HAND DIET | The Secret Is In Your Hands. No More OVEREATING !

HAND DIET | The Secret Is In Your Hands. No More OVEREATING !

Size matters when it comes to eating right and losing weight. Portion sizes have ballooned in the last few decades. You don’t need a bunch of fancy measuring cups or fancy tools to weigh and measure every morsel of food before it enters your tummy. All you need, are your two pretty little hands. Have you ever found yourself locked in a sugar trance? Monitor your sugar intake with this easy hack. The tip of your thumb is equivalent to one teaspoon. Use your thumb tip to measure the amount of oil, ghee or sugar you should consume. Peanut butter is the perfect addition to any
snack. But it’s also easy to loose your diet halo very quickly with this one. So here’s a trick to stick to the correct serving size. Use your hand to help you measure the right amount. Your thumb is equivalent to 1 tbsp. Use your thumb as a reference for measuring the amount of salad dressing, peanut butter , cheese or mayonnaise, you should consume. Stack pre measured baggies of nuts in your handbag, so that you can nibble on it when the 3 pm hunger pangs strikes. A cupped hand is equivalent to half a cup and is perfect for measuring nuts and raisins. Use this for measuring pasta, ice-creams, walnuts and almonds too. The humble dal rice is almost every Indian’s comfort food, but it’s easy to go overboard with this delicious meal. Use your fist to measure the amount of dal chawal you should eat . Also, use this as a reference for how much vegetables, beans, tea, coffee and yogurt you should consume. A bowl of potato chips is the staple food
of Homer Simpson, but it shouldn’t be yours. Next time the munchies strike, just hold your palms open.That’s the amount of chips you can eat guilt free. Use this as a reference for snacks like popcorn, nachos and french fries. Chicken is a favourite for most of us, but
eating too much of it can turn from healthy to sinful. Your palm can be used as a reference to measure protein dense foods like meat, fish ,chicken or tofu. To Eat Is A Necessity But To Eat Intelligently Is An Art. Until next time stay tuned and stay Glamrs.

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  2. a very useful video.i ll use this in my diet.can you upload a video on how go loose chest fat easily at home.

  3. I would love to try… but as of now I can't I'm nursing my baby… anyways very useful tips… thank you 😃

  4. Come on guys… Are you serious? 1 tbsp of Mayonnaise, full palms of chips, fries and nachos? Gilt free? What kind of diet is that I'm afraid to ask? Especially when you're saying 1 fist of veggies and full palms of nachos. That's ridicules!
    You should avoid this kind of food not only if you are on a diet, but if you want to be healthy and have a good skin.

  5. But liquid ingredients or dry ingredients take diff volumes as u showed that measure with thumb but how

  6. OMFG…!!!!I always struggle for such pathetic measurement. I am so thankful to u for this miraculous upload. THanksaTon💚💙💚

  7. I was surprised by the generosity of the chip measure, it's probably wiser to cut it out completely. I haven't had any fried food in 6 months and the longer it gets the less I miss it. So just some patience is needed 🙂

  8. I liked this video. It makes portion control ALOT more simplified. And regarding the potato chips, nachos, etc… I think that's a good idea. Not everyone can go cold turkey and never eat unhealthy foods again. For those that can, great for you! But that tip was shared for those of us still struggling and honest about their need to include some unhealthy foods into their diet. Eating a big handful with both hands is much better then polishing off a whole bag of potato chips lol

  9. Hello,your video was very useful for me.The portion that you have illustrated for dal and rice using the size of one's fist how much would that roughly be using a measuring cup.

  10. Okay for measuring dry food like chips and nuts etc…. how do I measure peanut butter without scooping it up with my thumb 🤪

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