FOOD TREND Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On Ep. 6

FOOD TREND Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On Ep. 6

– [Narrator] Hey, welcome to Sorted. (upbeat music) We’re a bunch of mates in London, looking for the exceptional thinking food that will make our – and your
lives that little bit better. In amongst culture we
live among each other (group laughter) Some of us are chefs. The rest of us, well, we’re normal. But, every video we
make always starts with a suggestion from you guys. ♪I take the cake, I’m
gooey in the middle ♪ ♪ Baby let me bake ♪ (club bass music) – Hello, this is Jamie, and I’m Ben. – Today, we’re passing it on again, and you already know
the title of this video, so you probably already know
if we’ve passed or failed. (fun quirky music) – Are we glad to be here? Let’s go theme first. – Janice, can we have a theme, please? – [Janice] Today’s theme is food trend. You must work together to
create a dish celebrating or inventing the latest culinary trend. – OK. – OK, right, that’s cool, we can do that. – [Janice] Our community has suggested that you go in age order,
youngest to eldest. – (laughs) Chef’s first! – No, that’s not gonna work! – That is terrible. – Oh no, no, no, no. – [Janice] One at a time, the boys have 10 minutes to cook and
add to a final dish. The remaining team will have
no idea what’s happening behind them until it is their turn. – Oozy cheese is a trend. Oozy cheese is a trend
that just keeps on going. Charcoal, I like, and this,
I can tell it is pizza dough. Let’s go for it. I’m gonna mix the charcoal into the dough and see how that goes,
because that’s trendy. Please work. Please work. Oh, I’m going to have
to get my hands dirty. Ideally, this would be done
while you’re making the dough. I’m getting less and less
sure about this right now. If I do this, surely they’re
going to know what to do. Its not going well. Oh my god, look at me. They’re definitely going
to know what I’ve used. I’m gonna put a tiny bit of Olive oil in. It could go horribly wrong
or it could go really well. They’re gonna absolutely
destroy me for this. Oh my. (sighs) I’m stressing. Stressing, you’ve got me stressing. Just trying to get all the
liquid out amongst there. I just want them to know, I’m thinking like, even if I don’t get too much process done. So Ben can do the sauce. The cheese will be grated. By the time the guys get there and honestly, how badly
can you mess up Pizza? I know that you’re not supposed to like rollout pizza but this is. You know its time pressure. Oh (beep) Pan on the hole. Little bit of olive oil there. (buzzer) Oh, did I do a good job? I’ll give myself a six out of ten because I’m really unsure
if the idea’s gonna go through. Please do a good job Ben. (upbeat music) (buzzer) – Okay A charcoal pizza dough. Is all we’ve got so. And tomato sauce cause
he’s left this here. Obviously an ingredient in pizza. He’s got the cheese,
mozzarella and cheddar. Some steak going on. If I make it slightly spicy, which is why he’s left the chilis here I guess. Okay fusion is also trend. So I’m gonna try and combine two things. Think like the cronut. Croissant and doughnut. I’m gonna combine pizza with curry. Curry with pizza. Cuzza. We’re gonna make a cuzza. So a quick tomato sauce. I’m gonna get some garlic in a second. I’m going to get some curry powder. And I’m gonna slightly spice
it in our tomato sauce. Cook out the spices,
the garlic, the chili, the curry powder, early on. Turn it up. Curry powder, tumeric,
anything that goes on a pizza should cook really quickly. James has left the steak
out here but I’m actually gonna mix it up. Cause what I want is some chicken. But I’m just gonna very
gently poach in this liquid. So we get this really
bright color through. Tumeric, yellow color. Going on against the charcoal black. I would hope that this
tomato sauce is something that’s blended. I’m also gonna start
but do nothing with it, and see what happens, if I put some seeds on the heat. Some mustard seeds, some fenugreek seeds, black onion seeds, widow seeds. And that can be scattered
over our pizza so you get the crunch as well as the richness of this tomato. (pan clattering) Curry plus pizza. Timeup, UGH! (buzzer) I contributed, I added some themes. Seven out of ten? (playful mischievous music) (buzzer) Hey. What is that? That is a black dough of some sort. There seems to be a… Oh my god. What is going on? Okay that’s a tomato-ey
Indian tomato sauce. That is poaching chicken. Seeds, cracking away. That’ll come to the heat soon. Nothing in the oven. It’s a curry pizza. Its literally written in front of me. I did not notice that there. Sauce is, oh god I’ve got idea. I’ve never done it before. But let’s see how it goes. I always put egg on a pizza, every time. I have to. But how do you make an egg trendy? Cloud eggs. (loud clap) Never made it before. How wrong can you get it? That’s fine, leave it! It’s fine, don’t look at that. I’ll make it for you, just in case I screw it up. (laughing) they’re gonna hate me. I know they’re gonna hate me. I have only high hopes that
this stuff that I’ve started. (laughter) Green or blue? Green, green’s gonna go best in it. Tartar in there. The plane of trending food
is about experimentation. Have I gone too bold? I have no idea what I’m doing! I’m just making up as I go along. I hope they look in the oven straight away cause that’s only gonna
need a few minutes. I’ve done my bit. I’ve tried to make
something new and trendy. I’m not sure if I’ve done it or not. I would give myself (buzzer) a five out of ten. I have no idea if that went well or not. Cause all I’ve done is cloud eggs. (mischievous music) – Oh my heart rate is just going right up. Okay curry and pizza. What is this? And oh! Check the oven. I didn’t. Oh what is that? There’s some sort of crusty thing with an egg in the middle, in the oven. This dough’s got a hole in it. Who ever rolled out,
can’t have been a chef. Oh that’s like a
vegetable-ey curried thing. Seeds. This is chef-y isn’t it? Barry’s… Barry. I don’t know what I’m doing. Where do you go with this? I can’t make the pizza now. Because that’s gotta be Jamie. What is that? And where does it go? Apart from out the window? Lets put these over there. And hopefully Jamie won’t see them. I’ve spent half my time just looking at stuff dumbfounded. Cause I don’t know what to do. What if I put all the stuff on there and roll it. It’s more like a wrap
but its in a pizza dough. Will that cook? Who knows? Why is there a hole in it? It’s just gonna go through. It’s not even circular. So, if I were to roll
that, and then cut it. We did a video a while ago where we made, like a pull apart pizza. Where we chopped it and then put it in a- I wonder whether we can do that. Okay this is gonna be insane. It’s gonna make or break it. That’s the cheese. (gags) What is that? (off screen laughter) What? Who the – That’s Barry. I know that’s Barry. That’s Barry. I spent so much time faffing. And now spaff is gonna have to not faff. Oh I really hope J gets this. I don’t think he’s going to. And I don’t think I’ve
done enough of these. (breaks knife) NO buffmorts buffmorts buffmorts. Right, uh chicken, chicken, chicken. This is delicious. So lets – I don’t know how to do this. So we’re just gonna put a
bit of chicken on each bit. So what I’m thinking and I hope and I don’t
know how Jamie’s gonna decipher this. But I think he’s gotta fold these over. In fact I’m just gonna do it. I’m gonna demonstrate one for him. (laughing) NO. I’ve left him so much to do. So much to decipher, and he’s
not gonna be able to do it. I’ve ruined the whole
challenge, it is all my fault. Apart from the cloud egg. (buzzer) (laughing) This goes, this’ll go
there, and then the pizza will go around the outside. A two. I deserve a two. I feel terrible. I’ve just um. (laughter) Oh no. – I’m so sorry. (buzzer) Curry pizza. What is going on here? (upbeat music) I don’t have anything. What is going on? What the actual F is going on? What’s this? (laughing) (gagging and coughing) The (beep) is That? I might just start again. I’m honestly lost. The only thing I can think is just put them in the oven and get
them out in seven minutes and 20 seconds. I’m stating this now, I
am not taking the blame for this, this time. We’ll heat this up. Butter going in that pan. And I’m gonna fry those ones. Are these the curry pizzas? I need to know who’s fault this is. Surely they’re not all
(beep) up this much. Roll some of this out. I don’t know can we cook it like a charcoal flatbread? Is charcoal flatbread a thing? It’s not just me is it? Okay (laughing) Right, I need a slate. That’s the only thing you put
trendy (beep) on isn’t it? So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna wait for that
clock to tick down. Soon as it gets to about
30 seconds left to go, I’m gonna remove whatever
I’ve put into the oven from the oven, and I’m going to put them on there. I’m gonna sprinkle the
seeds on at the last minute. It’s what I’m gonna do. Action. What the hell have I? Alright. Oh lets be honest guys, its not like that’s gonna
make the difference. I won’t do that then. (buzzer) I can only imagine this has gone wrong. Split straight down the middle of that. The fault has to lie over here. Surely. He’s all about the cloud eggs isn’t he? Its got to be him. There is no one poncy
enough to do cloud eggs other than Barry. I’m just hiding behind the
camera for a little bit. Pretend I’m not here. – Three, two, one. (laughing) What? – That’s not as bad as I
thought it was gonna be. – It could be worse. – No it couldn’t. That is not. – What happened? – Absolutely no idea. I got no idea what that is. So heres what I think I’ve served you. Either, mini curry pizzas. Charcoal pizzas. Or charcoal curry tacos. – Food trends are probably not my forte. Or your forte. – I would agree. Just track back a little bit, you did just make the dough. – I didn’t make the dough. The dough was ready made. (laughing) – Color is everything, we know that. In social trend, so charcoal one. I also did some tumeric poached chicken. So tumeric, and curry
spices, sorted chicken – That’s what that was. – Cause I didn’t think the buffet was. We’ve left them, with pizza base. – Get it in the oven. – Its gonna take 10 minutes. – And then Jamie doesn’t
have to do anything so he can’t mess up. Like, that sounds like a good plan. – Shall we come on to Barry. What did you do? – Hmm? – Have we got one? Is it round the corner? (laughing) – You’re gonna bring it in. – What’s that? – Your confusion didn’t
even make the take? – What’s going on? – I refused to serve this. – I just wanna say I came
into the kitchen and I found this in the oven. – No, did you take it out straight away? – Yeah. – It needed another few more minutes. – No it didn’t. (laughing) – I’m not sure that would have helped. – It needed a swift kick in the (beep). (laughing) – Is that an attempt at either cauliflower something or other, or a cloud egg? (laughing) – That is a man that went
into a food trend challenge saying whatever the hell
is going on in the kitchen, I’m making a cloud egg. – I dare you to taste it. Wait wait wait, what did
you rate yourself out of 10? (laughter) NO. – If that works, that’s genius. So I gave myself a five. For that way- – Oh. – But I’m happy to go back and go, I don’t think I made the scoreboard. (laughter) – This is reveal (laughing) – Is this mine? This is what I left Jamie. But in all fairness, I did leave him a lot of decisions to make. – One from being this. Or did you attempt to cook it? – Well – Oh no. – I walked into the kitchen to find, what can only be described as devastation. And so there. (group laughter) – It was a demonstration of
what you needed to continue. (laughter) He just took that and put it in the oven. – James’ dough, Mike’s
shapes, my tomato sauce, my chicken, my seeds, your
chives, and presentation, three small plates. – I made a laugh didn’t we? (laughter) – Can we try it? – Oh yeah. Lets eat it. – Even more sharing. A sharing pattern that we share again. – Cheers – In our last pass on,
it didn’t look great but it tasted phenomenal. – Well we’ll see. – [All] Cheers. – It tastes alright. – Quite nice. – Its an Indian bread taco. – I think the flavor is. – The bits that you guys did is great. – If you bring the cloud
eggs up, cause Bazz should probably eat those. – That’s a very good point. – We don’t like food wasted. – Well that’s another trend. Zero waste. – Here you go mate. So you literally did this to yourself. There’s gonna be an ooze. (laughter) – Now that could be, because
it’s perfectly cooked. Or its still raw. – It looks like a hen
laid an egg in a cow pat. (laughter) – Now eat that. – Ooooh. – Still gonna keep your
five out of ten right? (laughter) (clapping) – Comment down below as always. Did any of us do any good today? – Have you got any ideas
for themes of pass it ons that we might actually be good at? Then tell us those as well? – Too many cooks, spoil the broth. One thing we absolutely can nail though is dad joke of the week. – What do you get when
you cross an English lesson with alcohol? – Pass – How tequila mocking bird. (laughter) – You know I actually
never read that in school. – No but I have drunk tequila. Badly. – As we mentioned, sorted is
just run by a group of friends. So if you like what we’re doing then there are loads of ways
that you can support us and get more involved. Everything you need to
know is linked below. Thanks and we hope to see
you again in a few days. Sparrow. We’ll come to that in a minute, but first comment down below with your thoughts. – What? Jack? – Well I don’t know. They won’t get confused. They might hang on, to see
what sparrow’s all about. – Right – They might not.

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