Full Day of Eating | Chris Bumstead | 10,000 Calorie Cheat Day After The 2017 Olympia

Full Day of Eating | Chris Bumstead | 10,000 Calorie Cheat Day After The 2017 Olympia

can I get the Colorado omelet
Can I upgrade the pancakes to the red to
the cupcake pancake yeah can I also gett
the bacon and maple doughnut
that’s everything thanks first thing
that came is the vanilla cupcakes
upgraded from the normal pancakes that’s
obviously way too boring and we got
maple bacon donut coming and like a kind
of pulled pork beef omelet as well it would
eating this is adding way too quick I’m kind of throwing
that out the window but I mean anyone
who doesn’t want to blow up post show you
got to eat clean like you better just
crap in all this food like the sodium
content all the sugar all the shit and
you’re gonna blow up after show so
trying to like restrict myself to a day
of eating like crazy like this and then
when I get back home I’ll be back on
diet for a while try and lose that water
weight and stay a little bit lean post
show but it’s a kind of thing where if
you eat clean for like two weeks and
then eat like shit
you would look okay but if you eat like
shit for a week and then ate clean foods
after it’s like your body’s gonna
put on that weight after your show more
because I used to it so you got to ease
into eating this crappy food
first time to in and out don’t have this
in Canada seen it all over social media
have to get in here
give it a shot can I get two double doubles and
the animal fries
and can I also
get another double-double with the
cheese and
can I get a diet coke
alright so we got two double burgers no
cheese one double burger with cheese and
a single burger with cheese and we got
the animal style fries bunch of bacon
cheese and mayo on there and this meal
here puts us at 5060 calories today so
I’m gonna get this down first time at In and Out don’t have this in Canada so
being over social media have to get in
here and give it a shot give it a taste I
can’t wait
some just can’t hang with this lifestyle
huh slept two hours last night so we’re here
outside of Whole Foods getting meal
number three trying to go a little bit
clean here because we need my crap all
day we’re gonna get one of the pre-made
meals here just some carbs chicken and
potato maybe some rice then we’re gonna
pick up some treats maybe some good food
maybe some bad food just for later
tonight and make some food tomorrow
you get half steak half chicken, some of the salsa yea
can I get some sour cream
this is what’s up burrito bowl chicken and steak
veggie cheese rice and sour cream and
black beans of course I started to
really like beans I put it on everything
I put in breakfast wraps put it in my
eggs but is my rice in my chicken
bowls done
I don’t know to call it desert or just
more food but this is overwhelming
this guy’s is awful I’m gonna buy a
couple pints of ice you throw in some
brownies and I can’t let him do it
alone maybe cookie sandwich
cookie dough and birthday cake
meal give a beautiful looking cheesecake
brownie the peanut butter cup Halo top
and the chocolate chip halo top are looking
at this meal I’d say what is
that 360
six eighty plus the would you get a
brownie yeah that was like three twenty
so I’d say
plus the Chipotle was about 2,000
calories so we’re probably about 7,000
calories right now
what is it 2600 more calories yeah what
did you get tell us okay first of all
ten seven calories shouldn’t be hard
no we’ve done it before easily to be
fair we were up at 3 o’clock in the
morning didn’t eat we didn’t eat at all
before our flight so we had one we woke
up at 3 a.m. ate one meal at around 8 a.m.
and then trained from like 10 til 2 and
then eat I mean our second meal at about
3 or 4 o’clock
and normally the rule of thumb is not to
have your dairies until the very end and
we did that as our second to last meal
so now we’re kind of feeling it I have
2600 left
yeah yeah so we’re thinking the easiest
thing to do is it’s kind of the bitch
move to do but doughnuts are kind of the
easy thing to just get down and it just
so happens to be Krispy Kreme
I’m so jealous this isn’t in Canada I’ll get a reece
a what?
a reece a reeces peanut butter donut is
gonna get a cake batter as well
the original glaze
powdered strawberry filled cinnamon bun
will get a blueberry fritter I’ll get a
sugar I’m gonna glaze
twist as well
yeah another original glaze a glazed
chocolate cake
another powdered strawberry
were tapping out at this so we hit the 10,000
calories this was like real extra it was
just the bonus that we’re not gonna make
your little ambitious we can get maybe

100 thoughts on “Full Day of Eating | Chris Bumstead | 10,000 Calorie Cheat Day After The 2017 Olympia

  1. he sounds/looks so adorable like hes s soft and the way he talks and stuff lmao i aint even trynna be insulting he just seems like a really cute nice guy

  2. Dude they're called double double not doubles burgers. And there's no bacon on animal fries. It's onions. Poor Canadian don't know nothin bout this Cali life

  3. I mean come on people just learn from the video enough of talking about the way he talks disgusting comments

  4. I have read comment sections of various theme videos on youtube but seems when it comes to bodybuilders commenters are extra rough on. Just a lot of "he's gay", "he's on steroids" type of comments, most importantly most of them are totally uncalled for. I guess that's human nature, you have to trash something what you can't achieve yourself.

  5. It’s quite clear male primary hormone Test duh😂. Guys have larger larynx(voicebox) and longer vocal cords which which make us have more prominent Adam’s apple 🍎. More test you give or make should make you deeper voice let’s be honest you can’t control some things is so what if he’s said like odd or not what you expect. No everything effects everyone same my guys it’s clear to studies and experiments

  6. You guys should start showing the sugar intake after every meal, insanely curious how close he was to diabetic shock after this

  7. What they dont state is at that moment of a high day they are fully depleted and can do this from time to time

  8. All of u motherfuxkers are ruining this sport. Arnold wanted us to get healthier so by constantly advocating us to eat sugary bullshit ur literally killing people

  9. 2:34 lady – “would u like anything to drink today?”
    Dude – “no thanks”
    2:45 – “so would you like anything to drink toda?”
    Dude – “I’ll take a Diet Coke” 🤔🤔

  10. Good looking dude, works his ass off for that body, and all these losers sitting on their couch see what’s not perfect. Move out of your moms house before you talk. Guys a beast

  11. His disposition is so sweet! although the animal fries don't have bacon on top thats grilled chopped onion

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