HEALTHY VEGAN MEXICAN RECIPES ‣‣ easy & meal prep friendly

HEALTHY VEGAN MEXICAN RECIPES ‣‣ easy & meal prep friendly

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– Hi friends, welcome to my channel.
If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa.
Today, I’ve got a really fun recipe video.
I’m really excited about it.
We are making three delicious
vegan dinner recipes,
and they are all with a little
Mexican/New Mexican twist.
So they’ve got a lot of
flavor, they pack a punch,
and they are so easy to
make also which I love.
So we are making some classics.
We’re reinventing some classics.
Things like enchiladas,
tacos, tortilla soup.
All of them, like I said, are vegan.
So they’re plant-based,
they’re also healthy,
and they’re gluten-free.
I’m really excited to be partnering
with my friends at Thrive Market
to bring you today’s video.
You guys know how much
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As always, I have also included
the full recipes up on the blog.
So if you are interested in
making any of these recipes,
you can find those links
down below as well,
and I just wanna take a quick pause
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I share videos like
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So if this is something that you like,
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Otherwise, let’s go ahead and dive in.
So we’re gonna start by
making our tortilla soup.
We are going to add olive
oil into a large pan.
Follow that with some onion
and some chopped up garlic,
and you’ll just give this a quick saute
until the onions have started to soften
and there are some brown
bits on the bottom.
From there, add in some chopped up pepper.
You can really use any
blend that you want,
and again, give it a quick saute
until everything is nice and soft.
Once you’ve got that cooked up,
you are ready to add in the
rest of your ingredients.
So we’re gonna add in some
fire-roasted diced tomatoes,
I love the Thrive Market brand,
as well as some canned
black beans and some spices,
and actually, one of the
things that I love about Thrive
is that I actually buy all of
my spices in little packets,
and I just refill the glass bottles
that are in my spice cabinet.
So it’s a good way to save on the spices
that you use most frequently.
Once you’ve got all your
seasonings in there,
just give it a quick stir
and then add in your vegetable broth.
I like the Pacific brand
which I get on Thrive,
and you’re also gonna
top that with some water.
Final step is to add some
Thrive Market tomato paste,
season it with salt
and pepper if you want,
give it a quick stir, and
bring this mixture to a boil,
and you’re gonna let this
simmer for about 15 minutes.
Once it’s simmered, you
can add in your quinoa
and your frozen corn,
and you’re gonna cook it
for another 15 minutes,
and again, I’ve talked
about Thrive Market’s
branded quinoa before,
but definitely one of my
favorite quinoas on the market.
So check that out as well.
While the soup is cooking,
we are going to fry up
our tortilla strips.
So you’re gonna take four corn tortillas,
cut it into strips,
and you’re gonna just
cook them in some oil
until they are golden brown.
It’ll take about a minute or two per side
depending on whatever oil you’re using.
I like to fry in avocado oil,
and again, I get it on Thrive,
and then once everything is crispy,
you can just remove it from the oil,
transfer it to a parchment-lined plate,
and finish off by patting
any excess oil off.
Once we are ready to
serve our gorgeous soup,
we can just scoop it into our bowls,
and the first thing you’ll do is
top it with your tortilla strips,
then some sliced avocado,
followed by some cilantro.
You could do hot sauce.
You could do really any
toppings that you want,
and then you can dig in.
This is a great recipe
to meal prep if you want.
You would just keep those things separate.
So the tortillas would be
separate from the soup,
and you can also freeze
the soup which is great.
Next is up is our green enchiladas.
We’re gonna start with
some plain jackfruit,
and I get this on Thrive,
I use the original from Upton’s Naturals,
followed with a can of black
beans and some jarred salsa,
and then again, spices,
chili powder, cumin,
and smoked paprika, as
well as salt and pepper.
Give this a quick stir
until it’s all combined.
Set that aside, and then we are going to
roll it into corn tortillas.
So take a package of corn tortillas.
You’re gonna use about
eight for this recipe.
Fill the middle with about two to three
tablespoons of that filling,
roll it up, and set it aside.
Then we’ll prepare our pan.
So you can either use
homemade green enchilada sauce
which I’ve linked in the recipe
or you can use the kind that
they sell on Thrive Market
which is gonna make it a lot easier
and save you a bunch of time.
They have a few different
options on their website.
So just search green enchilada sauce,
and you can choose which
one sounds better to you.
So you’re gonna add a layer on the bottom,
spread it out evenly with your spoon,
and then you will just layer
in your filled up tortillas.
So just place them into the dish,
and then fill the entire baking dish.
Finish off by topping the rest of the dish
with the rest of your
green enchilada sauce,
and then this is optional,
but I love topping my
enchiladas with vegan cheese.
So I just layer on some
Daiya vegan cheese,
and then pop this in
the oven and let it bake
until everything is golden
brown and crispy and hot,
and again, instructions
and everything like that
are on the blog.
Then it’s just time to serve it up.
I love garnishing it with
fresh jalapenos, cilantro.
You could do hot sauce.
You could do avocado.
It’s really up to you, but
just serve it up as is.
This definitely keeps well in the fridge.
It also freezes which is
great, and it tastes amazing.
It’s so good.
This is probably my favorite
recipe in the video,
and I highly recommend
you guys give it a try.
Last but not least is our
quinoa and lentil taco meat.
So we’re gonna start with
my recipe for Spanish quinoa
which I shared on the channel last week.
I’ll link that down below for you.
So check that out if you wanna make it.
You could also just use plain quinoa.
So add that into the bowl.
Then you will also add
some cooked lentils,
and I buy my dried lentils
from Thrive, of course,
followed by nutritional
yeast, chili powder,
cumin, coriander, smoked
paprika, and salt,
and give it a quick stir.
Once it’s all combined,
it will look like this.
Kind of looks like
quinoa and lentil salad,
but we’re going to transfer
it onto a baking sheet
and just spread it out
evenly on the sheet,
and you will bake this,
and we’re gonna bake this
for about 35 to 40 minutes
until it gets nice and crispy,
and you’ll wanna stir it
every 15 minutes or so,
kind of like granola,
and once it gets a little bit crispy,
that is going to be your
gorgeous taco meat filling,
and it’s honestly so good.
It’s flavorful,
it really does taste
kind of like ground beef,
and it’s got that ground beef texture,
but again, vegan and plant-based
and high protein which is awesome.
So you can just use this however you want.
You could use this in tacos, burritos,
whatever sounds good for you.
However you would normally use taco meat,
but I’m gonna just make this
into tacos ’cause it’s easy,
and I kept it really simple
with chopped tomatoes,
salsa, and avocado and some
cilantro, and that’s it.
So let me know what you guys think.
I can’t wait to hear
which recipes you try.
I think you’re gonna love them all,
and if you’re interested in
seeing these homemade tortillas,
they are also on the blog,
and I will link them down below for you.
And there you have it, my friends.
I hope you enjoyed our delicious
Mexican/New Mexican-inspired recipes.
These are so good.
They’re great for serving a crowd,
and I promise they will fool
the meat eaters in your life,
especially those tacos and the enchiladas.
They have that meat-like texture,
but they are plant-based.
So I encourage you to try to serve them.
Maybe don’t tell anybody
that they are vegan
and see how they react
because I have a feeling
they are going to love them.
I also want to thank Thrive Market
for joining us in today’s video.
As I do every single
month, I talk about them.
I love Thrive Market.
I have been a member for over two years,
and I just checked my account,
and I have saved over
$2,000 shopping with them
which I think is incredible.
So if you are not yet a member,
make sure to take advantage
of that special offer.
It’s 25% off your first
order by clicking the link
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and if you are already
a Thrive Market member,
which I know a lot of you are
because I talk about them so much,
you can just check the
website every single day
because they have new special offers
for their current members.
So I hope you guys take advantage of that.
If you have any questions along the way,
make sure to drop them
down in the comments.
If you make any of these
recipes, I would love to know.
Come back to this video and
drop them in the comments,
and otherwise, I really
appreciate you being here.
Thank you so much for watching,
and I’ll see you in the next video.
Bye guys.
(upbeat music)

32 thoughts on “HEALTHY VEGAN MEXICAN RECIPES ‣‣ easy & meal prep friendly

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    Same goes for the beans- home cook them with garlic and onion (instead of a can), MUCH better flavor goes into the beans and that goes into the soup. Home cooked Mexican beans are very easy to make and one batch can be used for various dishes.

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