GUMMY FOOD vs REAL FOOD!! – Gross Edition

dah dah
AWESOME~gummy food vs. real food
you asked for it
and we give it to you now
gummy food vs. real food
part 2
it is a volume 3 this one guys
Gummy Food VS Real food
Thank you to Vat19. You hooked it up You gave us a box of gummies
I’m going to link them down below check them out because they have all kinds of crazy stuff
You guys ready?
We got a whole box of gummies and we are going to step it up today
Gummy food Vs Real food
Some of this food you probably won’t want to eat
You guys Ready?
We are going to start nice and easy with you guys.
You Know the Deal
Ahh! ok choose wisely
3 2 1
I have a gummy egg, gummy, gummy, gummy
Alright here we go
I got a real egg
actually did that I tried to make it
look exactly the same as the gummy
we’re is lemon is that woman yes the
yolk is lemon and now I’m going to try
it yeah the egg white does it taste like
egg white how did he like that hang and
not just like egg boys mom was kidding
oh I don’t know what the white part is
right any moon the yolk stays like lemon
where the taste like like hmm hmm take a
bite outta yoga you wanna give it up
give it up like what if it’s like what
any salary scale of one to ten how my
eggs 710 that was a 10 right there
look at how cute that’s going to be the
one that I want you can buy or something
from there okay I got no don’t say it
don’t say oh I kind of ruined the
surprise but it’s still surprise because
one of it is real and one of it is gummy
so go ahead okay wait wait Rock Paper
Scissors shoot
Oh – OH choose wisely monkey faces what
what what are you making we did bacon in
the pizza one I’m not real bacon well
this is like microwave bacon so it’s
kind of bacon and gummy bacon which is
fake really fake bacon
Wow chew here does it taste like bacon
guys what does it smell like smells like
meat mm-hmm looks really good though it
isn’t a gummy pill smells like bacon
doesn’t taste like they get a lot it
tastes like a gummy bear that bacon
doesn’t taste like anything actually
tried it I like about bacon the way I do
what you do how you do Oh bacon all
right next
rock paper kids are cute oh that was
wonderful time
alright cheeky monkey take your pick
oh this is so textured I should’ve put
butter on that one
this is my waffle here’s a real waffle I
forgot to put butter and syrup on it can
I have some Sara so here it is guys
waffle with butter
this is gummy it has like little bubbles
in it okay it doesn’t sound like a
waffle to be felt like butter
no I’m Sara please good sir look it
already what drive if you ever see me
waffles you will see syrup with it
because I love syrup and sir how is that
waffle with syrup
mmm delightful that’s so weird that’s
that’s so here it it tastes it tastes
like a bowl is given a hole a bowl like
a lemony board and really sour
I don’t know they’re kind of lemony
mm-hmm you know in case I statistics a
waffle with syrup I don’t think yeah
whoa I must prepare the next step of the
gummy food versus real food this one’s
going to take a little prep time it
really I’m scared I don’t know after
watching guava juice into what I what
had in mind I don’t wanna kiss you oh
yeah you haven’t been asked you I’m
pretty sure you’ve gone to a restaurant
and you need an excuse right I’m asked
what this is this is something that I
actually bought I went to the
supermarket and I bought this this is
the decision of your video so far to see
who gets the gummy food and who gets
behind all right Rock Paper Scissors
shoot okay ah why are you not in the
shot I have to stay by the camera why
I don’t wanna I’ve eaten a lot of thing
you want my goodies your choice you want
to go no you don’t have to eat it that
is definitely something you – oh it
reeks oh thank you oh okay guys this is
not a human heart this is a pork heart
there it is a pork heart and that is a
gummy heart so here’s the gummy hearts
and here’s the food hurt so let’s test
out this not heart what is it little
mouse right there okay so I got them at
the grocery store who sells this the
grocery store people sell it they put
that in there stews you can actually
go to a restaurant and order like a pork
hearts – or pork heart right I’m going
to give it to your grandfather and
you’re gonna make a nice stew out of it
if I go to a restaurant then I would
try the craziest things but not a
heart come on
have you tried frog legs yeah what was the
other crazy things you tried
Gator Tail and pigeon. You have tried Gator Tail you’ve pigeon? Yeah of course. What?
I have eaten pigeon on a rode trip, do you not
remember? when did you eat pigeon on the
road trip? In Baltimore. You had pigeon
yeah nobody’s producer no are you and
then you use a beast to like clean your
teeth oh come on no you did not right so
what do you guys think
pork heart gummy heart which one tastes
better okay like the bacon and the bacon
tastes like to go there so they all are
spamming it alright very easy to okay
I’ll bring you something now that is
crazy and it’s also something that I
found but
found it at the butcher are you ready
the butcher’s the nice people but who
knows what they chopped up in that
little back room right there
there was a freaking heart right there
I’m gonna put that in your bed hips
moving you’re going to feel something
squishy in your pillow okay just watch
me version you know oh I know it is oh
it isn’t going to be very annoying
you don’t really I don’t want to know no
no no what kind of be next next next
next on the Black’s play play play is it
gonna be gross or delicious gesture oh
okay so before you open this this is
something that I you see when I was a
kid I used to eat them in sandwiches you
can make a nice stew with it I’m going
to give this to a whale Oh your
grandfather and he’s gonna make it nice
too because he’s been asking for it so
students this wasn’t said anything and
he taking it
rock paper scissors rock paper scissor
shoot it’s gonna shoot oh wait this wait
so this is what the ton won’t know I did
we want to open this I don’t and how
does it work do you think whoa it’s that
time that is the gummy tongue so that
means it’s time for you to reveal what’s
under hey oh my god
oh hell it smells
that is a cow tongue you had a hamburger
today what is this what is this whatever
I don’t know what’s in there I don’t
know all the time no it is very very
rough cool
now the smell is sold you have
hamburgers and some people have Calton
some people have stews do you think you
would ever want to have a couch on stoop
or a couch on sandwich hmm maybe a gummy
told media gummi fun no no neither one
neither one
I don’t care if it’s a gummy tongue and
the bread is gummy
I don’t want anything that has the name
tongue that’s gross it’s like having a
piece of steak and putting it down on
the plate and just that’s the tongue
it’s so weird it’s a count on me
delicious make a nice stew out of it we
got this for dessert please you guys
ready to take a bite yeah 3q mmm do we
do that the world’s largest gummy worm
thumbnail okay not even Omni all right
thanks for watching everybody let us
know in the comments who you think won
this challenge because I lost track let
us know if you want to see any more
challenges like this if you want to see
anything else just let us know and now
it’s time to make some pork heart and
kal tongues – thanks for watching
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