Healthy Sweet Tooth Treat | Dessert And Meal

Healthy Sweet Tooth Treat | Dessert And Meal

but today you’re in the kitchen with me
and we are going to make some apple crisp it’s that time of the year and I’m
gonna make for you my favorite dessert I hope you stay tuned to find out how do
I make it is a long time recipe from a very close friend of mine who happens to
be very plain Mennonite Espie is really simple we’re gonna take
some of my apple pie filling that i have lots of videos on because because it’s
my favorite thing to can in the fall I have so much Apple that I don’t need to
can them this year so I’ll share with you right above right here see my finger
it’s up here I’ll show you the link to my apple pie filling so we’re gonna make
2 quarts of apples we have my very old Basin here that I use so the crumb
topping is really simple to make notice the vintage items that I’m using
2 cups of flour 2 cups of oatmeal I like the old-fashioned oatmeal not the
quick oats now this is a lot of topping because I
love a lot of typing on my apple crisp and it’s one teaspoon of some cinnamon and then it’s 1 cup of melted butter so here is our butter so I’m gonna go
ahead and soften this butter up just a little bit and then we’ll put the crumbs
of topping on top of our apples go ahead and pour our butter in and we’re gonna
make our crumbs it’s like an apple cobbler I’m gonna go ahead we’re gonna
put our crumbs like this now these crumbs are actually going to bake and
it’s gonna be so delicious this is a recipe that I just love and we have been
using it for all these years I want to make sure we get everything coated on
top and there is our apple crisp now this
has a lot less sugar than what you would find other places want to make a dessert
that is a little bit more healthier and it’s easy on the wallet apple crisp is
what you want to bake so let’s put this in the oven and then I’m gonna share
with you just one little frugal tip that has to do with butter I do almost all my
cooking with butter and butter is something that can be really expensive I
don’t use margarine or anything like that butter is what we use but I would
give you just a little tip I buy my butter like this
and 1 pound block and it’s not cut that kind of butter is usually a lot cheaper
than ones that are cut already in sticks this is what was left over from an apple
crisp so this butter here is going to be used
for cooking I have some butter that’s for baking and so what I do is I already
cut it up and little cubes so when you want to add a little bit to any of your
vegetables that you’re cooking or you want to add it to your peas or you want
to add a little bit to making spaghetti you add a little bit in your water it’s
already cut up in cubes and this is how I have my butter and when you’re baking
you could actually make your own sticks with it and it does it saves a lot of
money at least for me it does in my area as you know everybody’s stores are
different everybody’s region is different but for
me this is a lot more frugal way to buy butter and it put my butter in here and
then I will vacuum seal this and this will stay fresh for at least two months
at a little frugal tip take a look sometime at the store see if you can buy
butter in bulk that’s not cut I bet you it’s gonna be a little bit cheaper at
least it is for me I’ll get back to you in just a little bit when our dessert is
finished yum yum I’m hungry for some apple crisp
one hour later doesn’t that look delicious we’re gonna
let it rest for ten minutes and then we’ll give it a try everyone here we go
for a special treat every time I see this video I’m gonna be hungry for this
I know what’s gonna happen so we’re gonna have a little bit of ice cream and
our apple crisp take and look at that doesn’t that look good
the apples are still hot it was really good take everyone we’ll see you guys
tomorrow make some apple crisp today it’s the
perfect time of the year mmm apples and spices
mmm that makes things really good early on the homestead and it is leaf-raking
season now we have tons and tons of leaves we have trees all around the
property and so the trees in the front get in the garden but these in back here
I burned them simply because it’s just too many leaves to drag so far to the
front of the house so I’m working today and this is just part of my everyday
life every season has its chores and I thought you would enjoy coming along
with me and just seeing what I’m working on today so after I get these leaves
finished then we’re gonna make a meal so what do I do every day I wake up in the
morning I get my household chores done and then I start making videos that’s
usually how it goes I’m the kind of person that I like my environment clean
and I like it already to make my videos so let’s get started oops getting rooked down when you get up
at 5:00 a.m. so these leaves I’m just gonna have to keep breaking on a pile so
they all burn up before it gets windy thank goodness we don’t have any wind
today you know fall season is it’s a lot of wind now I’m gonna have to probably
do this 15 times before the end of the season it is a lot of work but I
realized if I do a little bit at a time it’s not so much and that’s one thing
I’m learning about my age my hubby requests all the time is my chicken
noodle soup I have so many videos on it so I’m not really going to show you how
I make it as far as in detail description because I have so many
videos but I used my homemade chicken broth my home canned corn which you use
the liquid because the liquid has the nutrients so we just pretty much dump
everything into one big kettle this time I have some frozen turkey that we’re
gonna put in it sometimes I use my canned chicken I love to can leftover
turkey from Thanksgiving we’re just gonna put that all in I had some spring
onions that I had frozen we’re gonna just put that in because that needs to
get used up don’t know what I have to do is add some carrots that need to get
used up one thing about soup it’s so neat you can just throw everything in a
pot and heat it up I have two fruit dryers going with the
rest of those limes and finally all the food from this month’s pantry is
preserved today’s a busy day I have a lot of leaves to blow and rake this is a
busy time of the year for me getting all these leaves all these leaves cleaned up
our whole property is full of trees we’ll have in the summertime because
it’s not so hot boy it’s a lot of work though in the fall alright so we got everything put
together looks good to me let me get the lid on it and then I’ll
show you when it’s boiling as you see I didn’t add any seasonings I don’t add
any seasonings until my food is just about finished
it’s because of your generosity and making sure that you’re subscribed to me
and making sure your thumbs ups are sticking and making sure that you’re
sharing my channel it’s because of all of your generosity that is what’s
keeping me going and such times like this you know conservative channels
aren’t very popular on this kind of platform but I really want to thank you
guys for everything you’ve done because you guys were the voice and you guys
made yourself known and heard and I really want to thank you guys for that
because you are the ones that are making a difference in my life and in my
channel take care everyone we’ll see you guys tomorrow
bye everybody

100 thoughts on “Healthy Sweet Tooth Treat | Dessert And Meal

  1. Also, use the ash from the leaf burning into your garden soil (if you want to). It acts as fertilizer and adds nutrients to soil πŸ™‚

  2. Happy Sunday Evening Tessie !!! πŸ™‚
    The apple crisp looks AMAZING!!! Do you use your leaves or leaf ash for composting? Leaf raking is always part of the fall chore line-up. It reminds me of the childhood poem flowers in the summer and fires in the fall. Have a blessed evening! Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Tessie, thanks for sharing, that looks great , I bet it smells wonderful. Ice cream made it irresistible. I enjoy soups , stews and chili especially this time of year. God bless !

  4. I love apple crisp and it's way better than store bought when it's home made especially when you make it Tessie:) Looks scrumptious:) I'll be right over for a piece:) Good tip on the butter we don't have butter much though:) Well there is still leaves on the trees here half of them have fallen off:) I'll be busy raking in the next week it is a lot of work:) The wind does help bring them down:) Love chicken soup it's the thing to have on a cold winters day:) Tessie thank you for all that you do:) Love you my sweet sister:) God bless you and family:) Keep smiling:) I got another box for you something special coming your way:)

  5. Homestead Tessie can you show me how to make pie crust. I had a store brought pie today and it was terrible. I would of rather had one my grandma's pie if she was still living. She tried to teach me to make pie crust but I just could never get it right. I am tired of store brought food that1s already made.

  6. Tonight while I was watching your video I was slicing up potatoes to dehydrate we're a little bit later this winter. if I knew winter was going to hit so soon I would have grabbed a couple of bags of potatoes.

  7. Tessie we think alike I made a apple crisp today also that’s funny. Yours looks tasty too. I don’t rake my leaves in fall honey bees lay their eggs under the leaves. And small birds get under the leaves when it cold. I keep my driveway blown off and I take oak leaves and cover my banana plant and my eucalyptus and put some in my beds. I rake my leaves after the dandelions bloom in March. Because of Honey 🐝 Enjoyed you’re video have a wonderful week

  8. ❀️ Pls do more healthy recipes with less sugar. So many of us with blood sugar problems, thank you, precious lady.

  9. That apple crisp looks WONDERFUL, Tessie! And, oh, how I miss the smell of leaves burning curbside every fall when I was growing up in Chicago in the 50's. Now there are laws that prohibit it.

  10. Wow! That looked really good Tess.The wife and I were just talking about making apple pie. Maybe we'll try this one instead.

  11. I am into cherry crisps, cobblers, pies, turnovers…..
    I'm in process of quizzing the local food banks. The neighbors brought apples. I showed them how to make crusts, and crisps. Glass loaf pans went for $1.99 a few months ago. That's my main go to baking dish now.
    I'm waiting for them to have a sale on a 9 inch square pan. Or maybe the thrift stores will have glass pie pans.

  12. Youtube must like you because they attached some great commercials; one was long but hilarious. I could see the steam coming from your apple crisp in your bowl with that cold ice cream, what a treat!!! I've made many apple pies, but never made a crisp. I could eat a whole pie in 24 hours by myself. That's why now I'm on a low carb diet. I sure do love me some pie. I love the smell of burning leaves. Your home and yard are heavenly!!!

  13. Tessie how did you know that is my favorite dessert and with the ice cream on top!!! You are teasing me at 9:23pm bed time lol πŸ˜‰ blessings my beautiful friend πŸ˜‡ XOXO

  14. I made apple crisp yesterday for my husband he is like a little boy when I make it. I sometimes add cranberries to it. I am growing winter greens and garlic right now. Two little tips my grandmother used. Put vingear in your turkey bone broth and add baking soda to cut the amount of sugar in fruit pies. That soup looks so good. Tommorrow is my big baking day. I am going o make soup. Tonight I am making Chicken Marsla(like you get at the olive garden for 17.00). I am making it for 4 people for 7.00 for all four servings.

  15. Apple crisp is a favorite of mine too! Question- why do you prefer whole oats? I'm not sure of the difference other than one takes longer to cook than the other.

  16. Tessie.. we run a lawn mower over our leaves puts it back in to the earth and no raking. I should add we just mow like we normally would we don't use a mulching bag your yard will thank you for it next year coming back lush and green. Anna In Ohio.

  17. Wow for a minute I thought you were at my house. My son came over to rake the yard for me and then put the leaves in the burn barrel. And I was inside making some chicken and dumplings. And your apple crisp looks delicious with that vanilla ice cream maybe that will be my Thanksgiving dessert. Fast and easy. Keep smiling sweetie xoxo

  18. You are making me hungry! If you want more leaves for your garden put a tarp down and rake the leaves onto it. You can pull it easily to your garden.

  19. Good Morning Tessie, Sisters, Brothers, and Friends:) Wish you a wonderful blessed Monday filled with joy and happiness in the lords day:) God Bless you:) Love each and every one of you:) Keep smiling πŸ™‚

  20. Apple crisp oh my that looks so good. All that is so nice you can burn leaves here we cannot and we have to haul our leaves away what is a lot of work but I realized to a composting area in a nearby town. Some areas have barrels that they can put their yard waste in our area does not. One thing we do do when we have had bonfires is we use at ashes in our garden. We have not done a lot outside this fall as please pray for us my daughter and I were rear-ended in a car accident one month ago. I'm thankful it wasn't much more than it was but we are both under Medical Care and my daughter is having a really rough time. In fact Monday November 11th she will be having a very painful MRI done on her foot please keep her in prayer that she can get through the procedure. I hate that she has to have another MRI because she's had so many tests over the last 3 years at him involved Radioactive do to her having to learn and double-check why she couldn't eat things and we learned that it was the dairy from cows that she cannot eat. So the many things we were going to try to get ready this fall so that we can get a start on the spring because this last year our winter was so long but go to the car accident we have had a setback so trusting in the Lord that it all works out. I was overwhelmed how we were going to get our yard cleaned up for fall and is boy that lives not far from us came and multiple I leave this year praise the Lord I had already done several bags before the accident but this young man I paid him and he got it done. My daughter and I have both been told we are not allowed to do any kind of yard work or snow work until January 1st oh my. I am so thankful for the canning I did and the preparation that it is making us things to eat so much easier although my pantry is in the basement and things have been bothering me and so that can get a little tricky how I get it up and down the stairs but that way I'm creative

  21. where I live we no longer rake leaves, cause the larva of bugs, live under the leaves in the winter, and e also leave the leaves alone until after spring cause the larva are using it for nutrients

  22. Ive made 2 huge apple crisps already this year,one here in Seattle,and one by my grandchildrens request when I was in Kansas City a few weeks ago. Yum yum

  23. Apple crisp is also my favorite dessert! I think I’ll make a batch today since we are forecast for snow today here in Ohio. Yours looks amazing!

  24. Tessie I love your channel ! Hope you tube knows how much we appreciate you n love you. Your dessert looked so delicious n I made chicken soup for dinner too thanks for recipe for apple crisp going to try it. God bless you n your family. Yes raking leaves is a huge chore but I just love this time of year we used to take them when I was little then climb up in tree in front yard n jump into the pile of leaves. Hahahahaha it was soo much fun. β€οΈπŸ€—πŸ™

  25. I love watching your 'What I'm Doing Today' videos full of many different activities and I always learn something new. Thankyou Tessie.

  26. Apple crisp looks delicious – in the spring I bet you could make it with rhubarb, in the summer with peaches. I guess you live in a rural area that still allows leaf burning, my families in Indiana, Connecticut, Florida, Ohio and North Carolina are no longer allowed to, there is a hefty fine if they are caught doing it. They all mulch, using a lawn mower and apply to garden beds of veggies, flowers, herbs and around trees and bushes. One of my cousins piles the leaf mulch all around her roses then wraps them in burlap, she says it keeps them very healthy thru the winter.

  27. Love extra toppings on crisps & cobblers, wanna try that. My Mom loved Chicken Corn Soup. Great idea for saving πŸ’° on butter. Great recipes & tips! Love ya, Sue. πŸ’ž

  28. Happy Veterans day everyone:) Lets all thank a vet for there service and lets remember the vets that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom!

  29. Great video Tessie! Going to make your apple crisp recipe with some of the pears I canned. The chicken noodle soup looks delicious. Going to be down to 22 here in North Florida this week.

  30. LOVE Apple Crisp ! I buy all my butter in blocks or the big logs of @ the Mennonite Country Store . The butter is made by the local Mennonites.

  31. I love your topping recipe because it doesn’t have additional sugar. I’m making this for sure. Hugs Sis❀️

  32. Good Morning my Dear Tessie πŸ’ž
    Happy Monday 🌻 🌞 πŸ’Ÿ
    Yummy! πŸ’Ÿ I can smell over here πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ (Jacksonville, North Carolina )So does the homemade chicken soup 🍜 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
    Raking leave is not a ever ending chore, Tessie πŸ’ž Have fun πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜
    Have a great and blessing day ❀ God bless you and Kenny πŸ’Ÿ I Love you my Dear Sister Tessie πŸ’ž 🌼 🌹 ❀

  33. We just burned yesterday Tessie—gotta do it before a lot of snow flies….have a great day! Dawn @ Rich & Dawn in MN πŸ™‚

  34. Nothing better than apple crisp on a cold fall day, thanks for sharing your recipe.I think I will make this today. have a blessed day friend

  35. This is apple crumble in England and very popular there. I make fruit crumbles a lot for my family. Thanks for showing us your recipe, Tessie.

  36. I’m going to try your apple crisp. Can I put the crumble on top of unbaked apples ? Plus how long and what temp, did you bake your desert ?

  37. Yum I can't wait to try your apple crisp recipe and I would like to make and can your apple pie filling too. Do you have a video on apple butter? I didn't find anything when I searched but I could of missed it. I would like to make some this fall. It brings back fond memories of my parents. Thank you dear for letting us be a part of your life and hanging out with you. Have a Blessed Week! πŸ™‚

  38. Thank you thank you for staying so true to not only yourself, but to your viewers as well. Love apple crisp and chicken noodle soup. I do believe I'm going to add that to next week's menu πŸ™‚

  39. MMMMM Apple crisp. I haven't had it in years. Both your Apple Crisp and Soup look so yummy Tessie. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. God Bless You and Your Family. Much Love to you

  40. Hello Tessie, I thought your video was good. I love apple crisp, I made 2 already yummy. I hope you have a wounderful day.God Bless you.πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’œ

  41. Two delicious treats for a cold day! We are getting frigid temps today. My lil grandson had pneumonia and is out of the hospital now. Boy that tested my nerves. Now I know why you were so scared when Miss Sierra had it. Prayer works! Stay well everyone. ❀️

  42. My butter comes in blocks as well, and I freeze butter and I save the butter wrappers in the freezer and use to butter pans that call for being buttered. When I use a chicken/turkey bones for stock I also save the bones when done and then pressure cook them to a mash which a friend uses when she makes homemade dog food.

  43. Greetings Tessie..I'm late late watching but yummmm😁😁..your topping is good foor any fruit cherries, peaches, anything..and the butter trick is handy, you don't have to stop n chop.. great video Tessie.. blessings to you and your family πŸ˜‡ πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ πŸ˜‡

  44. Soup is my favorite homemade food. Just today I took some broth out of the freezer from a rotisserie chicken I used last time I made chicken and dumplings. The rotisserie chickens from the grocery store make the best broth! It’s finally a little cool down in Alabama, a great day for soup. I’m craving your apple crunch now.πŸ˜‰

  45. Greetings Tessie..sorry for another post but I was you compost any of your leaves with your scraps?.. I'm definitely trying this year because I do do some container gardening..and yes there's nothing like hot soup on a cold day and we have some cold weather coming 😁😁.. blessings to you and your family πŸ˜‡ πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ πŸ˜‡

  46. yummy for my tummy – thank you for sharing! we buy unsalted butter at costco….only kind we use and we cut it up just like u do! πŸ™‚ love all ur hard work to stay conservative with ur channel and even how u rake the leaves! πŸ™‚

  47. Yum! Apple crisp and turkin soup. I call it turkin soup when I use chicken broth and turkey. Perfect for a cold rainy fall day.

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