Giant Breakfast Bagel Sandwich Challenge in New Jersey!

Eat those carbs, fatty.
What’s going on ladies and gentlemen!
It’s the food adventurer Magic Mitch and
in this video you’re going to see me
battle my first-ever breakfast bagel
sandwich challenge! Now before I get more
into that I just want to say that if
this is your first time here you’re
interested in seeing videos where face
off against all kinds of food
monstrosities, just like this one be sure
to subscribe! So the challenge of taking
on known as the “Bo’Hemoth breakfast
Sandwich Challenge at Bagel Gourmet in Glen Rock
New Jersey, where you have 30 minutes to
finish it and
check this out! this beast is made with
10 slices of bacon, 10 slices of cheese,
10 slices of ham, six eggs, five hash
browns, and five sausage patties, all of
which is between a 20-ounce custom-made
bagel as the bun, which is also why
you’re required to schedule this
challenge in advance but if you’re able
to complete the Bo’Hemoth breakfast
sandwich challenge, you gets the gold
standard for winning which is the free
meal, which in this case is $25, you also
get a free shirt and your picture up on
their Hall of Fame. So for this challenge
not only was I looking to get my eighth
win during this tour but also to try to
set the new record for this one, which
interestingly enough was set by someone
who’s known for going on many extreme
food adventures and that is the one, and
only LA Beast, who finished this in only 15
minutes and 12 seconds so I knew I
definitely had to keep a good pace
during the challenge but I wasn’t
exactly sure about my strategy. I could
either eat the components of a bagel
sandwich piece by piece or save on time
I try to eat them as an actual sandwich,
so it just decided that I would see how
I felt early on during the challenge and
make a decision from there!
as far as thoughts go on this challenge I’m
rating this one a 4/5 the setup. First has
that gold standard for winning which is
always great to see, and the time lmit isn’t
too bad for a challenge of this size either
which I believe is around four to four
and a half pounds, what I like even
more that it stands out! I thought it was
pretty cool challenge to have as it’s
something a little different and it fits
well as the theme of the restaurant
since they’re known for making this type
of gourmet bagel sandwiches! Now that’s
all and well but really one of the most
important parts to any food challenge
is how to tastes, and when it comes to the
Bo’Hemoth Breakfast Sandwich Challenge I’m
reading this one a 4/5! overall just a
very enjoyable challenge and on part to what I was expecting.
Everything was cooked
very well! None of the meats were too dried
out or too greasy! The eggs taste great
and the bagel itself was pretty enjoyable too!
little on the chewy side towards the
end but nothing that couldn’t be fixed
by washing it down with a little diet
soda, and with that being said if you’re
enjoying your time watching this video
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my next food adventure, this is Magic Mitch
thanks for watching, take care, have a
great day!
Wait? 14:58? I had 13:58! Oh yeah!
Here’s your free shirt and you also be
up on the Hall of Fame with LA Beast!

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