Homestead Goals for 2020

Hello, today we’re going to talk about
our goals for 2020. I’m Liz Zorab, I’m Mr. J and this is
Byther Farm. So this isn’t the video that I had planned for today, but the weather
this weekend has not been particularly nice. Inclement is
putting it mildly. They did say that it was the worst storms for about
35 years. And if you were suffering from it you have our sympathies. Yes and
hopefully you haven’t lost livestock, lost buildings or your patience or
anything else it has been a fairly rough few days. So I haven’t been outside filming because we’ve had around 75 to 85 mph winds. We’ve had
horizontal rain. Today we have got wind, rain, snow and now sunshine.Four seasons
in three minutes! It has been, the weather is really not knowing what it’s
doing. So at the moment we’ve got blue skies, fluffy white clouds, it’s all
looking very lovely, unless we look into the distance where there’s some other
ominous clouds. Which are about two fields away. Yeah, they’re looming again. So we haven’t done goals for 2020 video earlier in the year, often we do them
at tail end of the year before or right at the beginning. And part of that
is we’ve been busy doing other things, part of that is that I’ve been dealing
with feeling wintery which hasn’t been too bad this year, but
hasn’t been great. And part of that is… we haven’t actually sat down and
discussed our plans. We haven’t and so this is now our discussion,
to camera. So yeah, there may be some surprises! You worried me! Okay,
so we know that we will be doing more of the same but different. That’s
your favorite phrase, isn’t it? It is one of my catchphrases, yeah copyright,
yeah, more of the same but different! The thing about our place is, as you well know, is that it doesn’t stand still, it evolves. The
the space, the usable space and the way the usable space is used, changes during
the year, several times actually in some instances. So the areas around, say for
example, the market garden, that’s different now already to what it was
when it was finished being used last year. And it will be different again by
the time we’re halfway through the growing season, I would have thought. Yes
and as I think I’ve said, yeah as I say regularly, one of the joys of
doing everything on a temporary basis is that we can change it as we learn more,
as we try different things or we try them and they’re successful then we can
make them semi-permanent. Or we can move them elsewhere because they don’t work
as well in space A as they might do in space C bypassing space B, because
it’s got something else in it. So leading on from comment about the
Market Garden last year, I started a CSA vegetable scheme and that’s a Community
Supported Agriculture scheme. If you’re not familiar with what those are, I’ll
leave a link above and in the information below so you can learn a bit more about
exactly what that is. So last year we did seven veg boxes a
week, just to trial it, because I hadn’t planned it at the very big unit I hadn’t
planned it at this time of year so when I actually put seeds and veg into the
ground I hadn’t I hadn’t
what’s the word plans allocated for that many veg boxes well you were really only
allocated for us and a bit spare may may be yes and also thought the grower gift
their contributions that’s the contribution that we give each year to a
local group that’s what’s Christmastime so last year there was seven this year
I’ve opened two ups in the local community and said is anybody else
interested I think we’re up to 16 people who said yes now
and I had thought in my head that maybe read up to 20 but I’m quite happy with
16 particularly since some of them are larger feminine memory boxes you’ve been
doing last year’s and I think that’s enough for that and I think it’s not to
put myself a pressure on myself to have to be growing even more even more it’s a
good thing but I think to know that that space can comfortably grow that much
food and still put food in our freezer for the year so I think I think that’s
just about there yeah that’s a that’s a nice one so our goal for this year is to
grow enough food for for us to see us through the air for our grower gift
contribution and to have our veg box scheme running for about twenty two
weeks during the year that’s a good that’s an achievable goal as well I
think it says yes and that thing about setting goals that are pie in the sky
and beyond reach doesn’t work for me I kind of I I don’t like to be stretching
to something that’s stressing me I’d rather set a goal and overachieve done
and Richie yeah I understand that so that’s one that’s right there what we
can do with birds this year poultry I think poultry wise we we have talked
about this quite a bit I think we’ve we’ve got to refresh the
duck stock yeah because our Ellsbury’s are now aged they are our age Adele’s
bruising no those girls are just in retirement that’s it mate so you know if
we want to carry on having duck eggs yeah we are gonna have to refresh those
the khaki Campbell’s are now coming in too late but of course dinner there it’s
a half the size because they are half the size of the other brace yeah so and
there’s only three girls there hmm I wouldn’t mind some more no they’re
funny little birds cuz they’re not nearly as friendly as the else Bruce but
being around the Ellsbury getting to be friendlier yeah it’ll be a
time thing so I think we are going to we will we will grow through this form or
Ellsbury’s chicken wise I don’t know we’ve run the flock right down with the
chickens which has freed up a lot of space for the Market Garden for example
yes so there’s this area that the chickens have been working for 2 or 3
years is now good productive growing space it’s great
I’m not again this will part of the evolution of the plot so they’re now in
a different space around the back of the paper Aries which they they love yeah
and they are a smaller flock already nice I think we will and we’ve talked
about maxing out about 18 Birds yeah we’re down to 17 where’s are we gonna
grow some new ones through I think we won’t have to because a lot of those
girls are now three years old yeah one egg a week yeah one or two eggs a week
and in some ways I’m quite happy for a lot of those just about the whole entire
mints as well but I do think we could do with maybe half a dozen hmm that are
actively laying actively laying every day so we can guarantee the eggs we’re
not putting eggs into the budge boxes on a regular basis there are a couple of
members of the scheme who like to have eggs some we have a couple of other
people that regularly like to have aches Oh while your sister yeah but well yes
then you’ve got some work colleagues now got some work colleagues and I like an
egg in the morning but we don’t need the 120 Birds that we had at one point yeah
that was a mistake Experion I was gonna say I don’t think
it was a mistake and this is a part of the thing about bat forward playing is a
lot of our our plans now can be based on knowledge of what hasn’t hasn’t worked
yeah as opposed to the well ruse which way they’re still gonna be some well
should we try it why not because he let me check any file yeah
we’re not run again I don’t think we’re gonna do turkeys this year I’m probably
not I’ve taken down the turkey that’s when that’s why we’ve got that the space
that had been used for turkeys is now being used or planned for something else
I don’t know that we’ve got the capacity this one yeah we may maybe but have the
capacity we’ve possibly don’t have the time capacity to create a completely
safe turkey area this year with other things that are already plans that
already happening yeah so maybe we’ll get the turkeys I have a year off this
year yeah and another thing we have talked a little bit about is that mr.
Jay is going to spend a bit more time working on the channel with me yeah not
necessarily in front of the camera you’ll be relieved to hear well I’ll be
relieved to hear but on some of the behind-the-scenes stuff which I can take
on when I’m doing other things as well yeah when this is doing other things as
well so some of the admony yes so you may find that some of the
comments on the videos are answered by by mr. Jay he’ll make it obvious on its
it’s him answering and not me yeah I’ll spell things incorrectly yes
so you’re just like okay you’re white you’re named after Sonia so you know
you’ll know that it’s okay so he’s gonna do a little bit more of that I will be
shying away from the things I have no idea about by the way so don’t don’t
expect deep meaningful answers about how best to plant cabbages the light’s gone
appalling again we might have gone a very odd shade of grey yes but as we
said earlier in this video four seasons in one minute
yeah um so yeah the other thing that you’re going to be spending a bit more
time doing is working on some of our butts and designs for our merchandise
okay we’re just modeling you’ve got coffee showing on that do that what’s great I’m going to keep that you know he’s
gotta be working on some more designs for our merchandise hope things like
mugs and t-shirts I didn’t know I was gonna be doing that but yes because that
saves me a huge amount of brain power and you’re good with brain power stuff
well okay so yes quite quite quite creative yes I do have my creative edge
um and I’m not and I think you’re more creativity give yourself credit for
thank you but I still have a cantar be creative anyway so they’ll be doing some
more of that if you haven’t seen on looks before I’ll just look this is the
official design – the mine was a prototype yeah so the actual design on
it is it’s supposed to be a picture of the house and are very tall trees of the
barn and then the pictures of the birds on here the actually the animals are
actually our animals including the camp and I’ve taken photographs and just made
them into silhouettes and put them into the design so that’s that’s where the
logo came from if you if you were wondering and yeah there are things that
I think we should be doing with with merchandise maybe you’ve got ideas maybe
if there are things you’d like us to create always let us know so the other
thing this year is more courses and so I want to hold six more courses here this
year so we’ve got one coming up at the weekend next weekend and then I want to
do six more throughout the year on various different things it is a
question obviously with so many things of spacing things out yeah so that
there’s time to do them properly and time to do everything else as well and
time to recover because all of these things every additional thing
just to give it gives me a little bit more income for each item acquired so so
that’s that bit and then I’m doing some courses this year I’m still learning hmm
I have a constant flow of courses that I’m doing so this year finishing up my
PDC which is a permaculture design certificate so I’ve done studying twice
over but the first time I did it I did it for the information as opposed to
actually getting the certificate so it wasn’t something it was certificated
it’s not rightly that I’ll do it wasn’t certificated so now I’m
redoing it so I’ve got the certificate those exciting things coming at the end
of that mm-hmm and I’m also doing and I’m also doing some other studying by
things like filmmaking no he rattled off a huge great list of them and I was
thinking that the Mongolian nose flute studies didn’t sound very appealing
he’s just think I am so I’m doing simple things like film making film production
and editing skills and things like that which are fine really I’m really
interested in those things haven’t gone beyond the basic I’m shooting hope yeah
moving forward with my with my editing skills a bit more I’m really looking
forward yeah I’m looking forward to learning how to use my computer wrong
thing camera and data and humor and my software and who said that he was gonna
come down and spend a bit of time when we teach me more how to use my camera
which is great because it’s a superb camera that mr. Jay bought me two or
three years ago and I just haven’t learnt very much how to use it other
than to turn it on make sure something’s in focus and start talking those thing
with toys isn’t it yeah we often have things that have got much greater
capability than we have the knowledge how to use them
yeah and I think you know we’re both like in
some ways we’re both like that with our computers actually mm-hmm but you get to
the point of using what you’re comfortable with yes
and then you know maybe you stretch out and try something a bit yeah bit extra
but I think you know if not I’ve got the camera with and it’s got all these
bilities then really yeah absolutely obviously one other goal for the year is
the ongoing maintenance and repurposing and tinkering with the things as we go
yeah much of which we have no idea what that’s gonna be in till it needs to be
done but we mentioned for example the reduction in poultry flock yeah and as
part of that they’re moving away from some of the space that they’ve been
using some of its already been repurposed yeah some of it we need to do
some work on in order to be able to repurpose it because it’s got four or
five years worth of chicken poop in it we’re just gonna be great oh absolutely
great absolutely but there is that space then that we can then work out how to
reuse it best yes although I quite like to move the chickens out of their staple
over the condo which is just like a double statement space isn’t it and I’m
just happening I’m waving like this and have them in the field at the back which
means that if we completely clean up all that staple space once it’s all cleaned
and done that would be great as a packing space for the veg boxes and
storage space of joy goods yeah and there was also the spaces that had had
the turkeys in the turkey palace which have been the chicken palace and again
that was somewhere you were thinking of using for packing and and so forth yeah
but when we first moved here that was going to be your garden room you I was
expected to find us sleeping out there now I finally sleeping in the polytope I
forgot my own stuff and we could still make night in took Gardner and that
would be lovely wasn’t it it’s such a nice space unfortunately the open side
it’s so sunny it’s an open front it barn storage out it’s just a cover – yeah
it’s night building but the open side faces due west which is where all wind
comes from so the wind and the rain just goes straight through it which is why we
cut frontage on it but it’s still a it’s an open front it’s that’s chicken wire
Mason isn’t it more to contain the birds but we need to allow the air to flow
through it because I think otherwise it would rip it back to the ground
particularly the windows in the last few days so yeah there are there’s lots of
maintenance stuff as things like the fence posts all around the outside of
there yeah odd ones are those need replacing yeah just because they’ve been
there for five six seven years so some of those need mending so there is that
kind of ongoing maintenance and the other thing that we are going to do very
soon because it is very nearly Valentine’s
Day we’re going to clean out the reed bed so our our sewage our waste water
and sewage goes into a septic tank and then all the liquid matter from that
goes into a reed bed cistern where it filters through which cleans the water
and then it runs off and every year we have to declutter the reed bed because
I’ve seen the reed grow and it becomes very clogged and that doesn’t really do
any favors so it it isn’t genuine genuinely a Valentine treat it just
happened to be the first year we were here we did it on Valentine’s Day and
the second year we were cleaning it out and we were asked it was Valentine’s Day
so became a bit of a running joke and it’s nearly Valentine’s Day so I mean
manatees doing yes so as long as it’s not chucking it down with snow at the
time we may well be out there on Valentine’s Day
clearing the reeds and and some of the gunk
it’s the gunk that’s the problem isn’t it yes facemasks yeah and it’s not we’re
not talking about just mud it’s modern it’s rotted diamond it’s all rotted and
leaves and things like that so but we’ll take the come right when we do that the
chickens always enjoy that chickens enjoy it and show you the process not
necessarily so much of us just clearing the reedbeds about how our water system
our water mmm filter system works that and the other goals for 2020 lots and
lots and lots of videos and liz has lists you’ll find out more about them as
the year progresses I do have less I have got I’ve got lots and lots of ideas
of things I want to share and show you what we’re doing exciting start yeah I’m
really excited about the year ahead for videos all right at Sunday’s I’m really
excited about the year ahead so 2020 what’s it got in store more of
the same but different we have the plans for changing and repurposing space we
have some plans for our poultry and for the growth of the veg boxes and for new
courses and for a filmic active episodes and adventures yeah
the maintenance yeah and for an awful lot of stuff that we have no idea that
it’s gonna happen because that’s how life works like for
example a tree over there that I’ve just noticed that seems to be leaning at a
precarious angle and wasn’t probably an hour ago yeah I think I think the winds
may have caught one of the trees so we probably need to go out check that out
see what we need to do yeah and so wherever you are in the world and
whatever you’ve got planned for today I hope it’s good one I also hope you’ll
join us again next time

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