[Eng sub]Vlog:) A realistic ‘my daily routine’ in Spain | Diet, Coffee, Grocery shopping, Family

[Eng sub]Vlog:) A realistic ‘my daily routine’ in Spain | Diet, Coffee, Grocery shopping, Family

I usually have breakfast after I send my girls off to school. Good morning. This is today’s breakfast. some slices of pear, banana and apple I will slice them and put them on the bowl of yogurt with some cereals this contains some dried fruits, nuts and coconuts. I will have some black coffee. What I have notices was I used to have this kind of chocolate croissant which is a leftover of my daughter but I didn’t even think about how much it contains sugar or has calories I had this with one or two mouthful with a cup of latte which is really tasty. but I think this small things will pile up even if this has only 100kcal or 200kcal I feel guilty to throw food away so I will give this to my daughter as a snack haha I will have my healthy breakfast because I know this is good for my health. I will eat this healthy menu 🙂 Looks delicious. I will have some coconuts and dried fruits. When I get hungry, I will eat some apples. bye bye chocolate croissant, but I think eating too much fruit is not so good because it contains a lot of sugar. I usually do some editing or go for a walk. Today I will go for a walk because its a nice weather I will do some grocery shopping. I know jogging is better if you go faster but I prefer walking and mild exercise so I like walking and visit somewhere far on foot. haha today I will walk for about 30 mins to the shopping centre on the way back, if I am too tired, I might take a bus haha This road is pretty steep …. this track is obviously for jogging but I don’t really care, i will walk anyway After 30 mins I’m sweating now… It’s really hot even though it’s winter now I am regretting I should’ve done jogging I am wearing my shoes for jogging but am wearing my huge down jacket at the same time ….so…. I cannot jog… I’m heading to the shopping center. I found this nice gym I was thinking about joining the gym so this one might be good. It costs under 30 euros per month. I’m here at the supermarket. Breakfast looks great! I might have my second breakfast here this costs 2.85euros omg this sushi costs 15 euros which is almost 2000yen this looks like pork stir fry with ginger sauce? this rice looks interesting. I will get some avocados. I bought this almond milk just then. Normally I drink latte with normal milk but Some people say soy milk or almond milk is better for your health. I might give it a try. I think this is almond milk. right? Sometimes I make a mistake because I still cannot understand what it says in Spanish haha Tastes powdery… some people might like it but tastes interesting. I will walk back home which takes about 30 mins. so while I was walking back home, I was thinking about the reason why I am doing youtube The reason is something related to my life with kids. I have two kids Actually I will go pick them up soon. I personally think that after you have a child, your life changes dramatically. Before, I needed to do my own thing only for myself. but now I feel like I live for my kids which is really different lifestyle compares to the one I had before. I sometimes feel really tired or occasionally have emotional breakdown and I cannot get my work done because of this. After I send them off to school, it seems like you have your own time for example, you send them off to school at 9am and it seems like you have your own time till 2 or 3 pm right from 9 am to 3pm, you go to the office, do your work or spend your time on your own thing right sometimes you even want to start doing something new and you push yourself hard to achieve your goal even if you are tired and sleepy. You sometimes forget to listen to your body. sometimes your kids/baby don’t sleep well and you need a sleep in reality but then when you push yourself hard and try to achieve your goal or do your work. your mind says ”you can do more” but your body actually needs a rest. you feel stressed at that point. and when you see your kids after school. You are still stressed or tired because you push yourself too hard although you needed to have a rest Once I took it out on them even though I didn’t want to. with the small reason something like sleepless nights or tiredness. I thought this is not good. This is not good for me nor my kids. I was making a negative cycle. I want to be a happy mother. However, at the same time, I am a human and have many things I want to achieve. So the reason why I’m doing my Youtube is that I want to talk about this topic and help people and at the same time I was curious how much I can do with limited time. I have many things to do today but I only have 3 hours that I can spend so I wanted to know how much I can do if I keep working on it little by little. I want people who are watching my video feel happy and positive after watching my videos. I want you to feel relaxed and happy after watching my video for the rest of the day. this is the thing I was thinking during my walk. haha I was depressed after my elder daughter was born. I was feeling really lonely living overseas I didn’t like myself at all. I was thinking how ugly I was. From that experience, I have learnt many things. I want to share it in my videos. This thought came up to me during my walk. I like walking because makes me think of many things and makes me feel positive. I recommend you:) When I have lunch at home, I cook a simple dish like this. some eggs and avocado, mayo and soy sauce on top and some crackers. It’s time to pick them up at school. I usually take some snacks with me. I will pick her up at nursery. I’m here to pick my elder daughter at school now. I’m making some dinner. I will cut some veggies. I’m making some pasta too. My girls love tomato pasta so that’s today’s menu. veggie stir fry and spanish omlet. This is my favourite garlic power. It’s really good. This is my dinner. Spanish omlet veggie stir fry and mixed green salad. I think this should be mutigrain when you are on a diet. actually I’m on a diet but this is the only thing I have now so I think it’s ok haha I finished giving a bath to my kids. We are going to bed soon. I feel after this, ” Thank God, now I have my own time for myself” I sometimes sleep with them because I use too much energy with them. I feel like chocolate to treat myself. I work hard and after they go to sleep, there’s a quiet time right I feel nothing or sometimes lonely. I feel loneliness. Please you guys let me know how you deal with the loneliness. I am really lucky to have you for listening my talk. which doesn’t mean my husband doesn’t listen or not but It is such a great thing that someone like you is listening to me through the internet. It means a lot to me. I just feel that way but It seems fun to have a glass of wine or beer at the end of the day but that doesn’t solve the important feeling I guess. This is my 2 yo. Looks like someone’s very curious.

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