Dunkin’ Donuts vs. Tim Hortons…Which one’s BETTER!?

I have a very big beef with Tim Hortons
calorie counting if you look on their website look at the breakfast sandwich
the sausage and egg and cheese into five hundred fifteen calories that’s what it
says you go into it then you look at the list it says the
type sausage an egg only it says five fifteen then below there’s a different
calorie counts for different breads you change that the top number doesn’t
change it stays at 515 which according my calculation it’s not possible Oh No hello welcome to a very special episode of the vlog because today we are in Niagara
Falls Canada we are atop the Skylon tower looking over the falls we can see
the United States while we were in Canada you came across the border
Rainbow Bridge to meet me here today we are testing Tim Hortons versus Dunkin
Donuts two national brands both beloved by their own countries Tim Hortons is
Canada’s favourite coffee America runs on Dunkin that’s it this is the test to
end all debates the pride of each country is on the line which one is
better so is what we’re gonna do I’m gonna go to a Tim Hortons just down the
street from here you were gonna go back across that border Dunkin Donuts get
some stuff and bring it on back and we’re gonna meet back up the tower and
we could have planned this better you know? I want to be together for the intro They’re gonna ask me why I’m crossing the border
three times today they’ll be fine you definitely want to compare similar items
right yeah so clearly coffee we’ll both get medium black you think you got to do
black that’s the only way you’re gonna be able to taste similarities between
the two maybe a breakfast sandwich sausage egg cheese on English muffin
that seems pretty standard good with that doughnuts obviously doughnuts and
Timbits which is a doughnut hole yes for munchkins for the Dunkin Donuts I don’t
know if that is anyway and then we want to get special items that are unique to
the chain so something that you can’t get at Dunkin and some that I can’t get
at Tim Hortons so we’ll try everything and we’re gonna score it the winning
point goes to whichever country’s item is better of course the highest score
will win I hope Tim Hortons wins because by the
end of it I’m gonna make you wear these nope yep not gonna happen it’s gonna
happen for once I’m not gonna wear a mic all this time you are gonna have to wear
these no ready oh there’s no way I’m wearing that you know I’m pretty
confident I don’t know we’re going down to our cars separating
and coming back here in a few minutes as long as they don’t stop me at the border
it looks pretty suspicious all right you ready yeah go we’re on our way get the keys hey there’s I’m here I’m Parker how do I
get into this image okay I’m here serious are you gonna throw it in here
Eddie busting cream donut or chocolate glaze
medium black coffee I don’t carry this off
medium black sugar milk come inside and also a Boston cream doughnut back to the
tower well there it is hi I’m there coming boy
are you here where I’m in a different lot should I come there okay with what a journey
hello sir hey where are we we are a top of the Skylon tower on the Canadian side
of the in Agra Falls one of the wonders of the world is beautiful I’ve never
been here before so much stuff here I don’t want to start the copy’s the
sizing looks the same what does it mean yeah medium the lids just are new
oh I like that way better look how much more real estate you have for your lip
here and this is so small oh that’s awesome look oh my god that’s cool
tadpole you got a break area splasher there’s a reason no there’s no reseal oh
it’s just yours oh yeah it goes but oh my god okay step one to the Lord and fix
that black ops II meant after than me okay here’s what we’re gonna do we’re
gonna put the copies into anonymous cups like market in the bottom so that nobody
knows until we look at it you know which ones better Tee tee so you should look and I’m gonna split
and then you’re gonna flip oh and I’m not gonna look these are both Tim’s
right now to use this and then we both have Tim’s and Duncan I’m flipping these
okay they were secret so strike battle
witness has to be done I’m gonna turn away ready all right let’s blindfold
this is just making it even more okay yeah we’re going first Cheers
where’s your cheers dude okay it’s good it likes one let’s see Cheers
oh where are you a little more bitter I think let’s try this again I like this
one struggling I don’t love either what are you going what do you like
better I like they’re locked away better okay okay me too I think I like this one
later on my leg this one okay let’s see okay Tim says cheers Tim one is that one
nothing Canada yeah yeah hey I just want to say overall I drink way more Tim
Hortons than they do Dunkin Donuts right because you live in Buffalo and a lot of
Buffalo Tim Hortons locations but that’s not normal
not across American I don’t know America runs on Dunkin but I live you ready here
so yeah it’s importance of like leeched their way into the borders yeah yeah Tim
Hortons let’s move on to the breakfast sandwich let’s look at them first
oh wow that is a beefy that looks nice over that that is incredibly similar we
have a difference here Oh yours eggs look nice eh I don’t like Libra Tim
Hortons because they have pre-made eggs they probably do here – unless they
break – you do they break them because I know McDonald’s breaks their eggs real
don’t know if they do it’s too perfect oh my egg is it looks better yours looks
better mine’s a mess the muffin looks better your sausage looks better
that smells let’s much more seasoned yeah like I don’t even have much of a
smell – no we’re gonna cut them in half Cheers it’s not bad that’s what I’m used
to I do love McDonald’s breakfast you know
Egg McMuffins like the best as a fast food place that
gives breakfast mhm the egg is fresh everything seems much
more fresh and healthier here is a fine alternative alright coffee to cleanse
the palate yep it is so much worse stuff yeah that is just beauty I feel like
that should give at least a half a point you get a half a point for dessert to
live point five to one all right going over to normal this is okay dude this
looks like a freshly cracked egg alright let’s try it out mm-hmm I like it mm-hmm
I think I like it better but you know what mm-hmm
the sausage is overpowering everything yes I want to enjoy the egg it looks
more fresh crack I’m gonna give this to Duncan you all right I think the sausage
is better for Duncan the egg looks more fresh the bread it was just a cleaner
bigger sandwich American runs on Dunkin for this one i right point is that one
point five to one yeah also I want to mention that in Canada we
have these milk packets where America I’ve noticed they just cannot find them
anywhere you have them with cream nope see that they had to give you milk
physically like their own pet no but we have prepackaged 2% milk no we don’t I
don’t think we have one you make a bowl of cereal yes well you’re gonna put your
milk in and then I’m gonna put in seven sugar no you’re not you know I used to
collect sugar packets that’s weird it is I know you think I’m crazy but now I can
see your night yeah we haven’t even talked about the prices the coffee
dollar 76 Canadians for the Tim Hortons coffee the Dunkin Coffee is two dollars
and forty eight cents it’s that much more expensive and as an exchange rate
which makes it even more expensive let’s compare this with my app here XC
currency if you’d like to sponsor us this is a dollar seventy six this
Canadian is three dollars and twenty eight cents oh my god that’s nuts
this is much cheaper and better from the taste test what we just did it’s a
breakfast sandwich yours is for 70 us Timmins $3.00 79 cents Canadian bill
cheaper and and throughout the whole entire menu is cheaper and overall less
calories in Canada – mornin I mean yeah this is what we’ve
discovered in the McDonald’s when we did it McDonald’s comparison you have the
video of America likes to just add in those headin you’re paying more for more
calories yep can I take that extra point five for at least that overall prices in
calorie yeah I mean I guess you have to on that size one point five Wow
tie game let’s move on the Munchkins excuse me the Munchkins know there’s
Timbits munchkins what the hell’s a munchkin with the
doughnut hole oh it’s a timid this is where you call them actually have their
own unique and yeah let’s see what we got here
oh what a bunch of chocolate pudding yeah let’s do chocolate glaze I’m
already noticing a significant difference visually my nice little glaze
unreal and I’ll get one of your take please take one all right don’t taste
this first mmm okay I screw it up alright I’m gonna try the Dunkin
munchkin dry well no good however if you were to dunk your doughnuts as the name
implies this will absorb more it’s a little denser it’s better at face value
honest home Timbits better than one spin that’s another point for me isn’t it no
two point five to one point five okay Boston cream packaging way better Oh for
the donut small wave it Oh mine’s a disaster oh no yeah cuz you get all
probably mushed in Joe there’s a nasty look at that it’s not gonna be pretty
look okay so packaging that’s a full point I’m I came a lot further distance
– oh yeah it’s 2.5 2.5 all right this is ruining it for you you want to talk
later filled is it as it is with Tim Hortons doughnuts this happened this is
a mess life expectancy of doughnuts much better in America
alright there’s gonna be goo inside I hope so cut it right in the middle and
hope that’s where they put it there you go
yours is so much nicer oh my god look this look at yours we don’t need to look
at my okay so Tim Hortons no kid this is Boston cream mm-hmm okay
alright fine take it you’re just appetising it doesn’t Oh softer right
away mm-hmm is the chocolate better though there’s no no no yours got wiped
away but even what was left a lot down there I don’t know I like the taste of
this chocolate as much you got to do the cream that’s worth that it was hard I
think these are no points for these I think they cancel each other out I think
yours looks better and tastes decent this is a mess but I think I might have
tasted better I think I think I like it better I think the only reason I like
the Tim Hortons ones better is because there was more chocolate I think I like
the taste of chocolate looking I like the cream in Duncan’s butter I think we
can agree there’s no point it’s a Boyd Boyd
there’ll be no points given do you have a specialty doughnut for me that we
can’t get I got one for you I believe so this is a maple glazed doughnut nothing
more Canadian that yep and it’s filled with cream this looks good
yeah so no pancake that stays like a pancake cuz of the maple it’s good let’s
just compare these two to each other which one overall is better yeah just
like a strawberry cherry something or other mm-hmm I like it mmm that’s
different I’ve never had something like that
before I think the maple is better and we have to really like fake strawberry
flavoring for this to be your doughnut of choice in my opinion it’s just regular bland don’t underneath I’m starting to feel this. I’m a little sweaty yeah very warm. is it hot up here? this is great
so we got the whole area to ourselves you ever come Niagara Falls come over the
Canadian side come top the Skylon Tower this is an incredible view it’s
beautiful I want to thank John Surla forget helping to secure this location
he’s actually the next CFL player he’s the first documentary ever did on this guy and he’s from Niagara falls. You know what would be fun? CFL vs. NFL is that like a foreshadowing for future episode or something I used
to work for the CFL I work for the NFL what’s next I have a blueberry muffin oh
me too whoo oh my god that is glorious look at
all that sugar on top that’s a problem though Jesus how much more sugar you
been trying to cover up. Tim’s blueberry muffin is a dollar 49 in
Canada in America 221 US dollars that’s crazy.
I’m gonna cook this it’s hard to get through the top here mine’s falling
apart it’s flimsy don’t mind he looks better
usually I want to eat the Duncan muffin more than I want the Tim Hortons yeah
right your blue looks purple this smells way better this smells like a
muffin so smell look you got half the point so far
eat the Tim’s versions first mm-hmm yeah I usually do this makes it better yeah
feel like it just wasted calories right yeah it’s just empty calories it’s not
fun Dunkin’ muffin hey oh oh oh my god oh you
win take the point take whatever you want
mmm this feels like a sponge just just throw this this Tim’s went out so go mmm
I have a very big beef with Tim Hortons calorie counting in my research I’ve
discovered something wrong with what they’re telling you do you think they’re
lying about their calories yes specifically for the breakfast sandwich
if you look on their website you look at the breakfast sandwich that when we ate
the sausage and egg and cheese and then 515 calories that’s what it says you go
into it then you look at the list it says the type sausage an egg only it
says 515 then below there’s a different calories accounts for different breads you
can change that the top number doesn’t change it stays at 515 which i think is
only talking about the sausage and egg together is 515 calories without the
bread without the bread without the heat oh my gosh
so you add up the bread separately of a hundred and forty five whatever and then
the cheese slice it’s over 700 calories but they don’t tell you it doesn’t say
that anywhere I’m doing the math myself I don’t know if it’s your system is
incorrect but Tim Hortons please figure this out because this is very concerning
if you look at the the screen in the store it’s about 5:20 for the sandwich
which is different than what it says online which is different from when you
add up the calories of the best thing they qualify a sandwich is egg in
sausage you had a hash brown and the sandwich I believe the coffee 560
calories on their screen that’s what it says but according my calculation that’s
not possible it’s not possible so please figure this out you may have
just the whole world of calories yeah maybe the account is right and your math
is wrong I’m hoping it’s that and it’s not that
it’s actually more than we know anyways let’s continue so this is a healthy egg
white milky green yeah yeah it’s like a veggie omelet look look at that thing
that’s beauty we definitely don’t have anything this healthy and Tim we’re in
the cell I like it you want some sure what you think that’s okay this is
clearly not made in house there’s way too much cheese on the fridge for it to
be healthy though doesn’t taste bad like I like the bread the bread is kind of
cool that’s a specialty item but you guys don’t have here’s my specialty I’m
what is that is a bagel belt set of the BLT it’s belt
bacon eggs lettuce tomato you can choose any bagel you like so I went sesame seed
I hope you’re alright with that I wouldn’t have gotten it that way no no
oh you got I like plain what looks good it is good yeah we’d have that anytime a day mm-hmm
we like better they’re completely different things yeah sorry to compare
this to pick I would pick this really yeah at least they have an option for
that healthy this is a Walsh solo again because they’re both their own thing
though but I almost want to give you a half a point because of that cool option
this is hard can I have done can win yeah I can’t have done good weird kid I
I think you can based on what we’ve picked today it’s not by a lot the
coffee coffee is this a huge dude it’s a big problem that’s almost worth 2 points
you can’t just add retro points just animate yourself feel better this is so
difficult on taste alone though who do you pick the muffin way better I told
him yeah also you have almond milk and skim milk already hey Oliver we don’t
have a Tim Horton’s I think you’re gonna bring it up soon well if they haven’t
already I see but we have the packets of milk we get way more milk that’s true I
can’t drink that for a day and it’s not in the bag so who’s wearing these I
think the United States wins this one because America runs on Dunkin I love
Tim Hortons oh it’s the Nationals friend from the muffin to the packaging to the
sandwiches I think you gotta wear these my friend but turn them off there’s
different settings all right we know what what when we’re comparing
coffee places you gotta I gotta give you guys credit the Tim Hortons coffee is
way better so for that reason will you I’ll do this for you just so you feel
better yes whoa weird you look great congratulations say you want to see
something else we’ve done we did this with McDonald’s in the universe of
American McDonald’s you can watch that video right over here or over here when
we went to Montreal and tried my trail poutine that was very very puts it if
you like you can subscribe so you know we put out a new video cheers – oh no

100 thoughts on “Dunkin’ Donuts vs. Tim Hortons…Which one’s BETTER!?

  1. This was so fun and informative for us even, bottom line, both have their own good and bad things, but did we get it right? And what's up with that calorie count thing, is my math right??

  2. This American doesn't run on Dunkin'. I am just going to ignore the fact that Dunkin' won here. For me, Tim's wins because their offerings are better and they make the items on site. I also like to believe that they are not using junk ingredients. Tim's has honey crullers, London Fogs, beans and toast, oatmeal with berries or maple, sour cream donuts, apple cider, Swiss cake rolls, yogurt parfaits, iced capps, fruit explosion muffins, and biscuit sandwiches. I would trade all our Dunkin's for the proper Canadian version of Tim's restaurants any day. I'm from the South but lived in Canada for 8 years, so maybe Tim's needs to consider spreading across the Southern US, rather than fight against the Dunkin foothold in the North.

  3. Awesome! I’m actually surprised Tim’s fared so well. Would have been nice to see the comparison in Tim’s hay day. Fresh soup in crockery. Mmmm.

  4. My wife is American and I am Canadian. We love these videos. Until she met me she only drank Dunkin Donuts coffee. Now she won't touch it. It is only Tim Hortons in this household. I suggest you do another road trip video. Go to Toronto to taste test Krispy Kreme donuts n coffee vs Tim Hortons coffee n donuts.

  5. no way…….I lived in Michigan for 30 years, and went to dunkin donuts once, and that was it…….tim horton's all the way…..tim hortons is way better

  6. Neither. Neither one is better. They're both American fast-food joints with pre-made, processed foodstuffs; none of which can remotely be considered as food. It matters not where they're sold, it's all the same crap.

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  8. I haven't ever eaten Dunkin Donuts and I can tell you that Dunkin wins. Tims sux, over processed tasteless, bad quality microwaved crap. Do a Tims coffee VS a McDonalds coffee and McDonalds will win. Tims had soy milk a few years ago at selected locations, then took it away for no reason.

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    We no longer have Duncan Donuts in Australia🇦🇺. They launched in the 1980s but had all closed by 2000. ☹️ We’ve never had Tim Hortons.☹️
    We do have Donut King 👑 and Krispy Kreme🤢
    They are mostly located in the bigger cities. Unlike McDonalds which are just about everywhere. 😊

  11. I can't believe what a rip-off Dunkin Donut prices are! coffee is way overpriced there!

    That being said, I live in Ohio and we have (some) Tim Horton's here. If you made a big push, you guys could seriously dent the Dunkin juggernaut.

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  13. When we had dunken I liked the donuts a lot more. Tim won cause they had more stuff at the time and maybe the majority liked Tim better even if I don’t agree.

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  15. If America runs on DD, Timmies his running on nostalgia. It's not good anymore, I go to Mcdonalds for fast-food breakfast or anywhere else actually.

  16. I ran the original field test for Munchkins in the Toledo, Ohio market. it was around 1975 give or take a few years. The Timbits are just a copy.
    Very surprised at the coffee test. When DD coffee is made correctly it is unsurpassed. But then again, it's been many years since I was associated with them and there have been a lot of changes as they went from a family chain to part of a conglomerate.
    Back in those early days we had an annual trip to Bill Rosenberg's farm, the founder of Dunkin' Donuts. It was a great time and great memories.

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    Side note they Have tims in Ohio for a while now, and I'm pretty sure they have been in Michigan even longer.

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  20. I grew up with munchkins at Dunkin’ in Quebec. Came to Ontario in the 90’s to 2-3 day stale donuts at Tim’s. I couldn’t believe how awful their donuts were. Fast forward to today (now that it’s a billion $ company)… Tim’s has the BEST, Most Fresh donuts in the world… really awesome !!!! Just had a Boston cream yesterday…, it tasted like it was just made and handed it to me.

    I won’t go near their fake McMuffins … but their donuts are INCREDIBLE !!!

  21. I used to work overnights at Toronto Airport in the 90's. At 3am the local Dunkin would be fresh cooking all the donuts. The apple fritter, hot, dripping with glaze, with those big apple slices in the middle was perfection.

  22. I just read most of the comments. It seems DD and TH executives need to do some reading of the comments too. Great video once again. It's fun and light hearted and made me want to get a donut. Next challenge chicken wings. Yes we all know Buffalo will win, but let's look at the top 5 in Buffalo versus a couple on the CDN side.

  23. I am not impressed.. this is not Canada's fav coffee and has not been for a very long time… as a Canadian you should be well aware of this .. it use to be .. it use to be amazing.. I am sitting here with a gift card from Timmies in my wallet and it will rot in there for all I care.. I will pick up the peppermint tea but their coffee is horrible.. if you google which is the best coffee in Canada right now it is a tie between Mikki D's and Starbucks .. you should have went with one of those cause timmies suxs https://advancedsymbolics.com/mcdonalds-and-starbucks-battle-for-top-coffee-in-canada-tim-hortons-trails-far-behind/

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  25. JDB I love these videos, but let's not pretend DD has 'superior' packaging when what we're really saying is it's over-packaged, with paper AND cellophane – what a freaking waste. Let's celebrate any company that under-packages / uses post-consumer recycled products!

  26. Just like to point out Tim horton's donuts are freshly made when the chocolate or maple etc. Sticks to the bag

  27. I wish they tasted the coffees with cream and sugar. Tim Horton's has this nasty heavy cream and they often make the coffee wrong. Trying black coffee put Tim's at an advantage. I'm from Canada and Tim Horton's keeps getting worse IMO.

  28. Well it is not hard to beat Tim Hortons!!! It is the worst coffee and food in Canada. They claim Canada''s fav. but nobody like them.

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  35. I am an Albertan. Years ago I worked for Tim Hortons as a baker. We then worked the graveyard shift and actually baked all night long, not just pulling pre-made product from a freezer! Several years ago, long after I had left the company, they switched to pre-made delivered frozen to the bakeries. This is not fresh baking! I only go to get coffee now and go to a real bakery for all baked goods!

  36. My favourite doughnut is an old fashioned sour cream glazed. Which is a man of a doughnut at Timmies, but isn’t anything special at Dunkin. Was one of those things I really missed when living down there.

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