Grocery Shopping with Pro Bodybuilders | Regan Grimes’s Grocery Trip

Grocery Shopping with Pro Bodybuilders | Regan Grimes’s Grocery Trip

so a big staple would be would be this
for sure cheese
this is Monterey Jack I have about 1 pound with each meal so could you imagine hey muscle and strength this is Regan
Grimes here IFBB Pro and primeval labs athlete I’m here today and I’m going to
show you what I eat on my offseason so I’m gonna take you in the grocery store
here we’re in Venice California at smart and final I’m gonna show you what
I’m eating come along so today I’m gonna pick up one of this organic beef this is
ninety three percent lean so seven percent fat it’s good yeah so main
protein sources is beef so ground beef organic chicken breast turkey and salmon
all four I really like to use we’re missing my coffee so this is I
like this Starbucks iced coffee so I take this
pre-workout with mega pre white so the primeval labs mega pre white is just pump
so I really prefer to take the pump product and then I’ll take about like a
glass of this just for a little bit of caffeine but not too much yes also like you know sometimes I like
egg whites for breakfast I don’t always do them but it’s it’s a good clean
protein source that you can get in and it’s very easy digestible and it’s not
heavy on the stomach so yeah so here’s some Greek yogurt I like
it’s like 15 grams of protein per per little carton it’s easy to see you
know it’s kind of a nice treat like after the meal
I’ll always how usually have one maybe have like two of these a day
you know just after a meal just get a little bit of extra I like fruit flavors
so a big staple would be would be this for sure cheese this is Monterey Jack I have
about 1 pound with each meal so could you imagine yeah so basically for for
seasonings what I like is Himalayan sea salt it’s good for minerals I actually
put it on every meal so I know a lot of people will say you know too much salt
is bad I put lots of salt on my meals and it actually it flushes but you got
to make sure you drink a lot of water if you’re gonna have a lot of a high sodium
so you got to make sure you’re doing both
oh I love this is one of my favorites peach tea
peach tea diet Snapple there’s five calories per 12 ounces so it’s really
good I love it have you ever had squirt before it’s
like grapefruit pop but they have diet version this is 140 calories per thing
you can’t be having no yes they have it found it yeah
diet squirt no it’s really good man it’s really good
yeah I love it yeah so like I’ve done a prep where I completely cut diet pop and
I’ve done a prep where I’ve used diet pop or drank diet pop lots and you know
I’m not crazy I’m not gonna drink like six a day but like if I have two it’s no
big deal it’s not doing anything you know it’s fine if something that simple can
like get you through you know to the next meal take advantage of it you know
it’s not gonna kill you just going to see if these chex are they flavored or are they
not these are just if there’s no flavor to these so I’m gonna grab honey nut
cheerios let me just stock back up cereal could be my last meal of the day it could be
the first meal of the day I don’t have a specific like carb that I use for each
meal I just know like how much carbs I need out of each meal so when I’m like
okay I feel like cereal I’ll have the cereal as the carb and I’ll have beef as
the as the protein or I’ll have chicken and I’ll have pasta and I’ll have you know I
just always switch it up make sure I’m enjoying my meals and yeah if you don’t
enjoy them you’re not gonna get them in so make sure you know you’re making the
food taste good as well spend a little more time in the kitchen and it’s gonna
pay off later so a great tip for that I could give you
is picking up these mios or the Dasani drops I have some at home in Canada
they’re called tang and it’s really really good I’m gonna take a shot in the
dark in one of these I haven’t tried them before but I really like pink
lemonade so with this basically I’ll keep this
beside my sink at home with a glass fill up the water put two squirts of this in
smash it down I’ll do that like eight times a day anytime I think about it and
I’m getting my water in so make sure you stay hydrated well big staple in my
offseason is has been pasta it’s an easy way to get in like my hundred and
twenty hundred and forty grams of carbs you get my tomato sauce tomato and basil
it’s my favorite one use that and I have I like different
types of pasta I did penne for a while and now I’m gonna get
the thin spaghetti it also cooks faster so it’s called spaghetti teeny I believe
sometimes I’ve it’s been called something different but that’s the
really small one yeah I think it’s this one it’s I think Stan was here before
me thin spaghetti so there’s thin spaghetti oh this is it
angel hair angel hair so yeah like I said there’s different names like I it’s
four for $5 so I’ll get four of these all right so here here we have the berry
blast this is a fruit juice could easily afterwards eating a meal you know you
might struggle to get the meal in or whatever like 100 3 cups of rice and 8
ounces of Turkey and then once you’ve eaten that it’s very easy you know to
have a banana or have an apple a Honey Crisp apple is my favorite right now and
then on top of that to get even more food in you can have some juice so here
you’re gonna get an additional 30 carbs if you’re if you’re feeling hungry you
can even use 16 ounces which is still not that much you can easily drink your
your carbs to get to that 200 carb mark so last but not least we’re gonna pick
up some fruit I’m gonna get a couple bananas and I’m gonna get a couple of my
favorite apples which is the Honey Crisp apples so these ones I love these ones
they’re like they’re kind of sweet but they’re they’re they’re crispy like
Honey Crisp it’s not a good one gotta feel to make sure there’s no soft spots
nothing worse than a bad apple we’re gonna get some blackberries blackberries you put in some oats or you
can put in your cream of rice it’s really good as well yeah these ones
looking not too bad I’m gonna grab like four of them go for some grapes
here I love grapes alrighty guys so that’s Regan Grimes checking out this is
my shopping list and the things that I eat in my offseason to grow I hope you
guys enjoyed seeing the foods that I eat hopefully you got a few tips from that
and you guys can put it in your own regimen so guys thanks for watching see
you soon

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  2. idk why but this video makes me happy??? i just wanna give this guy a hug! he seems very passionate about what he does

  3. Cool dude, but mostly processed food. Cheerios are high in glyphosate. Diet drinks make you put on more fat than the regular version because your body doesn't recognize the artificial sweeteners so humans digest traditional sugar sweeteners better. Artificial sweeteners like spenda and aspartame are also super carcinogenic.

  4. I didn’t realize he was joking about eating a pound of cheese with every meal and i got super jacked after doing that for a month

  5. Good thing you found some spaghetti that matched your arms in size. Should have stuck with the cheese mate.

  6. Steroids do miracles as I noticed the fella is eating everything and his shape is getting better and better he don't eat clean he is ruining his diet off and he always gain muscle with less fat steroids are so fucking helpful

  7. lifts the cashier
    yeah I normally eat about one of these a day. Lot's of protein in it. Easy on the stomach.

  8. I think this guy eats the worst out of every person I’ve seen on these shows. Naked juice is literally just bottled sugar

  9. If you want to see more just search to see the rest of his diet tips or to see more photos of his results just search Thanks for watching

  10. It seems like he purchases a lot of processed sugars all of the juices and soda are just loaded with sugar regardless if they’re a diet or not I thought it would be healthy to buy more vegetables and complex carbohydrates…✌️ oh well everybody has their own preference he is a nice guy😊

  11. When I see American super markets I realise how we get screwed for price Vs size in England, everything is bigger

  12. Why all the shopping onnoff season , why not in competition mode , thats when they get strict to get their body where they want it to be

  13. Dude, Regan is a Canadian. Theres shit in USA that's not available here. Especially on opposite ends of the continent

  14. i came to the comment section hoping to find some juvenile 'squirt' related comments…i was disappointed and impressed at the same time, you're a classy bunch of commenters here at M&S.

  15. All these fitness hardos with super restrictive diets meanwhile this guys a fucking house and is gunning diet squirt and peach tea

  16. If I was bodybuilder/nutritionist, I would probably recommend some kind of green smoothie for morning. You can pack pretty much full day's recommendations of greens, vitamins and minerals in shake you drink in morning.
    Something like frozen bananas (peel, cut and freeze), citrus(orange or blood orange is pretty good), apple, fresh spinach or kale, fresh ginger and maybe some chia seeds or something for some protein and fats. Top it up with unsweetened nut milk for some extra calories or just water. Chlorella powder would also be great addition as it boosts digestion and is just overall super nutritionally dense.

    I work out quite a bit and this just helps me feel confident I get my daily nutrition without any extra work or thinking. It's also good way to remove that morning dehydration.

  17. Why are they calling it "Organic Beef"? There is nothing else existing or does anyone knows about "Synthetic Beef"??!

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  19. Really digging this series of videos. Shows that these are real people and that you can still eat some fun foods without ruining your diet

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