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– Hi, I’m Ian Somerhalder and this is everything I eat in a day. (upbeat music) First thing I do when I wake
up, I eat two small puppies, no I’m joking. The first thing I do when I wake up, it’s kinda strange, so, I have a first breakfast
and a second breakfast. So, we make a lot of our own stuff, right? Nik and I grow a lot of our own food, it’s gonna sound unnatural,
like, I eat that much. So I usually have a broth
first thing in the morning with a bunch of supplements,
like vitamin stuff, and green juices with my tea that I then whip in the
NutriBullet with coconut oil and cacao, and salt, believe it or not. So, you’re getting the electrolytes, you’re getting the caffeine, and you’re getting the fat with the cacao, so that’s like a, (blastoff noise) energy. Then I train, and then I gobble,
like, really weird things. I don’t eat a lot of meat,
so I substitute it with fish. So I have to eat, like,
two giant handfuls of nuts, walnuts or cashews or pecans
or brazil nuts, and then meat. So, usually it’s fish, and I’ll alternate ocean fish, freshwater fish,
usually broil or pan-fry. But, I cook in a lot of cast iron, or ceramic coated cast iron, which, I guess the jury’s still out. No nonstick, it is as
toxic as the day is long. I mean, on the stove, cast iron
or ceramic coated cast iron, lemon, a little bit of high-heat oil, like sunflower oil or something, and salt. Boom, lid, steam it. (eating noise) And then, I eat two giant
handfuls of vegetables. So, whether it’s root vegetables, steamed vegetables, spinach, anything. So two of those, boom, on a plate. Gobble that. Nik also makes me, we also
make a lot of our own stuff, so she makes me these,
like, amazing chia puddings with coconut milk and
chia and cacao and salt, and then she’ll just leave
that in the refrigerator and I’ll get up in the
morning and I’ll gobble that. In the morning, ya know, most people eat tons of carbohydrates. Twice a week I’ll eat just
massive, huge stacks of pancakes, but it’s only, like, twice a week Then I’ll have my coffee,
and then the baby gets up. That’s the beginning of my morning. That’s from 6 to 8:30. Then it’s feeding her,
it’s feeding the baby, then it’s cooking, then I’ll finally sit, and I’ll have even more, sort of, steamed or sauteed vegetables,
with another cup of tea. And so, we feed the baby usually fresh fruits, hash browns,
sheep’s yogurt or coconut yogurt, stuff that’s fermented
and good and high protein. And then we sit there and
I’ll eat that too, so. It sounds kind of insane,
but when you eat really clean you’re eating tremendous amounts. It’s hard to do that because that requires tremendous amounts of
packaging and plastic, right? So most of the stuff we get
is farmer’s market stuff or we grow it. I love trying to really
cut all this waste, but I live like a tornado because, I, there’s just so much going on, that sometimes for
convenience sake I’ll use it. What my wife did was do
an audit of what we use and I think it’s gonna
become a big movement, which is farmer’s market vendors are gonna start buying stuff in bulk. So you can go and get your dish soap and dishwasher soap, and all that stuff, you can buy it in glass
from farmer’s markets, and what they do is, they buy it in bulk. It’s saving 65 bottles, 65 plastic bottles. So, if you have a million
households doing that, that’s just at a million, that’s 65 million bottles
a month you’re saving. Lunch, again, is gonna
be a fish, huge amounts of vegetables, sweet potato,
quinoa, big white potatoes, and some high density fats later on. Oh, I forgot, the other
thing in the morning I do, half a lemon, lukewarm water, and a quarter of a teaspoon of pink salt, cause that just goes into
your adrenals and just, (blasting noises) Now, if you have a heart
problem, really bad idea, if you have high blood
pressure, not a good idea, but I’ll do that again in the afternoon. I do do a lot of coffee and tea, but I also mix it with a
tablespoon of coconut oil and if you whip it, you’re
binding caffeine molecules to a fat lipid so your body
burns it slower and more evenly, as opposed to, like, whoosh,
straight up and straight down. And, people forget,
yes, sugar is the devil, one fifth of all the sugar and one fifth of all the oxygen your body
intakes, your brain uses, so you have to remember to give it that. I always do what the Rock says, “it’s not a cheat, it’s a treat meal.” So a treat meal is just this, like, giant, massive, amazing
stack of gluten free pancakes with just fruit and maple syrup, although I didn’t realize
how much energy production it takes to get maple syrup. You know, you tap this tree,
and then you boil this stuff for hours and hours and hours
and hours, I mean hours. Yes I love maple syrup, but
I use either local honey, you can also just take
blueberries and just grind them and put, like, a little sugar,
or a little honey in them and all of a sudden you get this, like, amazing compote situation. Another great treat, dark chocolate, loaded with antioxidants,
it’s got some caffeine in it, but it’s just so good
for you, it’s ridiculous, you can also just take
cacao, tumeric, honey, a little bit of salt, you can
just mix it with hot water and then shake it up
and it’s like dessert, but it’s loaded with all
these huge super food, sorta, properties. Every dinner we make sure
we get home as a family. Dinner, again, is super
crazy healthy starches, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, quinoa, gluten free pastas, fish, vegetables. Or, a lotta times, no, no animal proteins. Ya know, you can take
one big head of lettuce, cut it up, put it in a cast
iron pan, water and salt, cook it down a bit,
boom, olive oil, spices, whatever you want, and
bam, you have, like, this amazing vegan amazing meal. You can put it over rice, quinoa, you get incredible amounts of
nutrients and carbohydrates and proteins from dense,
amazing vegetables. The planet’s better for it,
your body’s better for it, your brain, your energy
production, all of it. That’s it, that’s
everything I eat in a day, which should probably be five days. And, thank you! (upbeat music)

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