Eating With SMALLER PLATES – Trick to Lose Weight? (UPDATED)

Eating With SMALLER PLATES – Trick to Lose Weight? (UPDATED)

As you constantly search for methods on the
internet to help you lose weight, you’ll run into a slew of different tips and tricks
that have very little evidence supporting it. Some are even outright strange. But there are also a good handful of them
that do have scientific backing to it. One such tip deals with eating, but not in
the traditional sense of what food you eat nor how you eat it. Instead, it’s about what you put your food
on. Nutritional Science professor Dr. Brian Wansink
and his fellow professor, Dr. Koert van Ittersum observed the effects of changing the size
of dinner plates and how it affected people’s perception of how much they eat. They knew from a previous study that people
finish about 92% of the food on their plate… so what happens if they change the size of
the plate? They found that going from a traditional 12
inch plate to a 10 inch plate reduced the amount of food the subjects without affecting
how full and satisfied they felt. These smaller meals led to a 22% calorie reduction. Hypothetically, assuming on average that each
of your meals contain 700 calories and you have 3 meals a day for a total of 2100 calories. Take 22% of that, and you’re eating about
450 fewer calories each day. That means that you can theoretically lose
up to 48 pounds in a year simply by changing the size of your plates. But, how does it work? Outside the obvious fact that smaller plates
hold less food, Wansink and van Ittersum believe that this is due to an optical trickery known
as the “Delboeuf Illusion.” This illusion affects our perception of the
relative size of an object. Take these two black circles for example. You might be thinking that circle A is larger
than circle B. But when you remove the larger ring closely surrounding circle A and bring
the two circles closer together, you now can see that they are identical. This is the Delboeuf effect. Conversely, if the surrounding ring is separated
further from circle A, A now looks smaller than B. You can see this optical illusion
even more prominently from an Ebbinghaus illusion, which is what the Delboeuf illusion was based
on. Now imagine this effect with two identical
meals. Using a larger plate can make the meal appear
smaller. Conversely, a smaller plate makes the meal
appear larger. That means you’ll end up thinking that you’re
not eating enough with a larger plate, and eating too much with a smaller plate. But Dr. Wansink found that this only applies
to a certain degree in size. Once a plate becomes smaller than 9.5 inches,
subjects began picking up on the trick and ended up getting a second plate of food to
compensate. 10 inch plates seem to be the sweet spot. So the obvious take away from this optical
trickery is that it will help you eat less, which lends to portion control without the
sacrifice of feeling satisfied. On top of that, eating less means less money
spent on food. Hurray for your wallet. Of course, there are still other things to
consider, such as simply remembering to use smaller plates, snacking way too much, going
on vacations, and even emotional eating. But if simply getting smaller plates can help
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59 thoughts on “Eating With SMALLER PLATES – Trick to Lose Weight? (UPDATED)

  1. +PictureFit Always love to hear your insights! Although I tried using smaller plates, I ended up serving myself twice, which equalled to 1.5 plates XD

  2. Love your channel. It helps me a lot since I'm going into rugby.
    Could you do a video on the different types of weights like Dumbbells and barbells and how they affect your body? Thanks.

  3. Hey picturefit, can you please do a video on making whey protein a main source of protein? I want to know if its good or bad, and i found some people talking about it, saying always choose whole foods over the whey, but they dont say why. And if not a video can you at least answer please? Thanks alot 🙂

  4. Can you make a video about gaining weight? I'm an ectomorph and its really hard for me to gain weight… Sometimes I lose 2kgs in a weekend 🙁
    Thanks <3

  5. I struggle with bicep curls due to arthritis in my thumbs. What would be a good alternative exercise to build bicep muscle? (the pain is present for both free weights and resistance)

  6. Hey guys I know it's a struggle but u guys have a great channel pls don't stop uploading ur really helping out a lot of people pls don't let views and subscribers make u quit there's potential in this channel keep it up !!!!!!!!!

  7. The work that you do is amazing.Just discovered your channel yesterday,subscribed already.
    Great research you put into your work and the presentation is so to the point and also saves a lot of time too.
    I was having trouble figuring out whom to trust and whom not to,finally found a trustworthy channel

  8. @picturfit
    can you make a video on what days to do what exercises for maximum benefit . example if someone chooses to do two body parts in a day , what is the best combination? thanks

  9. Great videos! I love the concise, no-BS approach. It would be great to have your take on hydration. More or less every fitness site/book/blog recommends at least 3 l of water every day, and states that "if you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated". Where are the studies that link excessive hydration to increased performance/muscle mass gains? I think it seems very counterintuitive that million years of evolution would have given us such a dysfunctional thirst signal.

  10. well the part of feeling satisfied we know from the wars. the world wars especially the last cold winter of WW2. it's called "hungerswinter" there was no food. so they started eating from desert plates. or like the plates you serve cake on. to think they had something

  11. If i take like 5 or 6 small plates over a day
    salads, rice, protein (red meat / fish / soy)
    to stop the hunger but never feels full
    that will in the end reduce my total intake, right? never full and sleepy

  12. I eat off my saucers now, my family looks at me crazy, they also keep asking how am I losing so much weight 🤔

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