GUMMY vs CHOCOLATE Food Challenge!!!

today Karina and Ronald are doing the gummy vs. chocolate food challenge Hey guys it’s karina and it’s ronald and we are from sis vs bro and today we are doing gummy vs. chocolate food challenge So um first of all I get the gummy food and one person will get the Chocolate and They’re both really delicious so i’m excited this number one oh It looks so real, I know, but we know it’s chocolate cuz I look at mine. That’s like a little bit of salt poop Big poop Let’s all turned out to be sugar all right, let’s kind of switch, just means that one’s really good at three two one Hmm what chocolate stop wait for dinner Chocolate and sitting room change a is ing where it comes love Wait open in this banana inside it okay. I’m looking and get that one actually Sweet pitch straight to one I Don’t like it. No I don’t like it ah There’s gummy inside it and I don’t think gummies with chocolate go together Good now. No bananas are What on earth is this Chocolate wait look Bro on this chocolate over there I like it. I’m in it open it open it What Ready it’s rain, but Saturday does nothing Oh, yeah, how do you cool, but it looks delicious. I can’t believe it Try your drill. I’ll try my gummy 3 2 1 That gummy is disgusting I love mine alright well switch no I’m not switching All right, I’m gonna start one of these Yeah Okay, yeah, if you bite into it. It’s a challenger on it. Will you survive 3 2 1? Do you like your chocolate Myself too-sami chocolate Tommy Tommy Tommy chocolate dummy chocolate Tommy Tommy got me This number four okay got me yard chocolate, which one would you choose? This is the childhood we’re gonna find out seconds Come towards me look at this chocolate pizza it looks at I will choose the gum use my lunch is it chocolate All right the moment has finally come we will try the pizza and compare which one is better. I don’t know what to choose first Let’s try three two one Tastes like nothing ah Let me try something saying like that with the lemon It’s manual from a piece of my dad swirl a Normal chocolate and then this crunchy white chocolate. It’s amazing I’m gonna try my mini pizza Benny pizza on a pizza jozek. There is actually a crust Yeah, all right, which one should I try first egg they got me there give me that’s not always good one Good the going back for $8 surpass me This number 5 My chocolate Oreo, yeah I feel it how would I feel it took cool? It’s lighting up? It’s sliding everywhere all right, let’s try it 3 2 1 So good all right dummy three two one I love my dish mortgage. It’s like this leave This never say I’m guessing nasty got me. That’s the top all right? Cuz you got boogers in the boobies in a box like that Bullies in a box open the boobies got me snot Dummies not super yeah like no one’s Actually looks more Where’s it’s not that’s not unless yeah I’m just a Booker chocolate licorice remember boogers traffic bustling burgers hmm Sweet cameras no I don’t want three two one No, bro if you chew it for a while no I’m not doing that for a while Okay Gus you gotta run this number 700 Karina I think I found a belt on it says just For you just for me tonight no three two One Hmm well we try too hard Yeah, because I ate the white chocolate Oh delicious now. I’m gonna pressure push him His name is still there. What’s his name cause my Ominous switch around now you gotta try this Chocolates better, but this one is still really good. I like to come you better it tastes more healthy Then what do you guys name word which one would you ever have the trosset one or did anyone? in the comment section Six producer because This number a Specially it’s got me. I got a rack roof emoji on it, and we called sim Mooji okay I hope it’s not just flat I was having really lame Yeah, it is. No not to turn it around maybe through the sides on the other side Oh Laughs I’m black nothing all right, but I’m gonna try my life up and you get traffic three two one Chocolate milk chocolate Oh tastes pretty good : 32 oh Nothing yeah, a sec nothing I Like it mine takes. I know how you love it. I love the compliment This is okay, but I’m so excited for the next dish this number This number nine already it’s your turn to pick The cherries covered in chocolate and open Oh So one Hit, okay. I don’t know like the idea fruit I’m sad Tom, but but wait let me try this okay, tisn’t my mellow all right Let me try these and you throws three two one Mmm. I love the red tastes like strawberry. I love strawberry gummy mom does. I like it like it So much Alright, so that was the last this tells me in the comment section down below What’s doing better chocolates are guys I like chocolates better matter. I like those chocolates

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