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Hello friend’s today I am in the Hyderabad
actually here I have come for travelling in Hyderabad and I like it’s Culture, food and
specially the people and I got 1 man who is known as Aamir, very popular Chef in Hyderabad
and he knows many-many Indian and Hyderabadi recipes, he had worked in many Indian Restaurants
so he knows how to cook Restaurant style recipes specially Hyderabadi recipes so I have come
here to shoot some recipes which is very good thing and he is ready to share some Secrets
of Hyderabadi Cuisine with us so it is a very good thing and I really appreciate his afford
because he is not educated man and he don’t know how to speak English so I’ll try my
best to translate everything in English from Hindi.
Today we are going to make Dum Ka Chicken which is very famous Hyderabadi Dish and it
is available almost in every Hyderabadi Restaurants but you can’t find it anywhere else outside
Hyderabad it is very popular in Hyderabad and he is going to tell us the Ingredients
which is used in restaurants because he worked in many restaurants and he is very talented
man and he knows Thousands of Indian Recipes which is a very good thing without studying
because it was his Hobby and then he started his Profession, he is working in this Industries
since last 17 Years so which is a very good thing about it.
For Dum Chicken you will need 2 medium size sliced Onions, 300 gms Chicken, around 1/2
Cup Mint Leaves, 1/2 Cup Coriander Leaves and with these you will need Tomato Ketchup,
Chili Sauce both of them
around 1 1/2 tsp, 25 gms Ground Nuts, 25 gms Sesame Seeds, 25 gms Dried Coconuts, some
dried Fenugreek Leaves which is known as Kasuri Methi, 100 gms of Curd or Yogurt, Pure Ghee
around 2 tsp, in the whole spices you will need some Cinnamon Sticks, 7-8 Cloves, 6 Cardamom
Ports, Shah Zira, they use this in lot’s of Hyderabadi Dishes, it is very expansive, 1
tsp Chicken Masala, 1/2 tsp Garam Masala, 1/2 tsp Coriander and Cumin Seeds Powder,
1 1/2 tsp Red Chili Powder, 1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder, 2 tsp Garlic and Ginger Paste, for
frying you will need Oil. First a fall he is heating Oil, he is going
to fry onions in it until it become Golden Brown, now he is going to chop the coconut
so he can make the nice and fine paste from it, you have to fry all of them so it will
give nice flavor to it, normally in Hyderabad they fry everything because it will add the
Unique Hyderabadi style flavor in it. In another pan he is adding some ghee around
1 tsp, now he is adding some Cinnamon in it, 3-4 Cloves,
2-3 Cardamoms and very little Shah Zira, Shah Zira is looking very much like Cumin Seeds,
you will find it in any Indian Grosser shop very easily, normally in Hyderabad people
don’t do this but he is very expert in doing it and he always like to do experiment with
the recipes so he is frying everything in Ghee because it will add very unique flavor
to the Dum Chicken, seriously it is very good masala and I hope it will give the amazing
taste and specially the flavors of Hyderabad, when it become light golden brown you have
to turn heat off, now he has turned the heat off.
Now Oil get heated so he is adding Onion in it, you have to fry onion until it become
golden brown and little crispy, meanwhile he is going to make the paste from the Ground
nut, Coconut and whole dry spices, normally people use water to make Puree but he will
make it moist by using Curd in it, it will give a unique flavor and it will be totally
different from other recipes, he is adding little water in it so everything can be combined
together nicely and paste will become very smooth and nice, now the paste is ready so
he is going to take this out in a bowl. When the onion become red then he will add
everything together into the chicken, now the onion is ready, see it is very dark in
color and perfectly fried so he is going to take this out in a plate, it is a Tradition
in Hyderabad to add fried onion and also it is a unique way to define Hyderabadi dishes
in most of the Hyderabadi Biryanis and Chicken dishes they add brown Onion to add good texture
and flavor to it. Now in a cooker he is adding Chicken with
the bones, coriander leaves and mint leaves, whole dry spices, now he is going to mix everything
coriander leaves and mint leaves, dry spices, now he is adding green chili sauce, tomato
ketchup, dried fenugreek leaves, coriander seeds powder, red chili powder, very little
turmeric powder around 1/4 tsp, Garam masala, chicken masala, now he is adding around 1
tsp ghee in it, now he is going to mix all the things very well, you
can also add the lemon juice in it but for
the sour he add yogurt so it will give the better taste than the lemon juice, he added
2 tsp garlic and ginger paste and salt to taste, he has added some ajinomoto.
You should marinate it for at least 1/2 an hour but you can also marinate it for 1 hour
or 2 hour it depends on time that you have, now he is adding some deep fried onions in
it, he is crushing it with hands and then yogurt, now he is adding
ground nut and coconut paste in it, now he
is mixing and combining everything together. In many Indian Restaurants they add color
he want to keep everything natural and homemade but it will give the same taste as you get
in any Hyderabadi restaurants, now he
is adding 2-3 tsp hot Oil in it in which we have fried onions, you should leave it aside
for at least 1/2 an hour so chicken will absorb all the flavors, now he is covering it for
at least 10-15 mins, now it is almost ready but you have to add 100 ml water in it.
Usually it is made in a copper utensils but here we don’t
have so he is doing it in a cooker, it is also a good way to do in home, you have to
steam your chicken for just 10 mins and then it will be ready, if you do it this way than
it will be very good for the chicken because after cooking it for 10 mins if you turn the
heat off and keep it in a cooker for 2-3 mins then it will start cooking by its steam itself
and it will cook entire batch without sticking masala into the bottom of the cooker.
Now it is ready so he is going to serve this so Dum Ka Chicken is ready to serve. Specially
in Hyderabad people like to have this Dum ka Chicken with Rumali Roti or Nan, you can
also have this with Rice if you like so Aamir thank you once again for sharing this very
delicious and very unique Hyderabadi style recipe. Please help Aamir by liking his recipes
and Comment below if you have any queries and don’t forget to share it with your Friends
and Family. We like that Aamir is ready to share some Hyderabadi Style recipes so thank

14 thoughts on “Dum Ka Chicken Recipe Hindi | Chicken Recipes | Indian Food

  1. ha man this is not the way u prepare chicken it's should not be kept in pressure cooker. it's wrong way of cooking. I am from Hyderabad u come here we will teach you.

  2. Fabulous and the original traditional dum ka chicken is out finally………!!!!……im gonna try it today and shall come back and let u all know how it was……yes I agree that chicken is not cooked in pressure cooker …..but pls notice that the chef has clearly mentioned that it is actually cooked in a casserole………may be that was the utensil handy with the chef that time……the most important thing is the ingredients he used, the real flavors of authentic dum ka chicken…….the best way to cook dum ka chicken is in lagan…its the widest and sealed with aata paste…thinner then the regular dough….good luck chef!!

  3. Tell was it pressure cooked for ten mts.
    Yes his recipe s so unique and the ingredients s so so different so tasty 😋 too
    Thank u.

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