[healthy food/다이어트 레시피] 버섯 리조또 / 냉장고를 부탁해샘킴 머라노 / mushroom risotto / how to make risotto

I made mushroom risotto for dinner that was featured on ‘Jamie At Home’ mushroom episode! Jamie and Sam Kim both used mushroom brewed water when making the risotto my mom already ground the shiitake mushrooms at home… Dried shiitake and oyster mushrooms are great natural condiments I’ll be brewing them in hot water! vegetables that are going to be used as broth can be chopped into big chunks you can use any leftover vegetables when brewing the broth I ate mostly everything so I’ll be using only onions and carrots haha grease the pan with olive oil stir fry the vegetables that are going to be used making broth you could just use pre-made broth or plain water you can use different vegetables like onions or celery i didn’t have any strength because I was preparing this after I came home from work now leave the broth to cook mince the onions for the risotto think of preparing for fried rice. chop most vegetables up into rice sized pieces~ cut the oyster mushrooms using your hands you can taste the texture of the oyster mushroom better when in bigger pieces cut the bottom of enokitake mushrooms it’s better for the enokitake mushrooms to be in shorter pieces so cut them up take some of the mushrooms and slightly grill with olive oil you can cook it on a pan with butter like Sam Kim did or fry it on a plain pan and season it later like Jamie did you can do whatever you want! now for the risotto! cook crushed garlic on a pan greased with olive oil add some onions and cook until they become translucent add the mushrooms you can add some white wine during this process! when the mushrooms become wilted add in the rice! I used cooked brown rice! cooked chickpeas are optional! cook the rice while adding in the mushroom water and vegetable broth you can cut time by soaking the rice in water or cooking it beforehand added a little bit of Parmesan cheese and a lot of pepper for extra flavor usually Parmesan cheese and butter is added in the last step of cooking risotto for a thicker texture but I thought it was too risky,, haha place the risotto on a plate~ take the mushrooms out of the oven! place them nicely on the risotto and finish it off with some olive oil!

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