Family Entertainment Center (FEC) Point of Sale – Playland Adventures

Hi I’m Tina Bouchard. I work in the office and operations. I’m Jon Bouchard, Tina’s husband and I’m Mr.
Fix-It. Our initial goal was to provide a fun place
for kids to go play and where the parents could actually play with the kids. We’ve had a lot of people actually thank us
for having a place like this. We, for 2 years, have operated with a very
old fashioned kind of tablet and pencil/cash register, and we just knew that there was
so much more that we could do if we actually had a POS system. This POS system we knew would be beneficial
and would really make things easier but it’s actually able to do more than we had anticipated. The potential is just endless. Even on the things you can just add to the
system; you know, the scanners, the wristbands, the printers, just having it all in one system..
it’s amazing.. it’s incredible. With our advertising and, you know, our advertising
budget, especially when the start of business, you’ve got to watch your pennies. We can run a report and see where we’re getting
the biggest bang for our buck on our advertising. I can get back to building the business. What we were looking for was something up
to date, cutting edge, at a low price and you all fit that where none of the other guys

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