Hellmate | social awareness short film

Did you take your tiffin box? It’s kept on the table. ‘Meet him.’ ‘He is Sanjeev Shivkumar Shukla.’ ‘Everyday for office he is late.
And everyday new troubles await.’ Oh God! Yes I have taken it. Oh, and one more thing. ‘This is Sarla.’ ‘Shuklaji’s wife.’ ‘Who makes it a point, every morning, to get on his nerves.’ One more thing. Ride slowly. The sky won’t fall if you reach late one day. I’ll definitely be late if you don’t stop talking. OK bye! Just go carefully. Uh-huh! ‘And he neglects me everyday. But without me, he suffers.’ ‘Not understanding?’ ‘Let’s take a look.’ Bowl me a trial. Sorry uncle, sorry! It was a mistake. Useless children! What a rude person! Threw the ball away. Now how will we get it back? Dude he is a brainless man. I bowled a broken ball since it was a trial. The real ball is here! DAY 2 Oh God! Why does all this always happen with me? *Whispers* Is he winking at us? Pervert! DAY 3 The traffic is horiffic nowadays. Did you have any difficulty while coming here? No, no… we had no issues. I think Sanjeev is here. Look who is home today. How are you all doing? Where are you coming from, Shuklaji? From office. Of course. Where else? “Everybody laughs” Why is there so much chaos? Sanjeev. You are home? Give me your blessings, mom. Mom you too? Why is everyone laughing?
What has happened? Nothing son. Go upstairs and freshen up. How are you? I am fine, uncle. What about you? Great. Everything is fine? Yes. Bye. And for this reason, you should use me. Oh and don’t forget to fasten the hook.

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