Food Safety & Quality Assurance Graduate Program at the University of Guelph

Safe food extends from the farm to
processing to the sale of products in grocery stores and restaurants. If you’re
looking for a rewarding career or to upgrade your skills and knowledge in
food safety the University of Guelph is the perfect place for you. I chose food safety because it’s just such an interesting and important area of public health. I mean millions of Canadians each year are affected by foodborne illness and the list of emerging pathogens is constantly growing. The program is a course-based masters that can be completed in four semesters with its online or on campus course offerings. Guelph has a very
reputable name out in the community, in multiple programs but specifically in the food safety, food science program. The University of Guelph is Canada’s Food
University, with nearly a 150 years of proud tradition in teaching and research in all aspects of animal and plant production. You can end
up as a food microbiologist. There’s also quality assurance management, there’s
policymakers, decision-making. There’s just so many avenues that you can go
down and I think that’s something that’s really great about this program. For more information about the Food Safety and Quality Assurance program, contact [email protected]

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