Fresh food

Thank you thank you thank you. This is
such a great day we love being out at Wright State. Tight turn today let’s see
them driving skills he’s got it awesome I love it. Today The Foodbank is here
with CareSource to pass out fresh produce to Greene County residents who
are needing a little extra help right now with food. I’ll have you maybe swing
out just a little bit to make that little bit sharper turn. We’re looking to
feed between seven hundred and a thousand families through this line. So
I’m doing food distribution I’m passing out rice and radishes today it’s great
to give back to the community I’m actively involved here at Wright State
as well as in other local charities this is my favorite event. Really nice to see
all these smiles out here. Going through the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance at Wright
State and some of the MPA courses there was a heavy volunteer aspect to all
those once you get up here this lady in the orange she’s gonna direct you into
which lanes going the quickest really putting all those skills I learned to
use and not only my day job but to serve the community here in Greene County. Do
you guys want watermelon and cantaloupe? Over 21,000 people and the Green
County area struggle with hunger that’s about one in six people and we’re here
to make sure that they have the support. When you see their faces some of these
folks this is some of the first times you know the generosity that they’re
that they’re seeing they may not have that happen in their everyday life so
the ability to touch them and make a difference we should do it every day but
just a small thing we can do. Awesome! We’re always excited that Wright State
is still willing to partner with us and let us use the Nutter Center’s parking
lot at no cost so that we can feed those who are struggling with hunger in the
Miami Valley and support our community.

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