Easy Indian Food Recipes : Making A Stuffed Potato Tortilla

We are going to take the dough, roll it out,
and we’re going to fry it in this flat pan so just make it according to the size of the
flat pan. If you have a bigger one you can make a bigger tortilla. If you have a smaller
one, you can have a smaller tortilla. You take the tortilla with the flour. Just do
this because you don’t want it to stick to your rolling pin. You make a flat bread out
of it. You’ll get used to it. You have to apply the right amount of pressure to make
it even. Now a days, you some kind of machines where you can just stick the ball of this
dough and press it and it comes out. I like it the old fashioned way. I like to work on
it. It’s just more personal. Alrighty. We have our tortilla rolled out. Next, we’re
going to take some clarified butter, just a little bit. This kind of helps the filling
from sticking into it too much. Then we take the stuffing, the potato stuffing, and stuff
if up and roll it up like this. You’ve got kind of a ball. Do it one more time in the
dry flour and roll it out again. We have all good things in there. We have our wheat and
we have a vegetable, we have our green chilies, we have the coriander. There’s lots and lots
of good stuff in there. The next thing we’re going to do is just fry it up. This rolling
pin, you can get it at an Indian grocery store. This flat pan is called a tawa. This also
you can get at an Indian grocery store. Let’s get ready to fry the tortilla and see how
it tastes.

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