100 thoughts on “ESL Pronunciation Exercise: Breakfast (Ben Franklin Exercise)

  1. I can hear a puff of air at the beginning of the word "possible", as if you said: p-H-ossible! What is it and is it used in other words as well?

  2. Rachel, I have no idea how come "Barbara" has to be pronounced in two syllables.
    Could you please explain?

  3. Ciao Rachel, just a quick question. Why do you put "do" before "have eggs"?
    I would say: I have eggs.
    Doesn't mean the same?

    Thank you so much!

  4. Hey Teacher, how are u? So, do u have a videos to people are starting to study? I searched in yours playlist but i didn´t find it.

    Thanks a lot and congratulations! Yours classes are amazing, the greatest of youtube. Go ahead, the poor people are grantfull to u.

  5. Hi, Rachel. Thanks a lot for the lesson. I have a question about exercise. Why is it called Ben Franklin exercise? 🙂

  6. I'd already signed this channel before but only now I've noticed how useful and meaningful these pronunciation features are.

  7. Thanks a lot for these tips! I was waiting for you to go into details about. NATIVE SPEAKER. linking sound. Is the V sound totally dropped or it changes to a new sound? Thanks.

  8. You're perfect as our teacher Ibrahim Adel said about you . I think need more practice about this video that I watched it .Thank you very much teacher Rachel I hope for my self keep going learning how to pronounce American English accent with you

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  10. Thanks a lot I am enjoy with your teaching really you are my best teacher on YouTube thank you again

  11. Nowadays I can have a little more time to study your incredible Ben franklin´s videos and grab piece by piece that amazing tips you very kindly share with us, I´m very thankful with you and I wish I could afford any of your courses Rachel, but thta´s out of my budget, so I´l keep on checking all the knowledge you share. saludos desde mexico Raquel¡

  12. I made some response videos with the kids I teach. It was amazing. They sound so much better after watching your videos 🙂
    Please check them out on my channel. They'd love your comments ♥

  13. Do u know what its funny? I am going to UK but wanted to learn the american english instead of the uk english.

  14. Thank you Rachel. These Ben Franklin videos are the most useful English teaching videos I've ever seen.
    No doubt you are helping a lot of people.

  15. Hola, estoy estudiando inglés,soy principiante. Y veo que tu canal promete mucho. Espero aprender mucho con vos,saludos desde Guatemala.

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