HEALTHY JUNK FOOD! Easy Healthy Snacks! Cooking With Liv Ep.10

HEALTHY JUNK FOOD! Easy Healthy Snacks! Cooking With Liv Ep.10

hey everyone and welcome back to my channel and welcome to a new video in today’s video we are going to be making some healthy junk food recipes they’re all recipes easy make that are kind of like junk food but they’re actually healthy you don’t have to feel guilty about eating them got three different ones we are making Snickers date bites some healthy it’s chocolate chocolate chip cookies and some doritos which are like homemade, i know crazy so if you like this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up so that i know and make sure you hit that red subscribe button as well that you see all my future videos and follow me on instagram, i do have a giveaway going on every single month and some of them are bigger so you definitely want to be following me on there and yes i will see you guys at the end of the video so let’s go make some yummy snacks so first off we’re making it be a makerspace visit i think is my favorite recipe and i’m using one a quarter cup of almond butter along with a tablespoon of maple syrup and a tablespoon of coconut flour and we’re going to mix that together and that is what is going to make our new get for our snicker bytes then I’m thinking it’s a base which have a really nice caramel flavor to them and I’m making a small slit on the top be careful not to cut all the way through you just want to put a slit in the center and then I’m stepping that with some roasted peanuts and I’m fitting in about as many as i can i’m topping that off with a little bit of the nougat and then I’m pushing in some more of the peanuts on top and is making sure that they’re really nice and in there then I’m drizzling it with a little bit of the dairy free chocolate it is a high cacao percentage which gives you lots of antioxidants and it doesn’t have any added sugar which is great and there you have your speaker’s by these turned out so delicious they’re definitely a fav and they taste just like snickers i was so surprised the guys they taste amazing next up we’re making some 30 trips because i used to love three dozen i was little so this is a healthier version i’m starting off with some corn tortillas and i’m brushing that with a little bit of olive oil and I find the corn tortillas taste a lot more like Doritos than the flour 1 bar so I would reach for corn and then I’m just cutting this into eight so you’re going to make before different cuts to cut them into those doritos triangles I’m taking that off at 350 degrees for 15 minutes while those are baking you can make your topping so I’m using 2 teaspoons of taco seasoning along with 3 tablespoons of nutritional yeast with kind of had a cheesy flavor once they are done put them in the bag and then you have to shake up the bag to coat the nice warm tips with the seasoning and they turned out so yummy so healthy and they have that nice to reduce lyricism so I love this recipe and laughing we’re making some banana oat cookies because cookies are really good thing to reach for and I love cookies so I’m using it to bananas and more ripe bananas are the better because they will be way easier to mass but they’ll also be sweeter in your recipe if you can’t find like the spotted kind you can just use normal yellow bananas and then you just want to match them up i’m using a fork but you can also blend them if you don’t want to mash them by hand or you can use a potato masher whatever you like and then adding in one cup of oats and the other gonna add a nice binding ingredient to our cookies i’m also adding in half a cup of pecans because I just like nuts in my cookies but you can leave this out or added another type of nut whatever you like but put in whatever you like in your cookie and then instead of chocolate chips i’m putting in some pick out names because they have a really high antioxidant and they’re like the preform of chocolate so they kind of give that chocolate flavor that was laying my fifties out and I like making a nice big cookies and bake them at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes and when they’re done you will have these nice warm cookies they totally satisfy your sweet tooth and they are delicious warm out of the oven ok guys so thank you for watching my video if you enjoyed it don’t forget to give it that thumbs up and if you try any of these recipes i love hearing from you guys so I love when you tag me and then let me know how you like them and everything like that and yeah i hope you guys all have a wonderful day and I’ll see you guys in my next video bye guys

59 thoughts on “HEALTHY JUNK FOOD! Easy Healthy Snacks! Cooking With Liv Ep.10

  1. Love these ideas liv! Nutritional yeast is so good! I'm not vegan, but I actually prefer it now to dairy cheese. Your oatmeal cookies came together so well and with so few ingredients. Love that! Great for breakfast on the go too! Love your videos!

  2. These look absolutely delicious 😍😋 I definitely have to make them!! Thanks for sharing awesome healthy recipes and snacks as always lovely 🙌🏻💞✨xx

  3. Yum! The snickers bites look delish and the banana biscuits are so quick and easy. Definitely going onto my "to make" list.

  4. Omg liked and subscribed! Love your channel 💕💕 I CANNOT wait to try those snicker bites.. Haha.. A little random but man I wish I could get my lighting like yours 🙏🙏 I got a lighting kit and everything but it just does not turn out as bright.. Anyway great videos looking forward to watching more..xoxo

  5. Excuse me, did you just say that I can eat my favorite snack AND be healthy? I'm definitely making that Dorito recipe, thank you for sharing this!

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