes. Because when you have Type II Diabetes, you have insulin sensitivity issues, you have high sugar content in the blood, and research has shown over and over again that the ketogenic diet
for Type II Diabetes works. – Yes! – We have to talk about Childhood Epilepsy because that’s where the keto diet actually got its roots. We can actually prescribe the
ketogenic diet to children who have refractory epileptic seizures, and what we find is once they
get into a state of ketosis, they have a decreased
frequency of these seizures. It works, it’s proven, it’s
evidence-based science. The ketogenic diet has shown some promise in the field of oncology, aka cancer. It’s not ready to be a prime
time cancer treatment just yet, and the research doesn’t fully support it to be a preventive measure
for developing cancer. But what we do know is
that some promises there, and more research needs to be done. Some harms that can stem from
following a ketogenic diet: nutritional deficiencies from
cutting out large groups, and increase in your
“bad” LDL cholesterol, kidney issues, bone issues,
and even the increase of some certain cancers when
you’re overeating foods like processed or red meat. My final thoughts on the keto diet, I think it’s a good diet for weight loss, I think it’s better for
short-term weight loss than long-term weight loss. So if you have a wedding that
you’re getting ready for, or some kind of big event that’s upcoming, and you’re otherwise healthy, I don’t think it’s a bad diet to go along. The fact that the diet is
very difficult to adhere to because of how much you
have to drastically change your eating patterns of the
possible adverse effects that can come from following the diet, and frankly, from the lack of knowledge, and the lack of research we
have on its long-term effects, all put into question and
really encourage me to not recommend this diet to
the majority of my patients and to you at home. I read in the comments
that some of you want me to try the keto diet. If we get this video to 20,000 likes, I will try the keto diet, and I will take you on
the journey along with me. As always, stay happy and healthy. We have to talk about Childhood Epilepsy because that’s where the keto
diet actually got its roots, found its roots, began its roots? I fucking hate itchy nose syndrome. I don’t know how to do these,
do I do it the whole time? I said “Keto Flu,” the
“Keto Flu.” (laughs) (knuckles knocking the table) Settle down there, she’s like where did he
just pops into frame. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Doctor Mike on Diets: Ketogenic Diet | Diet Review

  1. Love this! Very educational and would love more diet review videos. It’ll help keep everyone informed and debunk a lot of those myths. Safe to say I will probably never do the keto diet, I love pasta too much 😂😋

  2. I was at an epilepsy symposium (I think it had 4 epileptologists speaking ) and one doc said it was originally called the starvation diet. I asked at the end if it’s still called that and he said no

  3. Dr. Mike!!! I am a RN who has a young friend who is convinced the "Paleo" diet is the best, most medically sound diet to follow. She has been conditioned to believe this. I cautioned her to question diets that delete entire food groups, but she is convinced. Could you do a comprehensive video on the paleo diet? Pretty please? I know this comment is over a year after you made this video, but I'm not sure how you monitor questions, or even if you monitor them.

  4. The keto diet was recommended for me to try to reduce systemic inflammation, and it has helped with that. I’m supposed to stay on it long-term, but they told me once you’re really stable you can break it once every few weeks and your body will re-set easily. I really hopes that’s true.

  5. Alcohol is allowed on Keto as long as it doesn't have carbs. Whiskey, Vodka. The great thing about keto is that you dont need much to get buzzed.

  6. There is a study showing that women on low carb diet long term before conceiving even if they quit when they start trying to get pregnant they have a higher rate of neural tube defects !!!! It’s not healthy for anyone especially those putting there kids on it just because…we are not meant to run on fats. Fruits are soooooo good for you like insanely good and you can’t eat hardly any on Keto a few berries ugh 😑

  7. I would like to listen to your opinion on the famous “military diet”. That claims to make people loose up to 10lbs in 3 days. L

  8. Everybody is different I think it's beneficial to try out many of these new diets. Information on Nutrition is better then ever before and we have access to it. I don't diet all the time but it helped me find a balance and a system that works for me a 16 hour fast in the morning a small wrap for lunch low in carbs and then a savory home cooked dinner, along with daily exercise.

  9. Balanced view at last.
    I'm prediabetic and skinny. So for me it makes sense.
    But I tweak it slightly to fit me

  10. Butter is very good, high fat from butter and milk. Keto diet went wrong with meat, eat meat once a week and get your protein from eggs and milk. Trust me!

  11. I am so happy for everyone accomplishing their weight loss goals. I finally lost 50 pounds after adding the keto booster from to my regiment

  12. Everyone has little weight loss hacks they use. Mine is the keto booster from

  13. I cried this morning after stepping on the scale and seeing I was down 22 pounds this month. I could not have done it without

  14. So keto is unsustainable because some people lack self-control? People cave following any diet. Pretty dumb to not recommend it because of something so anecdotal. Perhaps saying I only recommend this diet to people that aren't weak-minded is the more sensible thing to say.

  15. "Hard to follow, due to requiring you to drastically change your eating habits"

    Sure is. But for someone like me, an obese person who may be borderline pre diabetic, that's precisely what needs to happen. If I go on eating like I used to, I will probably die, if not from the health effects, then out of despair when I get so fat I can't walk. That's a fact. I'm simply too fat. I either lose it or I'm probably dead, but, honestly, life in this bloated form is barely a life. It must end. I'll starve myself if I must, but one way or another, this fat is coming off. I'd cut it off if I could do so safely (sadly this isn't toon world, where you can do that without dying), even if it hurt. I'll do whatever I have to to be rid of it.

    Keto makes fast food difficult. Eliminating cheat days prevents me from going backwards. Eliminating sugar and carbs would help with my condition and increases my ability to drop weight. Eating a high fat diet means I eat mostly meat and veggies (asparagus and spinach are two favorites. Big fan of pickled cabbage. Also a fan of Mushrooms and peppers), as well as some dairy. I like meat, and don't mind veggies, especially if cooked in meat juices. I'm also crafty, so I can figure out ways to make my favorites without carbs. This diet forces me to do what I should have done a long time ago: stop. Just stop the sugar, the toxic fast food, and the unhealthy amount of carbs.

    I've been on it two weeks. I've never felt better. I think I am starting to get the keto flu, though. I'll weather it.

  16. I know you aren't looking for anecdotes, but I'm a 37yo male with no weight problems who has been on keto for about four months now. I did lose a few pounds, as expected, of water weight. But in general, I feel fantastic. The biggest reason I went on it is because I read a study that suggested it might help treat GERD. I didn't want to be on a PPI the rest of my life, and I wasn't happy popping two pepcid a day. Three docs told me there wasn't much else I could try. Two weeks after starting keto, my reflux stopped *completely*. No exaggeration, for the first time in twenty years, I don't take a daily antacid, and I can eat without pounding on my chest and getting the food to go down (had a scope that showed the sphincter muscle at the top of my stomach wasn't closing all the way due to inflammation). Also–and let me emphasize that I know this might be entirely placebo–but I've been using my inhaler a lot less. I often have to go on a prednisone run for a week or so, but it seems like the anti-inflammation properties are even keeping that under control.

    Biggest drawbacks? No sweets except on very rare occasions. I also try really hard to do a clean keto, so it does cost more. But I don't see this as unsustainable. The daily health benefits are more than worth it to me. I intend on doing this the rest of my life. I just enjoy eating more. A good portion of tasty meat with some steamed veggies, a little high quality cheese, and plenty of oils? HEAVEN!!! Maybe one sweet treat a week, which is okay with me as my sweet tooth isn't overly aggressive.

    So, it works for me. If it doesn't for someone else, that's okay. I'm not looking to be a keto-evangelist. What I DO hope comes from all the hype is that Americans AT LEAST realize that sugar is poison. We need to get that stuff out of our diet as much as possible. You want a cake or a drink *from time to time*, fine. But our sugar consumption is killing us as a nation. If we can just get that down, then I don't care if you're keto or vegan or carnivore or atkins or Mediterranean or even just a modified standard American. Just eat better, less sugar, and be healthier!

    tl;dr – keto helped my GERD and, in my opinion, my asthma. I'm a lifer. 🙂

  17. i love how everyone is on the keto kick when dr atkins died for doing his much fat equals heart attack.

    so go ahead you know what the results of a fat diet is…..death.

  18. You absolutely do need to consume carbs to survive, especially since carbs are the preferred energy source for your brain. But thank you for NOT recommending this diet to people.

  19. Is keto recommended for a 2 month weight loss plan? I am like 7/8 kg overweight and I want get get lean in 2 months. Any advice on whether I should start a keto or not?

  20. Does it only help with childhood epilepsy? I have it for 11 years now, it is not controlled and I want to know if this is a good option.

  21. Keto is also good for women who have PCOS and thyroid issues because with either of those issues, insulin resistance exists.

  22. False doc. You can drink alcohol during keto but not so much. Vodka, whisky, and super low carb beers are fine.

    If you do keto long term, it is easy to go in and out of ketosis. Graduation day? No problemo, you can break it as long as you return to the diet the next day.

  23. I have also hear (don't you just hate that!) that Keto isn;t great for people over 40. IT is recommended that people over 40 do an endocrine reset before trying Keto. Anything on this?

  24. Keto is legit. I lost like 70 lbs of fat and made mad strength gainz. Of course, I'm on a pretty religious training routine as well, but Keto played a big role, because it was an easy way to stabilize my insulin.

    Keto is only hard to maintain for people that have a sweet tooth. Staying in Ketosis easy for me, because that's how my body is designed.

    Every six to eight months I'll do a carb cycle, to get my glycogen stores up, but for the most part. My energy and appetite feels better when I eat ketogenically.

  25. I'm no doctor or expert on diets heck I'm even overweight for my age but i personally think when moving to a different diet people should slowly modify their diets like every day increase your fat consumption by 10% and decrease carb consumption by 10% . Its my personal opinion if im wrong please correct me and don't call me stupid

  26. This video: "keto can reverse diabetes and save lives… but it's kinda hard to do… so eh." eats a milkshake

  27. I've been on the keto diet and so far I have gone from 325lbs with stage 2 hypertension down to 249lbs and no longer on blood pressure medication. I recommend this diet with a consistent variety of food and include vegtables

  28. Nutritional deficiencies from cutting out large food groups!?! There is no known nutritional deficiency from not eating carbohydrates. The Inuit and Maasai traditional diets are animal fats and animal proteins. The Inuit traditional diet rarely included plants. The Inuit and Maasai stayed healthy and reproducing for thousands of years on their traditional diet. We really aren't genetically that much different from the Inuit and Maasai, especially those of us who are very carbohydrate-intolerant.

    Read the books:
    "The Big Fat Surprise" by Nina Teicholz.
    "The Case Against Sugar" by Gary Taubes.
    Search online for:
    < "belinda fettke" AND "temperance movement" >

    The above will give you the history of how we got the garbage nutritional advice and garbage "scientific" research that we have now.

    Fortunately, honest scientists have been quietly doing research the past 10 to 30 years. Thanks to the internet, they are all able to get that honest research out to everyone now.

  29. Ugh. I’ve like most of your content, but this makes me so mad..

    As a MD I agree with every single evidence based thing you have said and I really wish you emphasized on why the diet has started and not focus so much on the weight loss aspect.

    What really frustrated me is your recommendation on doing keto short term, for weight loss. This right there is a “ negative behaviour” to recommend to people. As a health care professional and someone who helps people daily on their weight issues It saddens me that you are going with social norms possibly to gain views, I can’t speculate..

    But what I can do is ask you as a profession to please be careful when you plan your programs, because a recommendation from a physician is held to a high standard in my books, I’ve worked along side some fantastic MDs

    I hope you do see this, and see that side of recommending a diet which is really not FULLY backed by science, and if it were so great it wouldn’t of changed names so much. I’d much rather see your nutrition 101 spreading awareness to proper nutrition and healthy eating habits.

    I hope I don’t offend you or anyone, thank you for all you do on the daily. Peace and blessings!

  30. Your in denial mate, if u need evidence you need to become a lawyer, anecdotal evidence works as long as all the parameters are the same, your patients just like u probably ate higher amounts of carbs.

  31. I tried keto for a over a week and I was eating avocadoes, tomatoes ect and I felt worse the longer I was on it.

  32. You only lose water weight within the first week of doing keto, after that, you are burning mostly fast because your glucose/water stores are gone.
    Keto is extremely sustainable. In fact, ketosis is our most natural state. First of all, we are all born in the state of ketosis and remain so as long as we are breast fed.

    For about 2.5 million years 95% of man was in the state of ketosis. It really wasn't until around 1980 we started consuming mega high amounts of carbs due to the unwarrented
    scare of fat causing heart disease. We went from consuming 2 lbs of sugar a year to a whopping 185 pounds a year. That's 1/2 pound or more of sugar ever day, and you probabably
    don't even realize your doing it. Every 4 grams of carbs is 1 teaspoon of sugar. Look at what you eat in a day and add up that sugar. About 44 teaspoons is 1/2 pound of sugar.

    It's also been clinically proven the keto diet reduces the spread of cancer and even makes tumors smaller. And, in rare cases, will make cancer go into remission.

    There are absolutely no nutritional deficiencies on the keto diet. There is not one single vitamin, mineral, nutrient, or micro-nutrient that you can't get from meat
    and dairy, not to mention the veggies you can eat on keto.

    While the so called "bad" cholesterol can increase on a keto diet, this is NOT a good marker for heart disease and this fact is becoming more and more excepted in the medical
    community. The true test is the NMR lipid test. First of all you want low triglycerides and high HDL for heart health and this is exactly what the keto diet does.
    Secondly, you want mostly large fluffy cotton-ball particles compared to the tiny BB size ones that stick to your arterial walls. The keto diet will make most if not
    all your particles the large fluffy kind. The keto diet is extremely heart healthy as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer.

    There are also no kidney issues with the keto diet. People will say it causes kidney stones but it most certainly does not. What happens on keto is that the anti-inflammatory
    properties of the diet will actually melt existing kidney stones away. Sometimes the stone will separate from the kidney wall thus appearing to cause a kidney stone even
    though it's actually getting rid of it.

    There are also no bone issues on keto. I've never even heard of such a thing. And there is definitely beyond a shadow of a doubt no increased cancer risk. It's
    actually been clinically proven to reduce tumors and stop metastasis of cancer.

    The keto diet is NOT difficult at all to adhere to. It's actually pretty darned easy especially after you make it through the first 3 days. The "keto flu" is more
    properly labeled as "carbohydrate withdrawal." We were never ever meant to eat the overabundant amount of carbs the average person consumed today. Carbs cause

    chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, IBS, PCOS, depression and the list goes on. Cut the carbs and heal your body, simple.

    I've been doing keto for nearly a year and at age 58 I feel the healthiest I've ever been my entire life. I've lost all the weight I needed to and I no longer take a single medication or supplement.

  33. My stomach is smaller and I have been losing weight with keto pills is where I got them I have lost 17 pounds this month

  34. For keto the best way yo start losing weight is to take this it has made me lose 41 pounds since February

  35. The thing with long term weight loss is that the only thing that works is lifestyle changes. Diets are temporary in nature and have a high failure rate and often couse weight gain or depression

  36. Once people stop the keto diet then does the weight just come back?

    As you say it's not sustainable long term.

    Those individuals who exercise a lot or have physically demanding jobs surely needs some carbs?

    What's about gall stones with all the increased fat, we know that they are more prevalent in a fatty diet

    For years it's always been the Mediterranean diet as a way of life, not a diet as such. Think high fat, pasta, oil, lots of fruit and veg and water, pastries, smaller portions etc. Italy and France have way lower obesity than in the states. They don't rely on processed food, their bread isn't processed like in the states. They walk more, gym culture isn't as big as in the states.

    I think like you say this may work short term for a special event, but it can't be maintained.

    I'm sorry but we should've encouraging more fruit and vegetables which are loaded with vitamins and fibre.

    Moderation is key

  37. Here is the study you were looking for in the video:
    This shows the effects of ketosis on brain scans compared to glucose brain scans.
    Thanks to "US National Library of Medicine
    National Institutes of Health" for this info!

  38. I’ve been on keto for months now and lost a lot of weight and feel great. And I didn’t have the keto flu because I made sure to get enough electrolytes. Keto is my life style, not a diet. I love it!

  39. Keto is easy long term if you stick to a consistent meal plan…baisally I eat the same 5 meals plus my post-workout protein every day. But I do usually have a complex carb re-feed every few weeks to help keep muscle gains.

  40. this same guy is very pro vaccine when the science doesn't support that either… seems to me he's pro big agra and big pharma. sorry, don't trust him. when it comes to nutrition and vaccines, doctors get little to no education about these in school.

  41. The easiest way todo the keto diet is to practice the fasting part. If you eat one meal a day its a glorious feast that evey fat person craves. Tho it still needs to be healthy.

    Also a healthy non-siezure treamtent keto diet involves at least 8 cups of low carb veggies like broccilo and lettuce. Your suppose to eatclots of veggies your just limited in choices

  42. Why not just eat more vegetable s and not eat as much sweets? That's what I've been doing for the last month or so and I've lost a decent amount of weight.

  43. What a hottie you are 😍
    My grandmother has given this diet a try with great results! I'm seriously wanting to give this a try 😊

  44. It works for some people and not for others. Yes, you are right. It is difficult to adhere to if you are addicted to simple carbs and/or rely on the fast and processed foods that are a large part of the standard American/western diet. SAD and the Food Pyramid have been making people sick with chronic diseases for the past 40 years. True, keto is not appropriate for everyone, but so is SAD.

  45. Dr mike, I respect you. You’re actually a family physician and not a chiropractor saying vaccines hurts children (dr.berg)
    However, the Ketogenic diet is very much sustainable. I’ve been Keto since the beginning of 2019 and lost 77lbs. If your friends are going to go get cookies and cream milkshakes… you’ll be so deep in Keto that you actually will Not Want that milkshake. If you’ve been fat adapted for long enough, you can have that milkshake and not come out of ketosis. So it like cheating without actually cheating on the diet.
    About the increase of LDL… that’s rubbish. Anyone, on Any diet can increase the LDL’s if they’re consuming vast amounts of bacon, or processed meats. That’s just common sense! Moderation is key. Plus, as a doctor, you k ow that 70% of cholesterol is inherited and 30% comes from diet so if your folks and grand folks have bad cholesterol issues then you’re a shoe in for developing cholesterol issues even if you follow a physician/dietician instructed diet.
    Lastly, it’s not as difficult to stick with as some my think it is. There are sugar free options becoming more and more popular. There’s sugar free ketchup. There’s lettuce wrapped burger options, and if you’re going out to eat with friends you can modify your meal to make it Keto friendly (steak and veggies no potato, or the lettuce wrapped burger as I mentioned, or grilled fish no breading for example)
    The only thing Keto people have to worry about are other Keto people telling them they’re doing Keto wrong (I call them the Keto police… those people suck)
    Keto works on others differently, what may work for me may not work for my neighbour. So it’s all about how your body reacts and how quickly you can fat adapt.

    Btw, the Keto flu is a real thing! However not everyone experiences the same symptoms. I got brain fog for about 5 days where my husband didn’t get any symptoms at all! My friend got leg cramps where my sister said she felt the same as having a hangover.

    Thank you for shedding light on this!!

  46. Step 1: Never listen to the news. They’re scientifically illiterate.

    Step 2: Stop eating the way our destructive culture demands us to.

    Step 3: Keto presumes avoiding junk food. Duh.

  47. KETO IS WHAT STUPID PEOPLE think sounds smart …

    There's no reason for your body to consider fat as it's MAIN fuel source …if u STOP giving your body fat in the first place …

    How do u give your body fat ??? But eating fatty foods, by eating too many carbs , by combining CARBS And fats ….by keeping your insulin HIGH

    Your body fat has a SOURCE !!!! your big a$$ MOUTH ….cut it off at the SOURCE … will lose fat

  48. I have type 2 diabetes and was obese. I lost 100 pounds doing the keto diet and have since reversed all of my diabetic symptoms. I have been doing keto now for 3 1/2 years. When I compare my health and how I felt before keto, I would say the keto diet is actually quite easily sustainable.
    Also, one thing Doctor Mike didn't not mention is how intermittent fasting can be incorporated into the keto diet and make it even easier to maintain.
    But he is right, it's not for everyone.

  49. How is Keto deficient? Good protein, lots of green leafies and good fats.
    It covers everything a human would want.
    Prove me wrong…

  50. Keto is VERY sustainable. I've been keto for 5 years. And YES, you CAN have alcohol as liquor has 0 carbs. Stop giving INCORRECT information.

  51. Keto, or at lesst low carb diets, are also often recommended to women with PCOS related fertility issues. The issues with insuline resistance make it a great option when monitored by a dietitian or nutritionist. And in general, only needing to count your net carbs when making food choices for meal planning (or even last minute snack purchases) make it much easier to follow too. Though (having seen your keto video already) its nice to know that the GI struggle seems to be common since it's not often brought up.

  52. My daughter has epilepsy and they talked about putting her on a ketogenic diet when she gets older. She is only 4 months.

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