hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel in today’s video I’m sharing with you a
wholefoods haul it’s been really requested so I figured I’ve been doing
for you and I did combine some stuff I got at Whole Foods in the States with
some stuff I got for the week here because I got some really good gems that
I’m going to try out and it’s old favorites so yeah let’s get into it the
first thing I picked up are these fine ground sea salt almond flour crackers
like simple meals these are by far my favorite cracker they’re grain free
they’re only made with a few ingredients and they taste so good they taste better
than any other cracker let alone the fact that they’re grain free so I would
highly recommend trying them out if you’re not from the US I will link a
place where you can get them in Canada online but they’re so good gluten free
and three grams of protein next up I got some is a Tarte spice I have been loving
Mediterranean food and this is kind of one of the seasonings that they put on
it so it just has lemon peel of sesame seed spread spices just as organic
spices sumac so we use these on like potatoes and things like that I also got
some cooking lavender to bake with and also to make lavender lattes I find it’s
really hard to find cooking lavender so when I spotted it I picked it up next up
I was finally able to get my hand on the limited edition of pumpkin spice rx bars
I’m super excited to try them I’ve been seeing them all over Instagram so I’m
really excited I also picked up two other RX part in my favorite flavor
which is the maple sea salt has quickly become my favorite I love it so if
you’re looking for a new flavor I would suggest the maple sea salt then I picked
up a couple of my favorite go macro bars so I got to get peanut butter chocolate
chip as well as these sunflower butter and chocolate go bad girl probably has
like my favorite bars in terms of texture and flavor so highly recommend
them and then also pick up some stuff from eating evolved so I got their
country caramel chocolate as well as their dark
chocolate coconut peanut butter peanut butter coconut butter cups and this is
really good because it’s 85% it’s made of coconut sugar
it’s got no link bagged ingredients and it for you and then the coconut butter
cups which are caramel flavors and sea salt and sea salt
so the Paleo as well I like to keep these in the freezer and then have one
as like an evening snack just a few more bars I want to share with you guys I’ve
got the bulletproof vanilla shortbread collagen protein bar I wanted to try
these I got two ingredients on them are really good it’s just cashew butter
collagen protein chicory root fiber brain octane like bulletproof cashews
and vanilla beans and sea salt so really clean really good and then I
discovered this new bar which I haven’t seen before and I haven’t even seen
people talk about it but it looked really good and that is the right the
simplest protein bar and I got it in lemon cashew it’s got 15 grams of
protein and only four ingredients and the only ingredients are cashews coconut
nectar pea protein and a lemon extract so I have high hopes for this it is
really clean considering it has like no soy next up I got some of my purely less
internal you guys know I love her granola and I got the coconut cashew
grain free you guys now I’m on the screen free kick so I got this it has
coconut sugar which is lower in price even index with other granola so this is
like my granola of choice like the brand oh I lied I do have one more bar I have
the raw grubs below the bar in the creamy peanut butter and sea salt I’ve
tried this one before I think I tried the chocolate one from this brand and
not this one so I try it out I’ll let you guys know like all about all these
bars and whether I like them so make sure you follow on Instagram see I did
get to kind of like not medicinal thing but supplement things first off I got
this bulletproof coconut charcoal detox capsules these are really great to take
if you’re gonna be going out for dinner or if you drink I don’t drink but if you
drink these are good to take before going for a night of drinking and they
basically just help with bloating and clearing out like bad stuff if
you’re eating like great seafood or anything like that so I got this and
then I got this travel pack of the enzyme blend I love
taking digestive enzymes when I’m going out to eat it just helps you like digest
better because you don’t know what like if you’re gonna like totally agree with
you so I keep this this is like a little travel pack you can put it in your purse
and then you can also just refill it with like the big bottle afterwards but
if you struggle with that I’m going on to eat out and highly suggest picking
these out okay so now we’re onto the stuff like I get almost every week and
stuff that I bought like locally so first up I’ve got some Free Run eggs
it’s important to get Free Run eggs and you also want to look for eggs that have
a really dark yolk that’s when you can tell the quality of the egg I got a
couple organic avocados a couple lemons because I do have most of them big bag
of lemons but I didn’t know that would get me through the week so I got a
couple extra just in case I got a couple limes for a recipe it won’t be making
for meat I got some chicken breasts just plain organic chicken breast and then I
got some grass fed is this important you want to look for a hundred percent
grass-fed beef so if you’re gonna be eating beef make sure you get 100%
grass-fed and now I’m gonna be making some bunless burgers with those I’ve
been loving doing that lately every single week um I got a couple zucchini
because I had summer Rae’s and I only got two in the last bag I got some baby
spinach or smoothies find it blends better and fail and then I’ve got this
yogi restful sleep t it has valerian and chamomile passion flower and skullcap
and especially mullerian passion flower and skullcap are great for putting you
to sleep got this I’m going to combine that with
my natural calm magnesium also then I got some more of my silk cultured
coconut this is just a great coconut yogurt it’s the one gram of sugar per
serving so no I did sugar I got some further the cauliflower putting my
smoothies so basically frozen I do cook it and then refreeze it
but I just find it so much easier to open the bag put it in the oven
I like bake it and then freeze it again can I chop it up it’s really just for
convenience then I got some fish sauce which isn’t a normal thing but it’s
priced something coming to him I did get some almond milk I got the organic
almond beverage unsweetened from 3-6-5 which is their house brand it was on
sale and the ingredients are good on it so I figured I would try this brand out
and then lastly I got some mushrooms if you ever go to like their prepared food
section not the hotbar with this house but like where the glass cases they make
the best mushrooms that taste amazing on burgers so I highly recommend these
mushrooms if you like mushrooms on things they’re the most amazing
mushrooms I’ve ever had alright guys thanks for watching my haul if you
enjoyed it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and let me know down below if
you’d want me to do like a grocery haul and then a meal plan and like show you
guys what I made with the stuff after I think that could be a cool video idea so
let me know about something you want to see thank you don’t forget to subscribe
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what I make with this stuff all week long yeah I will see you guys in my next
video bye guys


  1. HEY GUYS! Hope you enjoyed this haul! 💗I found some fun things so fake sure to follow in insta to hear my reviews 🙂 I really appreciate each of you watching! ❤️ should i do a video where I but things and then make food?!

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