100 thoughts on “Dragon Fruit Snack Taste Test

  1. Well at my local grocery store. Dragon fruit is right at about $8 a piece but I love it almost as much as I love avocados. Matter of fact I wish that you guy and the crew would do an all avocado episode. And always remember everyone be your mythical best.

  2. Dragon fruit is extremely good, but it doesn't keep well. I haven't had a good one in the states, but if you are ever in south-east Asia it is a must have.

  3. I love dragon fruit its expesially good in fruit salads it is a really good complimenting fruit, I also like to cute then up and but them on top of pancakes with agave!

  4. My experience with dragon fruit is the exact same Rhett. Looks like and awesome fireball. Take a bite “where’s the flavor?”

  5. I’m 30…….and hide twizzlers in the center console of my car for snacking during school pickup 👍🏽. But my all time favorite is banana taffy

  6. Funny story. My 76 year old dad loves the show "How it's Made". He got my husband watching it too. Years ago, my dad was talking to my husband, and my husband, who has a strong southern accent, said, "Did you watch 'How it's made' today?" My dad said no but looked confused and asked why he would watch that? My husband told him that he watches because he saw my dad watching it. My dad said he has never heard of it before. I realized my dad misunderstood my husband and I said, "Dad, you do watch 'How it's made', like everyday." My dad started laughing and said, "Oh. I thought he said 'House Maids' and thought it was some new weird reality TV show that followed the lives of maids." We still laugh about this.

  7. "Why you gotta put everything on the tab-"
    Btw Rhett is turning into Tormund and it's glorious.

  8. I like how Rhett can tell when Link isn’t going to like something before Link even tastes it. That’s friendship man.

  9. You guys should have an episode of Rhett tasting some random food and then guessing if link will like it or not. At 9:10 Rhett actually said that he spend enough time with link to know if he's going to like a random food or candy. You guys should put this to the test 😂😂😂 I bet he will be right on everything. Rhett I believe in you.

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