Healthy Eating Tips : What Is a Healthy Diet?

Well, let’s continue. What is a healthy diet?
You know there’s a lot of different dietary
philosophies. The simplest dietary philosophy
I would say is to eat food just the way nature
provides them to you. In other words you go
to the produce department and you get your
fresh vegetables and fruits. You go to the
grain section, you get your dried beans and
whole grains. You go to the dairy department
get your low fat dairy products. And you have
your low fat or vegetable protein. So that’s
what I mean by eating foods just as nature
provides them. Anything that comes in a box
or a can, you’ve got to be a smart label reader.
As Jack LaLanne used to say, “If man makes
it, don’t eat it.” So that’s what natural
foods are all about. There are five food groups
represented in the government healthy diet
pyramid, five food group pyramid. Those being
grains, the grain group which would be cereals
and pasta, bread and whole grains and so on.
The vegetable group would be fresh vegetables.
You want to have leafy vegetables. You want
to have root vegetables, stalks, all parts
of the of the plants. You want green and as
many colors as we can incorporate into the
diet too. That’s another indication that you’re
getting a good variety in your diet. The fruit
group, fresh fruits. Try and go for the ones
that are in season. And also the dairy group
of course, your low fat dairy products primarily
for the calcium. So how many servings do we
need for each of these groups? We need six
to eleven servings from the grain group. Now
that sounds like a lot. It’s it’s really not.
A serving size would be one slice of bread
or a half a cup of cooked cereal or cooked
grain or one ounce dry. Those are the serving
sizes. So we need six to eleven a day from
the grain group. From the vegetable group,
we need three to five servings. A serving
would be a half a cup chopped or one cup leafy
raw. The fruit group, we need two to four
servings a day. And again a serving would
be one one medium fruit or a half a cup chopped.
The dairy group, we need two to three servings
of low fat milk, cheese or yogurt. And then
the protein group, two to three servings.
Protein group would be meat, fish, poultry,
eggs, beans, nuts, and seeds. So how many
servings do you need? The that depends of
course on your calorie requirement and whether
you need to lose weight or not. If weight
is an issue, then you want to stick to the
lower number of servings, the diet outline.
And if you do that, that’ll put you in about
two thousand calories a day. The upper number
of servings that would come out to about twenty
five hundred calories a day. So what I’d like
you to do is keep a diet diary. Just write
down at the end of the day what you had for
your meals and the quantities. And do that
for a few days. And I think you’ll find it’s
very revealing. You’ll find things that you
didn’t know you were doing. So that’s what
we mean by a healthy diet as based on the
USDA food group pyramid and the five food

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