Filipino Style BBQ for $1 in the Heart of LA – Street Food Icons

-When you live in America,
you can do everything you want, but you work. You hard work and honesty,
you know? Now I’m here, and the Filipino
people like Dollar Hits. We have 33 kinds of sticks. Every stick, it’s a dollar. That’s why it’s called
Dollar Hits. All the way from Hawaii! Thank you, Hawaii. ♪♪ -We started this business
since 2013 with a small table only. Then every day,
it’s going up, going up. -Okay, I am Elvira Chan
from Dollar Hits, Temple. It’s Ms. Nelita.
-Hi. -And Joyce here. They are my siblings. They are my partner,
partner in crime. No, just kidding. -Elvira Chan is the financier, and my sister, too, is the one who’s handling
the money, and I am the cook. -Dollar Hits is located
at Filipinotown in Los Angeles between Downtown
and somewhere in Koreatown. -This is, like, a staple
in Filipino food. You come here and eat
a full meal for $3. -A dollar for a stick like this,
and you’re good, for like $3 and just rice. -The popular is a chicken
barbecue, pork barbecue, pork intestine, pork ears,
chicken feet. -The exotic food like chicken
liver, chicken heart, the balot, and the penoy. When we put in a display,
it’s cooked already. We use the oyster sauce,
salt and pepper. -[ Speaking Filipino ] -Yeah.
-No secret. -Yeah. That’s the one. -I grew up in
the Philippines… -In Pampanga.
-…in Pampanga. The culinary capital
of the Philippines. -My partner is only a farmers.
-Everybody Filipino, especially the Pampangeno
in the Philippines. They love to cook.
They love food. -When you’re in
the Philippines, we cook in the street, and then there are famous one
and the cheapest one, I think. -Some people,
they like the well-done. They go outside.
We have a two-griller outside. They do it by themselves
to grill. That’s why we call it “The
Original Filipino Street Food.” -This is actually one of
the only places you can get authentic Filipino street food. -The main reason
that brought us here is the memory of what we had
in the Philippines over there. Like, there will be, like,
literally a whole street probably as wide as me
with stalls side by side. This is actually a lot cleaner.
It’s a lot more interactive. -When I came to the States,
I was really looking for, like, stuff that would
remind me of my home, because I was really homesick
when I was studying, and then I found out
Dollar Hits existed, and all of these street food
that I used to love eating, it’s, like, fulfilling. ♪♪ -Our customer, they love us
because we are very entertain, and they’re our heartbeat.
-And we dance. -And sometimes, we are dancing.
-They are telling us, “Oh, it’s our first time.
What will we do?” “Well, you start there.
Then you go to the cashier.” Then we ask them,
where are they came from? Then they will tell,
“Okay, welcome.” All the way from Alhambra! Koreatown, thank you
for coming! All the way from Anaheim! Thank you for coming. All the way from — -I love, like, Nelita
is always happy and always entertaining us, singing and everything
like that. Like, they’re really nice, like,
motherly, too, stores like this
that remind you of home. -When the charcoal is also
a bit pink, something like that, it’s cool. There we go. This is my kuya,
my older brother. See? He help me always. This one is good. Oh, this one is pork intestine. Mmm. -This is probably the pork one.
-I didn’t get — -Pork, a lot thicker,
looks pretty juicy. [ Indistinct conversations ] Oh, man. Usually, in the
Philippines they prefer, like, a sweet and vinegar style. That’s why they have a lot
of dipping sauces, but this probably
fits the more American taste because a lot of people
like salty and savory. This is juicy as hell because,
like, in the Philippines, they’ll cut it nice and thin,
like, kind of like bacon strips. This one, you know it’s meat. -How many balot?
-Three. -Three?
-Yes. -Three, three balot. -It’s duck egg
with the embryo in it, but it’s, like,
not fully mature. It tastes, like, such a sweet
kind of savory inside, like chicken but duck. -They called it [Speaks
Filipino] in the Philippines. If you will get this,
you will get a straw. -So you crack the egg
like this. So it has, like, liquid, and then you just, like,
you drink it like a shot. And you see, like,
the yolk and the embryo. This is the embryo right here,
and that’s what you eat. -What’s the scale, 1 to 10? 10! I move in America May 18, 1998, because my dad is here. I take care of my dad. Plus, I am businessperson
in the Philippines, so I thinking that I going
to buy the market. When my sister came,
she helped me a lot. In the first place,
I take care of my dad, and then me, I’m thinking, “I got to go to the hospital
to sell food, the Filipino food, like pancit, egg rolls,
adobo with rice.” I need a little bit money
to sell food to ride the bus. That is hard work, you know? But now, I am now —
We have a business. We have this place here, so I’m
a little bit blessed and lucky. The Dollar Hits started
only in the street, and then he told me,
“Why don’t you get food truck?” At that time, I get food truck, but the food truck,
it’s too expensive. It’s $4,000 a month. Luckily, he sell this one to me. ♪♪ -Starting 2:00,
we have a line here to get only the chicken feet,
the pork ears, and then when you’re waiting
for that, you know, what can you say? I am very popular
on the Facebook. The Facebook, the social media
is the one who raise me up. When I’m in Europe,
I think one month ago, they see me, some people there. “Oh, is that the one,
the owner the Dollar Hits?” and then I’m — “What? Up to here you see me?
You know me?” -Yeah. Because I —
-You know? Everywhere! -I don’t know why, because
they knows me. -That’s why.
-Or they seen the Facebook, my face. I am famous. Thank you to all our medias. -Every time where we go —
-We three. -“Ooh, the owner
of the Dollar Hits. Ooh, the owner of
the Dollar Hits.” -But I’m not rich!
I am proud of that. Even though
you don’t have money — I don’t have money.
-We don’t have money. -You know the money —
-We work hard. -We work hard, but —
-But we enjoy it. -You don’t bring money in your
6 feet under the ground. We don’t have money.
-But we enjoy. -I’m proud of being the owner
of Dollar Hits, and then, you know, I’m happy. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪

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