[Healthy food / 다이어트 레시피] 오트밀 스콘 / No밀가루 No버터 No설탕 스콘 / Oatmeal scone

Today, I’m gonna make healthy and nutty scone! The base ingredients today are oatmeal and chickpeas. I boiled the chickpeas first and fried them in a dry pan to remove any moisture. In this powerful blender, the oatmeal and… dried chickpeas and blend them together until super fine 🙂 You can use 200g of oatmeal instead of using chickpeas! Crack an egg to a bowl, Add milk of your choice such as regular milk, soy milk or almond milk, and some honey! As much as you can handle. LOL I used 30g of honey and it’s not as sweet as regular scone so add more if you want sweet scones. Add a little bit of oil. Beat the egg well so the mixture does not separate. Add in the oatmeal+chickpeas mixture into the bowl. Little bit of baking powder and some chickpeas to add texture. Combine all and the batter is done! This recipe is as basic as it can get so you can modify the recipe to your taste by adding dried nuts, dried fruits, flavoring or any kind of powder you want! You’re gonna end up with this slightly dry-looking dough and you’re ready to bake! You need to beat the hell out of this dough… Just kidding. Shape the dough as you like. In order to make that typical triangle shaped scones, I shaped the dough into a thick round disc and cut it into 6 pieces with a knife. Place the scones evenly spaced on the prepared pan. They looked kinda boring so I put some chia seeds on top. I added too much and they fell on the pan… well… You can brush the tops with the egg wash but I just skipped that part because I’m too lazy to do that. Bake in the 200 degree oven for 20 to 25 minutes. And the scones are done! Not sure if it’s because of the fried chickpeas or oatmeal but these are so nutty! It has a real scone-like texture, crumbly and dry, so you’ll need some kind of beverage. You can taste the true flavors of the ingredients instead of the overpowering nuttiness of butter.

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