100 thoughts on “Fabolous, Jadakiss – Soul Food

  1. Fab bars extra husky rhyming like his life depends on it. And I see what you did there Kiss, the whole verse huh 💪🏿

  2. [Verse 1: Fabolous]
    Time to put in work, we all got a job to do
    I light a joint then ask myself "What would Pablo do?"
    Coming through with the paper plates like the barbecue
    Got the haters shaking heads like the bobbles do
    Yeah, but it's all for my family
    The goal wasn't live middle class and buy Camrys
    I want us all to eat, even if from my pantry
    I guess I'm just more soul food than eye candy
    I feel like these young niggas need more eye jammies
    More passport stamps, less trips to Miami
    Yeah bro, we all need a little culture
    A little time away from bird ass niggas and vultures
    I tell you what you need to hear and not try to insult you
    I'm too old to kid you, I gotta adult you
    Listen, the shit is getting outta hand
    Like fumbles in football, I humbly put y'all
    In y'all fucking place, that's my OCD
    I give a bitch a little bit, but it's mostly D
    I be in that Rolls Royce knocking Ghost CD
    That's Supreme Clientele, all I know is buy and sell
    We had to hustle to eat, it wasn't no Thanksgiving
    Pour out a little liquor for homies that ain't living
    It's big dinner shit, baby, everybody up in here
    Find what you bring to the table, then pull up a chair, yeah…

    [Interlude: Jadakiss]
    You see?
    Without hope, it ain't nothing
    I like this shit, you should love it
    (Kill kill kill! Kill kill kill!)

    [Verse 2: Jadakiss]
    Uh, let's finish the game, Billy (uh)
    Do something and stop stalling, that's silly (haha)
    The bul over there just drawling, that's Philly (woo!)
    Invisible set, F class, that's chilly (mmm)
    Life is short, death's fast, that's illy (yep)
    When ya whole crew got cash, that's Willie (uh)
    To everybody living it up, you gotta feel me (yep)
    And nah, I ain't giving it up, you gotta kill me (uh uh)
    Whoever you look up to, ask 'em, I'm a real G (ask 'em)
    As far as this rap shit go, I got realty
    Before being signed to a major, I had a real key
    And I ain't tryna play you, I'm tryna give you the real me (nah)
    Almost twenty years in the game, and I'm still me (woo!)
    Niggas fear hearing my name, I got skills, B
    The boy, the girl, the weed, I got pills, B
    How many other owners you know that's in the field, B (who?)
    No license or registration, that's where the steel be (uh)
    Honor's in your pocket, your heart, that's where the will be (yes)
    From the hood, cop out, even if not guilty
    Rich ain't good enough, nigga, I'm not filthy
    I'm hardcore, rough and rugged, I'm not silky (uh-huh)
    Guns under mattress, money is where the quilt be (POOF!)
    This is the last supper here (eat)
    Last time we break bread, so pull up a chair, yeah…

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  5. Let’s finish the game billy, do sumn n stop stalling that’s silly 🔥🔥🔥 these two is the most dangerous tag team partners in hip hop 🙋🏾‍♂️ I swear 🤞🏾

  6. My flow got OCD
    I go in on yo CD
    More bars the CBD
    My vision is HDD
    Back from the future off your TV
    I could have been in a ring on PPV
    Get paid per view vantage point CCTV
    Born in Manhattan raised off MTV
    Brooklyn raised me we are NYC
    Soon from the moon we will see
    The best things in life are free
    The key lies within you and me
    Fly like a butterfly got honey from a bee
    Everything we do we keep between you and me
    Born to be the greatest ask Mohammed Ali
    If time can tell what time can tell it will be

  7. So this a old song to me but I’m using it in this episode to highlight the production side of music 🎶 and also 🎶🎶🎶🎶 Hope everyone in Brooklyn got there power back on. I got in contact with Con to ask. But I’m not the president and I can’t physically go see why the power got cut off again. I mean I have a clue but I’m in Florida not New York.

  8. When Fab said “find what you bring to the table, then pull up a chair” I felt that down to my core. On my journey to be a writer, I’ve been blessed to meet people on the same path, but felt I didn’t belong because they were further than me. It made me want to focus more so next time I see these people, I can sit next to them and feel like I belong.

  9. This album will go down as timeless music…. coming thru with the paper plates like the bbq, got them haters shaking heads like the bobbles do! 🔥🔥🔥

  10. this track just made an atheist practice grace . I may not believe in a higher power but I have it pretty good and think I should start saying thank you. Thank you Fabolous, Jadakiss


  12. I want us all to eat, even if from my pantry
    I guess I’m just more soul food than eye candy
    I feel like these young n*** need more eye jammies
    More passport stamps less trips to Miami
    Yea bro, we all need a little culture -FAB

  13. "I tell you what you need hear, not tryin to insult ya.
    Im too old to kid ya, i gotta adult ya"

    Talk your shit fab

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