Elmo and Zoe Play The Letter P Game | Sesame Street Full Episode

90 thoughts on “Elmo and Zoe Play The Letter P Game | Sesame Street Full Episode

  1. Am I the only 1 that thinks they've been A-game -a-changing every successful-succeeded single episode?!!! They out-do themselves each AND e.v.e.r.y. single TIME LOLLING so hard I got lightheaded 😉 LOLLLLLLLL !!! ((must catch my breath))

  2. I watched Sesame Street as a kid in the 70s. It has had quite a history since then, and it's really changed over the years.

  3. Sesame Street, can you please put the full episode where Gina has Grover as her vet assistant on Friday? Make sure it has the pet episode of Elmo's world.

  4. I agree with people and pencils. However pickles are great on pizza. Especially bacon cheeseburger pizza. Yum!

  5. I think the Prince is based on Paul McCartney. The Liverpool accent and at 7:42 I think they're referencing Sgt.Pepper.

  6. You know, Elmo's friend, John, loves caring for the penguins at the aquarium. It's too bad that Sarah and Duck couldn't visit that place.

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  8. Everyone, as I love birds, penguins are my favorite kind of bird. Besides, Coco calypso would like a penguin as her pet.

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