[Healthy food / 다이어트 레시피] 밥 먹고 갈래요? 단호박빵 / 노오븐 레시피 / Sweet pumpkin bread / No oven

[Healthy food / 다이어트 레시피] 밥 먹고 갈래요? 단호박빵 / 노오븐 레시피 / Sweet pumpkin bread / No oven

This sweet pumpkin bread is from a Naver webtoon called “Do You Wanna Come Inside for A Bite?” One of the characters, Mie, was craving simple carb so Itae made this bread for her. But I got no one to make it for me so… 🙁 Scoop out seeds and pulp with a spoon. It’d be nice if we can use these seeds and pulp as well. Is it just me? Am I the only one who thinks this is such a waste? Cut the prepared sweet pumpkin into appropriate pieces. Microwave for 8 minutes(4 minutes at once). Steamed pumpkin, done! Use a microwavable lid to cover the bowl when you’re cooking sweet pumpkin with a microwave. Or use plastic wrap and poke little holes so that the pumpkin can come out completely cooked through. It is extremely hot right after you pull it out of a microwave. So do not peel the skin right after, as I’m doing in the video like an idiot, wait for it to cool and peel the skin. It was so hot 🙁 By the way, you know that the skin is super delicious, right? I removed the skin to get the bright yellow color for the video but you can leave it! Just don’t forget to rinse the skin thoroughly under water! Separate one egg. Add the yolk to the prepared pumpkin. Mash them together. Add honey to your taste. You don’t have to follow the recipe. The amount of honey is totally up to you 🙂 You didn’t forget the separated egg whites, right? Make meringue using a hand mixer. There must be my man out there who’d beat egg whites for me… Somewhere… Combine the sweet pumpkin mixture to the meringue. In webtoon, he used milk to adjust the thickness but I didn’t add any because I thought meringue would be enough. Fortunately, I was right 🙂 (You can adjust thickness to your liking!) Add almond slices! Deliciousness added 50 points, texture added 100 points. I bet I’m gonna gobble this as soon as it’s done. Use any glass container lying around in you house and transfer the mixture into the container. The webtoon says I shouldn’t put too much cause it rises but it didn’t puff up that much. Maybe because the mixture wasn’t enough… Top it off with some almond slices and some steamed sweet pumpkin slices to make it similar to the ones in the webtoon as much as possible! Microwave for 5 minutes but check with a toothpick if it’s cooked as it’s microwaved. And… Tada! You get these gorgeous looking bread! The mixture sort of shrinks as it’s microwaved, so go around the rim with a knife gently, flip it over and it’ll come out very easily! You can make it into smaller portions for one person and just dig right into it without taking out of the container. You can use sweet potato or potato instead of sweet pumpkin! Modify the recipe to your taste and give it a try!

39 thoughts on “[Healthy food / 다이어트 레시피] 밥 먹고 갈래요? 단호박빵 / 노오븐 레시피 / Sweet pumpkin bread / No oven

  1. 저 따라만들어 봤어요!! 머랭죽을까봐 살살 섞어 저었고 전자렌지 돌렸는데 생각보다 많이 부풀더라구요!! 절반정도 넣었는데 70프로정도 차올랐어요!

  2. 내일 마트갈때 단호박 사와야겠어요ㅋㅋ 애들이랑 같이 먹어도 너무 좋을거 같아요!영상 감사합니다♡

  3. 이트샤님! 호박씨랑 마찬가지로 단호박씨도 껍데기 벗겨서 볶아먹으면 좋아요ㅎㅎ 단백질이 많이 들어있어서 비건한테도 좋아요! 어릴때 엄마가 시켜서 호박씨 골라내던 기억이 있네요ㅎㅎ

  4. 방금 만들어봤어요! 생긴건 그럴싸했는데 뭔가 너무 질어서 실패원인이 뭘까했는데 아무래도 단호박을 찔 때 그릇을 덮고 쪄서 수분이 너무 많았나봐요ㅠㅠ 고구마로 재도전 해봐야겠어요!! 영상 잘보고가요😘

  5. 드셔보신분 식감이 어떤가요? 파운드케이크 느낌날거같은데 샌드위치만들수 있을까요?

  6. 저 이거보규 만들어먹었는데 넘 맛있고 모양도 그럴까해서 엄빠랑 맛있게 나눠먹었어영!!! 감삼니다 🙂

  7. 저희 엄마가 몸이 안좋아서 뭐 해드릴려고 했거든요 밀가루가 안들어간 빵은 흔하지 않아서…
    좋은영상 감사합니당~♥

  8. 오늘 만들어서 먹어봤는데 최고에요… 빵 진짜 먹고싶었는데 완전 맛있게 먹었습니당 감사해요❤️ 이렇게 쉬운 디저트 레시피 더더 알려주세요👍🏻😊

  9. 오 그 웹툰 져도 봐요 히히 ㅠㅠ이분을 왜 이제 알았을까 영상 자막두 깔끔하구 디게 영상이 보기 죠은데 왜 안뜨세요 힝..ㅠㅠ 구독 좋아요 바로 하구가요💗💗🌚

  10. 옹 맛있겠다… 안그래도 빵이 먹고 싶엇눈데,, 다이어트 즁이여서…ㅎ하ㅏ핳 영상 잘봤어요 :)) 이거 칼로리 대략 얼마나 나올까요??

  11. 시나몬 가루를 넣어도 맛있어요!! 저는 촉촉한게 좋아서 우유도 넣었구요 베이킹 파우더도 넣어봤는데 그닥 부풀어오른다는 느낌은 별로 없었던 것 같아요ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  12. 오~ 같은 레시피중에 제일 먹음직스럽고 영상도 깔끔하네요!! 글고 같은 웹툰을본다는것도..좋고..흠흠ㅋㅋ

  13. 영상 참고하면서 단호박빵 만들었는데 대성공이에요! 진짜 맛있네요ㅠㅠㅠ 단호박 애정하는데 이거 진짜 짱맛💕감사합니다 ㅎㅎ

  14. 맛보다는 식감? 같은 걸 기대하고 먹어야 할 거 같아요 맛 기대하고 만들면 많이 실망할 거 같아요 이번엔 그냥 해봤는데 다음에는 견과류도 넣어봐야 겠어요 그리고 꿀이랑 바닐라 익스트랙 넣는 것도 추천해요 ㅎㅎ 영상 잘 봤어요

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