Eating ONLY Our Favourite Food for 72 Hours! | 72 Hours Challenges | EP 7

Eating ONLY Our Favourite Food for 72 Hours! | 72 Hours Challenges | EP 7

PD: Write what’s your favourite food.
PD: Only 1 dish.
This one must have a lot of chilli.
My favourite food is?
I don’t know.
You make me choose roasted pork rice only?
So, final ah, roasted pork rice.
I know what’s my favourite food.
Wait why need to think?
Don’t stress me like this.
It’s ramen.
I think this is the right way to spell it.
PD: Give it to me.
What’s going to happen?
PD: Give it to me!
No! I really like this.
I don’t want to hate it after-
Every time like this.
PD: Hi Guys!
One of the things I eat the most
during lunchtime is Curry Rice.
Oh yeah, rice.
All Asians must eat rice.
Depends on what,
I am a creature of habit.
If it is mooncake then no please.
Ever since I started working here
in October 2017.
I will only eat a couple of things every day for lunch.
Roasted Pork Rice,
Black Carrot Cake,
or the duck rice.
Same as ‘Clara’,
So remember,
when I asked you to write down your favourite food?
I am waiting for good stuff.
We are going to eat each other’s.
No! I don’t want to eat yours.
For this episode of 72 hours,
PD: Are you all ready?
Thank you for the best 72 hours ever!
It’s going to be my favorite food.
What is your favourite food?
Let me guess.
Is it roasted pork rice?
I just ended a meeting at Chinatown,
and I am trying to find a ramen place.
I think I found it.
I think I am right about
my wallet going to die.
Look at the prices,
all above $10.
My delivery is here.
I am so happy.
I am going to ace this challenge man.
I am going to ace it.
Today I am going to try out
this prawn mee stall
that is at Geylang Bahru.
It is over there.
I am not very adventerous
I don’t like to try other stalls.
I guess I have no choice right?
That is my favourite roasted pork rice stall.
Let me go say hi to them.
Aunty hello!
Thank you.
Bye bye.
They gave me a free egg.
You see if you will get a free egg or not.
I am going to try and finish this ramen
as fast as possible.
Let’s see whether I can do it.
My stomach is burning right now.
I finished the entire bowl.
3 minutes is impossible.
I am ready for my
As you can see this is a cheese sauce
so it is kind of-
oh it is a cream sauce
not a cheese sauce.
but it is kind of thick.
I love Gnocchi.
Free egg,
from the nice Aunty and Uncle.
Ask him go and f*** himself
Suphon you know why?
You’re not a loyal customer.
Look at my food right now
Day 1.
Why I got this,
it is because the store just ran out of
thick bee hoon.
So I have to,
thick beehoon
from another store.
I say ‘Prawn’,
you say ‘mee’
Jes, you must also be part of the group
Out here at Cold Storage now,
trying to buy dinner.
Gnocchi is supposed to be here,
but it is sold out
it is sold out.
It is the end of work!
I am very happy today.
We are going to,
88 Hong Kong Roast Meat.
Which is one of my favourite
roasted pork rice stalls.
It is not even open.
Are they not open on Mondays?
It’s closed?
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
It is closed.
I only want to eat famous roast pork
this is my dream come true.
But all the famous ones are closed.
Knock me down,
Knock me down.
There is only 1 piece of roast pork left
3 locations
for just one dinner.
I realize that I have to celebrate my sister’s birthday.
I cannot eat anything.
Try this.
No, no!
So delicious.
And this is mine.
Day 1 dinner now.
Guess what?
Prawn mee again!
I want some Bak Kut Teh.
Don’t ask for too much.
You will not believe what I found.
So, I am at this shop,
Salmon Mentaiko Gnocchi.
Ladies and Gentleman,
I am saved!
God bless Gnocchi man.
So, I went for something a bit more special today.
It is called,
Chicken Char Siew Ramen.
I never really had char siew
from chicken before.
But it looks quite dope.
Clean empty again,
We are at,
which is one of the best Ramen
that I tasted in Japan.
I haven’t come to Funan
to try before.
I hope that it’ll be good in Singapore
just like in Japan!
It is Day 2 again
and guess what I am eating!
What am I eating Sew?
Prawn Mee!
But guess what?
I am not eating with you!
I feel that after this,
I will have high blood pressure
and I will have heart attack.
So it is Day 2 lunch time,
I am here to take away
roast pork rice.
What about you all?
Not roast pork rice.
I won’t get free egg
because this is not my usual
You start flirting
I don’t flirt
I don’t flirt.
I am just being my usual
nice person.
I have finished my Ramen.
This is as empty as it gets.
Right now,
Afuri ranks the top,
and then Otoko,
and then the creamy one
from The Ramen Stall.
Sponsor this guy, Afuri.
Please sponsor me.
According to this
TSL article,
there is one of an atas
cheap European food
that you can get for
super cheap!
And this is
Gnocchi de Patae
I hope I didn’t butcher that name.
I am happy.
I love this challenge so much.
This is from a different stall.
I am satisfied.
You want some Laksa, Jes?
Mine is okay.
Why does yours looks so
nicely plated.
What the hell is this?
Maybe because they know
you are the evil person.
Are you still eating the same thing?
I wish I am not.
But I am.
It is dinner time,
it is day 2.
Check out what we have.
Oh my god.
Guess who’s back.
Back again.
So I am back for what I missed yesterday.
Which is this glorious glorious,
Roast Pork Rice.
From my favorite store ever.
Producer, at first I said I wanted
bbq pork and roast pork
because that is my favourite.
But you all said to choose one.
How can you make me choose one?
They are both my favourite!
It was quite long in the kitchen,
but I managed to do something
like this!
Let’s see how it taste!
I think one thing I did wrong was
I cooked the noodles for too long.
So it became way too soggy.
Is it good?
Do you like it?
How many out of ten?
She says it is perfect for some reason.
Maybe she likes her noodles soggy.
I need to stop burping in every scene.
Show us,
the Gnocchi.
This is a tower of Gnocchi,
4 individual packs,
for my followers.
Assemble, my Gnocchi bros.
I want to quit!
It is the last day!
Just hang in there!
Look at my face!
So many pimple!
Scissors paper stone,
If I win,
I cheat.
If she wins,
I don’t cheat.
Please let me win.
Scissors paper stone!
What are you all eating?
Okay, bye bye.
I go myself.
Honestly the only thing that is
tempting me right now,
are these 3 stacks of
damn intense curry rice.
For today’s lunch,
I have decided to be fancy.
Which is
critical damage!
But okay whatever,
feeling fancy.
Don’t look so pissed off!
Shut up.
So you didn’t cheat in the end?
Yay it is the last day!
Not too bad.
Still looks pretty good.
But I can’t wait to eat something else.
like bbq pork roasted pork.
So my food is finally here.
It looks like this!
There is a cute egg
inside a small box
and then the rest of it is the Ramen.
Honestly this is so cool,
they separate the noodles,
and all the ingredients,
with the soup at the bottom!
Fancy Gnocchi
This is the best Gnocchi I’ve had,
all challenge.
Honestly right,
I will eat this tomorrow.
Like I f***ing love Gnocchi.
How many hours are you going to do?
127 hours.
I have to eat my,
“mashed potato”.
But it is good!
I’ll give you all a look at
my Gnocchi.
The taste is not too bad!
Now I am at Tonkotsu 4 Seasons,
My friend said it is the best Ramen here.
I have finished my
entire bowl of noodles
and all my ingredients.
I got another one!
Another bowl of noodles,
let’s go!
Look at that!
It’s waiting for me.
This is mine,
and this is my friend’s.
Why didn’t you order this?
Because I am on a 72 hour challenge,
and I can only eat my favourite food.
Not anymore!
So full,
and I am so glad it is my last
roast pork rice meal
for the week.
And maybe for the month,
and maybe for 3 years.
I haven’t had my dinner
it is already 11:36pm
I am not going to have prawn mee ever again.
Maybe next couple of years.
Prawn mee is good,
but not when you eat too much.
And not when you eat every single
Do you all realize someone is missing?
Is it the challenge make her pass away?
Don’t say these things man.
Renounce it!
all of us cheat,
You cheated? I didn’t okay?
I am offended!
Maybe she’s the cheater.
I went to cheat.
I went to buy Old Chang Kee.
I really cannot.
So she was banished!
Assassinated by producers.
Never cheat on 72 hours.
Good, fantastic.
It made me so happy.
It transported me back to Japan.
I hate this challenge!
After my first meal,
the moment I closed my lid,
I immediately regret.
I wanted to cheat
by the next day.
I love Gnocchi so much
that I have bought more
to cook more
outside of the challenge.
I also bought Ramen.
So after the challenge right,
the next 2 days I also eat Ramen,
but once a day only.
Then I finished everything.
I got another block of Char Siew.
This type of challenge do more,
choose me also,
choose John also.
Chiara is ungrateful.
Prawn mee is not my favourite food anymore.
I cannot look at prawn mee the same way.
I can have it now.
In fact it became like favourite plus.
Like you need to pay extra subscription
to unlock these features.
Honestly if you tell me to
eat this for one whole month,
it is not very healthy.
And I feel that having variety
like you mentioned,
it’s not only for taste,
it is also for nutrition.
I always say I can eat this forever,
ya I can eat it forever,
but not consecutively every day every meal,
from different store
that I don’t really like.
If you eat it all the time,
not so favourite after all.
Don’t tell me the rewards is we stay alive.
There is no reward.
There was only a punishment.
For another 24 hours,
You’re going to eat prawn mee again.
Prawn mee, we meet again.
I regret cheating.
I’m sorry okay I’m sorry.

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