Time to create the ultimate breakfast sandwich my friends like and subscribe for more awesome food! start with a lightly toasted french loaf just the right amount of crunch you don’t want it to be hard to eat, but a little crispy texture is nice my good friend kewpie mayo mayonaisse is a sandwich lubricant from Cheesus Crust Almighty sauteed spinach and arugula with garlic an entire pound of bacon minus the few strips you ate while cooking it i love crispy bacon so much fried eggs with lightly cooked yolks so we can spread the thick yolk custard on our sandwich isn’t she lovely? slice this big tasty meaty boy in half so it will fit inside me let’s make breakfast cheese sauce! buffalo sauce! everything bagel seasoning mix it up! heavenly cheese perfection my lord Cheesus Crust has blessed me this day let me get ready to get messy the holy sacrament of cheese this is the ultimate bacon egg and cheese great bread great ratio of wet to dry ingredients delicious depth of flavor from garlic and greens extra complexity from everything bagel seasoning with sesame, poppy, onion, garlic, salt A bacon egg and cheese is three fatty heavy ingredients adding these extra herby and green flavors cuts through that bass fat flavor the clarity of spinach and arugula elevates the sandwich to new heights of taste and these are the wings that carry us to cheese heaven to rest beside Cheesus on his cheddar throne I love breakfast foods that are savory I am not a big fan of sweet muffins or syrup drenched pancakes and waffles I love waffle sandwiches, sourdough and buttermilk pancakes and waffles with butter meats, eggs, salmon your boy can eat some lox it is just very expensive maybe I should treat myself soon now all I can think about is lox I have a video from two easters ago of a lox pizza with capers and cream cheese it was heaven I am not sure how to get you guys to watch a lox video though lox does not want or need to be dipped in cheese sauce but if I don’t dip it in cheese sauce no one will watch… I must remind you though we worship Cheesus Crust, cheese sauce is not good on all things part of worshiping Cheesus is recognizing where his blessings should be accepted and where we must carry ourselves without his help and make other delicious flavors for only in separating ourselves from the lord of cheese can we fully appreciate Cheesus when we return all things in moderation all things in balance Cheesus be praised perhaps I can make a molten cream cheese everything seasoned dipping sauce and a monstrous lox sandwich or even breakfast burrito and dip it into this hot breakfast liquid I will keep working on this idea I want to bring good food ideas into the world but I know the online audience demands things to be dipped in sauces these are the most privileged problems to have Thank you Cheesus for blessing me and thank you viewer for being part of this blessing your support raises me up and makes me live every day may you have a cheesy Christmas celebrate the birth of our lord with charcuterie cheese balls, cheese dips, cheese cubes and love one another as we love the cheese bathe your heart and soul in the cheese and come out cleansed on the other side.

100 thoughts on “GIANT CHEESE SAUCE BREAKFAST FEAST ! * ASMR NO TALKING * | Nomnomsammieboy

  1. Just found the channel but I feel like he's a mad genius in the kitchen.
    Suggestion- Do a Belgian waffle sandwich with bacon, runny eggs, fried chicken cutlets, and dip it in buttery syrup instead.
    ETA: Call it the sticky butter clucker 😂😂😂

  2. The shameless food manipulation, the subtitles commentary and the savage eating… Am here for all of it ! Bring it on Sammieboy ! New sub

  3. Love the big cheese bowl vids dude🔥 dying to see a messy dessert mukbang with like donuts, ice cream, Cinnabon’s or something like that

  4. Everybody including my self eats like this when nobody around lmao with good food and drinks why haven’t this legend reached 1M subs yet huh somebody make me understand this guy makes better content than them pro vloggers out there good job Man I’m hungry now damit❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. I can’t eat any dairy or I get incredibly sick so these videos are my outlet hahah Happy Holidays! ✨😊

  6. When you get wildly famous, I want you to remember all of our interactions, like the fried chicken video being censored and all the times we talked. Remember me Sammy ❤️

  7. Id rather watch this instead of other mukbangers because they all eat nicely but he actually shoves that shit in his mouth

  8. I’ll watch even without the cheese sauce 🥺. You should get to try other foods without being forced to dip them in cheese for views

  9. I'm so curious and hungry, what was on that spinach/lettuce? Looks delicious!
    – And I mean why was it all soggy and soaked?

  10. That’s how I like em asmr’s lots of cheese makes it so much better This is why your my favorite asmr channel literally your the best 😂 ♥️

  11. Mah Lord! I really need an egg sandwich right now! Have you tried put some red onions in that cheese sauce? Wont regret it!!

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