One two three boom! Yes a hot juicy
double patty burger with extra bread and a gummy burger with well plenty of extra
sugar! It almost looks like the real one, doesn’t it? looks like we have a
potential swap on our hands. You thinking what I’m thinking? Oh yeah let’s trade
these suckers shall we looks like Olivia favors the salty savory dishes mmm
that’s good and Emily’s got a not-so-subtle sweet tooth you really got
a bite down hard through all that gummy goodness well is everybody happy now hey do you smell something funny yup
it’s definitely coming from my dish what the heck is underneath this thing just
can’t figure out what this look like I think that smell burned off some of my
nose hairs mine will smell much better I bet Oh gummy fish and chips this is
definitely something I can get on board with
well those gummies are your match for Emily’s stinky fish dish how long is
this thing been sitting out you where the eyes go well that’s one horrified
face if I’ve ever seen one I think I’m gonna be sick yeah why are you holding
that thing up it’s such as getting over here nope not happening I can’t possibly
take a bite out of this take it back I don’t want it
fine suit yourself I’m enjoying mine hey how’d that I will get in here huh quick
grab the gummy fish hey where’s my lunch swim off to Emily leave me alone I’m
starving okay alright I think we can swap dishes this time okay here goes
nothing oh it’s my favorite emoji turd candy hmm
I think he’s root beer-flavored but I sure don’t taste like it very funny
Emily but something tells me whatever food awaits olivia is anything but
giggle worthy no it looks even more disgusting than I thought it would you
know it actually smells okay almost like peanuts hmm I just don’t know if I can
trust it it looks so real oh man this is sure gonna be a tough one
to get down and use the spoon it’ll be much easier no Emily please don’t make
me do it please oh man remind me to never do another
challenge with you again wow that’s an awful big spoonful well it sure smells
like peanut butter alright and believe it or not it tastes
get to and in a surprising turn of events
it looks like Olivia may actually win this round she’s even going in for
another bite and why not take things up a notch everyone knows that peanut
butter tastes way better on some fresh bread right Olivia you’re not intended
to eat that whole thing by yourself are you ladies and gentlemen you’re about to
witness something truly spectacular Apetit yeah my bad luck has definitely
turned around what about poor Emily over there maybe I can get a little scoop of
that stuff at this guy oh yeah that’s what I’m talking about if
I didn’t know any better I’d say Emily was enjoying some soup on poop yes this
was a winning combo for sure just two girls and their gross disgusting face uh I’m so hungry any snacks lying around nothing oh man I bet there’s something in the fridge we have eggs I’m sure I can make
something with these come on hurry up and cook little does she know just as
armed and ready to attack and pause Oh what you making there Lily some eggs I
see too bad no one’s around to give them a
stir huh unless of course I hit the play button oh no my precious eggs yeah those eggs are gonna overcook
aren’t they no my lunch all right fine looks like you’re gonna be hungry for a
while longer Lily this is just the worst date ever
here take my candy bar oh yeah now we’re talking finally it’s Friday night hmm
YUM we’ll have two slices of mushroom pizza please here’s your pizza man this looks
incredible wait a sec this pizza could use a little kick uh-oh the pause button Lily no BAM you
know what would really spice up this meal yep a whole lot of hot sauce are
you just gonna let Jessa ruin her people like that
well that was annoying if by Annoying you mean funny then yeah I guess I’ll
leave it I can barely watch oh it’s not that bad
whoa God call the fire department I don’t think there’s enough coke in the
entire restaurant to cool your mouth down Jessa its morning time so you know
what that means breakfast Oh make a big bowl I’m
starving gosh I hope I still have some milk in the fridge this looks okay
right I’ll give it a whiff just in case paws are right there Oh No well no use
crying over spilled milk right but no one’s ever spilled this much of it
before look at that mess no matter how hard she tries Jessa just can’t get out
of paws mode all right play oh man was that really necessary Lily early
mornings are hard but stopping by your favorite breakfast spot makes them a lot
easier it sure is a nice day today
look Vicky’s here too looks like she spotted Kevin it’s never too early for a
little lava surprise oh hey ready for a little heat this morning no I just want
to enjoy my coffee oh man where can I go aha what do I do with the stuff we need
door handles right huh good morning Vicky ready for the most
important meal of the day I hope I remembered to buy milk thank goodness one more thing can eat cereal without a
spoon right Oh Kevin you scared me to death
hold on to your hats it’s a lot of time oh man it’s too early for this well
that’s one way to protect yourself you want to see that again in slow-mo what a
mess it’s better than being burned alive by
molten lava though right after a long day at work there is no better feeling
than coming back home Vicky no don’t do it no seriously I’m not in the mood for
this Kevin give it to me that’s it we’re getting rid of this stupid thing for
good now that that’s done I’m gonna make
dinner well it was fun while it lasted I guess uh-oh something tells me this
story is far from over

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  2. Best foodies of the world. How much food they are eating in one video, then, what about health , indigestion problems will occur no!

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