Healthy Grocery Haul! – My Canadian Grocery Haul Plus Food Tips and Tricks

Healthy Grocery Haul! – My Canadian Grocery Haul Plus Food Tips and Tricks

this week I thought I would do something
a little bit different I thought it
would be fun to show you what I got at
the grocery store so this week we’re
doing a grocery haul
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community now let’s get started okay so
here’s what I got today from the grocery
store it’s super awesome because it
would have taken me all day because I
eat gluten free I have to go to a few
different stores and my little one also
eats gluten free as well so we have to
go to a few so what I did was at
superstore I don’t know what they call
it in the States there’s something that
they call but at superstore you can go
and pick up almost like every grocery
store now I guess you can pick up your
own groceries you just order it online
so I ordered my bulk online and then
went and picked it up they did miss my
eggs for some reason but I’ll just run
through and show you what I got
so make sure my hand doesn’t cover just
you know some razors I need some
although my husband is stealing so he
wanted these ones hilarious just a
pineapple we’re gonna do that on the
grill this weekend and bananas we got
strawberries these strawberries are
really really good I don’t know what you
guys pay for them in the States or other
countries but this big thing was about
five bucks we have our guacamole I do
lots with the guacamole whether woods
just with crackers or I put it in a wrap
or I will have it well all kinds of
things really you could even stick it in
your smoothies to make it creamier
there’s our foodies bagels now this is
something that my son is like in love
with with peanut butter or whatever it’s
nice once in all I don’t eat a whole lot
of bread but if I do it’s this brand
because it actually kind of well it
tastes like normal bread I don’t know if
some of you tried some gluten-free it’s
these are one of my favorites I think I
mentioned it in a video before the corn
crackers and these we just got at the
dollar store it’s I got a macadamia nuts
and also walnuts I put that in my
cottage cheese as a snack or I will just
snack on them sometimes one thing you
got to be careful of when you do eat
when you do eat nuts is not to overdo it
because people are like well it’s
healthy and then they eat too much and
then they end up gaining weight and
that’s not good just popcorn ly air pop
our popcorn this is actually the best
brand it’s a no-name brand but it
actually pops the popcorns rather than
leaving the kernels aisle at the bottom
it drives me crazy and then there’s the
same brand again we use pizza crusts my
my son loves it I just put little pizza
sauce which you can see the pizza sauce
right over here and then we just smack
it on with some cheese and he loves it
he doesn’t like a whole lot else he’s
super super picky and then back here
banana bread this is gluten free he
really likes this as muffins but I am
going to be making some banana bread
tonight gluten free banana bread there’s
a really great chocolate orange recipe
there’s Jada checking out what I have on
my recipe get down get down good job
Jada get down she wants to see my
groceries apparently and then oats my
hubby just eats the quick oats he
actually blends them in his smoothies
but I will make protein pancakes out of
them and then occasionally I have
oatmeal not a whole lot I eaten too much
it back in my fitness competition base
and just gluten free fettuccine and
gluten-free penne
what else we do this my husband wants it
I can’t eat it because it’s not gluten
for either
potato potato crackers sweet potato
crackers Oh oh my goodness
I need to be taller and then over there
just bubble bath for my little one and
then I got let’s get dark there and then
I got some and then I got some what’s
the word conditioner and then peanut
butter for my little one and then mild
salsa and this is what I get for
spaghetti sauce and then just something
to keep it different we got some pesto
sauce some sometimes nice just do
something different and then these
pickles we just got at the dollar store
they’re really good and they’re from BC
British Columbia so they’re really good
and this is just canned pumpkin now with
canned pumpkin I don’t know if you’ve
ever tried it but you got to try it in
in pasta as a sauce it’s really really
good it makes it creamy and kids don’t
know it’s vegetables so it’s awesome and
then some brown rice cakes I got
actually at the dollar store and the
ingredients are really good there wasn’t
anything disgusting in it it’s just
let’s see if I can focus
where is it yeah it doesn’t want to
focus on me
so just brown whole-grain rice and Chia
quinoa sea salt and black Imperial rice
whatever that is interesting I’m gonna
try it and these you guys are super
really good sorry about that
lighting there peanut butter and jam
protein packed snacks and they’re really
great I’ll only pop like one maximum two
if I need something in the afternoon
they fill you up they’re really good
they just have peanuts and cranberries
in it it’s like you know basically
eating like a little peanut butter and
jam bite really like it
I’ve got some egg whites for me because
when I eat eggs I like to top up with
egg whites so there’s not too much fat
in my scrambled eggs or or you know any
other granik’s at all have and then taco
shells my hubby likes the hard ones I
get the soft corn tortillas and then we
like to have chips and salsa sometimes
so we got some salsa chip there’s some
chips and then I really need to be
taller don’t I okay and then we have my
lactose free cottage cheese really
enjoying I just made one well I did a
video with that in it with my snacks but
I just made a video or I just made a
cottage cheese recipe that was like a
Greek so it had olives idiot along with
tomatoes and oregano and stuff it was so
good and then the this Greek plain
yogurt you’ve got to make sure to get
plain because what we do is we swap out
that for
what’s the word had we swap it out for
sour cream so instead of eating sour
cream we eat Greek yogurt and it’s
really good you can’t even really tell
and so I highly recommend that just do
that swap and you won’t even notice and
then my son just has some yogurts
drinkable yogurt he’s super picky he
won’t have anything else and we need him
to eat and grow so we do what we can
whatever whenever we can
and then just cheese for him now for
some reason we got a heck of a lot of
meat this week and we usually don’t buy
this much this much meat we got chicken
thighs and Angus stewing beef we’re
gonna try that as kabobs I don’t know
and then we got some sweet basil and
Italian sausages and then in the back
there’s ground beef we lean ground beef
and then let me see if I can move here
oh this is my weakness and my son’s
weakness they are backwards but I can’t
reach their chicken strips they’re
actually gluten-free and they’re yummy
even though they’re not super duper
great but you know moderation and I’m
gonna try this aloe drink I typically
always get coconut water if you are ever
feeling kind of crappy highly recommend
go get coconut water it acts like an
electrolyte drink and it’s really good
you’ll start to feel better so I
typically buy that and then when I’m
feeling rundown or not so good I will
drink it okay let’s see what else here
over here healthy get some light all
right now those of you who know me that
you know that I really love sparkling
water this is a different brand this is
from superstore usually I buy Perrier
but they had mandarin orange and they
had a watermelon now the trick is for if
you want to get sparkling water don’t
get ones that are that have sugar in it
because some of them are tricky they
sneak they’re sneaky they’ll actually
have sugar but this literally has
carbonated water and natural flavor so
that’s what you want to look out for
this is really really good if you have a
little bit before you have your meal and
it’ll fill you up and also if you are
having issues going to the bathroom for
constipation this will really help and
just as a drink so you’re you know – an
alternative to a pop or soda as you say
in the States and then my son’s full fat
milk were trying to fatten him up he’s
super short he’s not even on the the the
chart so we’re trying to get him full
filled up and hopefully he’ll grow he
has some sleep problems too so we’re
battling with that and but we do want to
get him to gain some weight cuz he’s
just little and then his fruit juice we
do that I dilute it with water and then
we have to spring mixes I didn’t think I
had bought two spring mixes I wanted
arugula and I wanted field greens but we
have two so that’s what we’re gonna do
we’re gonna work with and then a roasted
chicken and that’s great usually we do
that on the same day we go grocery
shopping it’s quick then we just ripped
some off whether we just have it as you
know eat it right stacking at the
counter or we’ll chuck it into a wrap or
you know that kind of thing so super
simple just and my son loves it this is
the weird thing – for him he’ll eat the
chicken leg but he won’t eat it like if
it’s the next day it has to be fresh I
don’t know I swear he was royalty before
so picky I don’t know what you guys have
picky kids let me know and then I got
some bok choy they gave me – pretty sure
I only ordered one so that’s okay we’re
gonna get our veggies in and then some
peppers and we’re gonna do that we’re
gonna make some kabobs so that’s what
we’re doing with some of the meat it’s
just a lot of meat we don’t normally buy
that much but that and then my alfalfa
because that’s my favorite ever and we
got corn this corn seriously was like
five bucks and I ordered ones were like
67 cents or 47 cents each or something
they didn’t have any but whatever it’s
corn we don’t eat a lot corn but
summertime we do
I don’t usually buy it all year and you
guys I know I order organic celery
because that is the cleaner celery like
it’s you shouldn’t get normal celery but
they substitute it with this only
because of all the chemicals and and
sprays and that kind of thing but can
you believe this celery it’s not that
big right it costs me like 650 ever
since the craze of guy called well
medical medium his books yeah people
have been celery juicing and then now
it’s like $7 I used to buy this last
year maybe three bucks
so that’s brutal and green onion and
then my cucumbers all have that just as
a snack all just munch on them or make
water with it I can give you some
recipes and then a purple onion and some
tomatoes and some lemons this is really
really good in the morning you just pop
it in some water I’ll give you some
other recipe recipes too if you like for
some detox water recipes and then I have
my cilantro which I love I will be
planting I shouldn’t even know if you
call it planting but an arrow garden I
have I used last year and it’s awesome I
put cilantro basil dill this year I
could probably do lettuce and cherry
tomatoes so it’s great and you do it
indoors it’s wonderful and then finally
I have ginger and that’s really really
good for digestion I do have some
digestion issues that I am battling but
ginger is really good apparently they
thought I was super had a lot of
digestion issues cuz I just wanted a
little bit I didn’t need all that and
that is it
and so this week we are going to be
doing a lot of well outdoor barbecuing
oh did I just do my black bean hummus
yeah my black bean hummus we just tried
this hubby super loves it it’s okay it’s
a little spicy but
not really that spicy but me we have
that with crackers or veggies and the
black beans pretty good it’s different
so yeah that’s what we’re gonna be doing
we’re gonna do a lot of outdoor grilling
and we’re gonna be doing you know when I
and we’re gonna be doing you know the
pineapple on the grill which is really
good I have a recipe on that you guys
gotta check out its forgot this was set
aside because it was frozen
almost forgot these are my Canadian wild
blueberries which is so so good you can
put these in at like at nighttime if
you’re just sitting watching TV and
you’re craving something then what I do
is I will just get frozen berries and
put it in a little bowl or I’ll dust
some cocoa powder on top and that is a
lifesaver because it gives you kind of
that sweetness and they’re frozen and
then you can always put the chocolate
the chocolate cocoa on top and one more
because I think I did forget this and
these are my sweet potatoes these are
really great in the oven but you can put
cinnamon on it which works really well
with it and you can even brush maple
syrup but the pure maple syrup and I do
that with my pineapple you don’t dose
them just just brush and they taste
excellent and that’s it that’s my
groceries now in total this was about
three hundred three hundred bucks maybe
just over three hundred bucks I’d have
to check but it’ll last us about two
weeks we have to feed obviously I have
two kids one 16 years old so he’s a
hungry hungry there and then my little
one and my hubby amoeba we also do
shakes I don’t have that here because
that’s coming on Friday and that’s it
I hope you really like this grocery haul
video I absolutely had so much fun doing
it I didn’t think I would love doing it
as much as I did but it’s fun to show
you what I got at the grocery store and
when I think about it I actually like
watching grocery haul videos as well so
I don’t know what it is comment below
let me know if you really want me to do
another video like this and like I said
I had such a great time doing it
thank you so much for watching until
next time

3 thoughts on “Healthy Grocery Haul! – My Canadian Grocery Haul Plus Food Tips and Tricks

  1. So much fun! I loved doing a grocery haul…plus it's so awesome to order them online and just drive up and pick it up lol. Did you enjoy the video? What else would you like to see? Comment below?

  2. Bodies After Babies We buy Classico Spaghetti sauce all the time!! We like this spicy basil or the fire roasted flavor. Can you do a portion control video of how much you eat in a day and how much we should eat in a day!? for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner and snack in between!? Do you ever buy just foods for yourself that help you to build muscle and if so what do you buy!? I have a picky toddler problem is I need to introduce more vegetables and I don’t that’s my fault I’ll eat them but my toddler will only eat it if I put some seasoning it or flavor them sometimes I’ll do potatoes carrots and chicken in crockpot with ranch dressing or Italian and that’s pretty much the only way they’ll eat it!!

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