How Did I Gain So Much Weight? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

How Did I Gain So Much Weight? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

have you ever looked in the mirror and
just wondered where the heck did all of this weight come from I know that I did
and it was crazy to think that I didn’t see it happening hello everyone welcome
to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet I’m Violet I’m a psychologist the reason
I make these videos is to help people to understand that your physical health and
mental health come together to create your overall sense of well-being if you
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for people to put on weight as we get older and the estimate says that we put
on between 1 to 2 pounds over the course of a year which means that after about
10 years we could have put on as much as 20 pounds if we weren’t paying attention
to our weight now most people who are not in a dieting process are not
weighing themselves regularly and so therefore most people are not even aware
myself included that the weight is rising this is problematic because at
some point we look into the mirror and recognize that we have gained a
significant amount of weight and are now as it was in my case 70 pounds
overweight without even realizing that that had happened I want to talk about
why it’s possible to put on weight and not even notice that it’s happening so
there’s two different things there’s the slow weight gain that we have happen
that happens naturally to most people but then there’s also accelerated weight
gain which can happen mostly because of things that happen in our lives so the
the one that I feel very likely affected me was having problems occur in life so
when there’s some kind of crisis that happens in your life whether it’s the
passing of a loved one or a really significant financial
situation that happens or a job changed or when some really large significant
event happens in your life the birth of a child even when these things happen a
lot of the time your weight changes significantly interestingly enough with
the birth of a child it’s not only the females weight that changes oftentimes
men will gain weight as well why these events are stressful and when we’re
stressed our cortisol levels rise cortisol is one of the hormones that
help us to manage stress so it’s part of the fight or flight situation that we
live when we are stressed the reason that cortisol rising and being high for
long periods of time affects our weight is because when cortisol rises we have a
release of carbohydrates back into our system in order to allow fast energy
fast so our body is looking for us to solve a problem that we’re in danger is
some sort and for a very biological point of view in our history when we
were in danger we needed energy to be able to sprint and quickly solve a
problem now let’s keep it in mind that also our brain takes a lot of energy as
well and our brain does use carbohydrates as well your body is
trying to fuel the parts of you that are gonna aid in the solution so it’s
fueling your muscles and it’s peeling your brain with carbohydrates so it’s
natural and normal for this to happen however if I’m constantly creating a
situation where I now I have high levels of carbohydrates because my body is
keeping a little bit extra floating around in my system because it believes
that I have a problem that I need to quickly solve but the stressor is a
long-term stressor so for example the birth of baby often takes months to get
used to change of a job again takes months to take get used to the the
getting over the grief of a loved one passed it takes months to get used to so
all the while that we are in this cortisol high because our body is
stressing that extra carbohydrates that’s in our blood that’s something
else see when there’s a lot of carbs in our system and our body believes that
there’s something happening well the other thing it can trigger is the idea
that well there there must be something that needs to be solved so it also
unleashes eventually when it’s there for a long time so eventually when the
carbohydrates are there for a long time your body actually also starts to
release lama’s ohms and they produce inflammation in the body so
unfortunately because your body is trying to figure out the stress and
figure out like to solve problems a lot of carbs in your system let’s in
flammables become that deployed in the body of course that means now I have
also inflammation happening in my body the more inflammation that I have in my
body the more water retention I have right so that cause that causes swelling
that causes so really important for us to understand that high levels of stress
over a very long period of time does cause weight gain now sometimes some of
these changes that you’re living also change the way that you’re eating so for
it we have the physiological things that are happening more cortisol more sugar
in the system inflammation starting to occur but we add to that the fact that
we’re eating differently so it could be that maybe part of my stressor of this
new family is that I’m eating slightly differently because the baby’s there and
so maybe the quality of food that I’m eating is a bit different or if there’s
more carbs in it because I’m eating faster foods maybe I’m eating
differently because I’m working and I am not able to cook as much and so so a lot
of the times especially in a grief situation where we don’t have focus to
cook we end up eating faster foods and fast foods often have lesser quality so
more processed foods means likely more carbohydrates means again I’m adding to
the carbohydrates that I’m ingesting so what we have in this situation is the
foods we are eating that might have been healthier are now less healthy and we
have more sugar floating around in our system we add to this that often times
when we have major changes that happen in our life our routine is different
which might then mean that the activities that I’m engaging are
different so my ability to get to the gym and exercise or to engage in any
sports that I might have been doing might be diminished my ability to take
good care of myself in terms of seeing the my friends and family so making sure
that emotionally I’m doing well might be diminished all the things that I tend to
do to keep myself healthy are being interfered with and
that’s of course gonna affect what wait I’m on living at another reason that we
might have an increase in weight and that the weight gain might be faster is
if something happens to us medically so if my health changes then that could
affect the weight because a lot of the times when I have a health issue I might
be given medication medication often changes the weight we’re living with
because the medication changes our hormone balances changes what’s
happening inside is chemically our body’s reaction again inflammation our
body’s reaction to trying to either solve what the medication is doing or
even just solving the problem we had initially by deploying inflammation
again can hot cause our weight to rise it’s really important for us to
recognize that when we are unhealthy because of some kind of physical change
is happening that that’s going to affect the weight we are leaving our life at
what do we do when we find that we’ve looked in the mirror and now we’re much
heavier than we used to be how do we solve this problem
unfortunately there is often a desire to go back to our good weight immediately I
don’t want to be here I I don’t like the way that I look I’m uncomfortable maybe
I’m not able to do the activities that I was doing before so I’m tired sluggish
etc and our first thought is how can I quickly get back to goal weight get back
to normal weight I want everyone to understand that when we have this
mindset so we notice a problem and want an immediate solution unfortunately we
are setting ourselves up to fail multiple reasons the most important
being it’s not possible to change your weight in a short period of time and
when I say short period of time what I mean is if you have bought more than
five pounds to lose that’s not going to happen in a week that’s not going to
happen maybe even in a month we all need to look at ourselves and decide what is
my long-term and then work towards that goal so let’s
look at the healthy ways that we would be able to solve this problem of oh my
god I gained weight and I didn’t even notice when we try to diminish our
weight quickly and then it doesn’t work we’ll be disappointed and if we’re
disappointed at the progress that we’re making we’re less likely to keep
investing in continued work and if we’re not continuing to invest in working what
happens over time we will not only stop losing but we will possibly go back to
the place where we’re gaining again setting up a realistic goal and then
putting the steps in I need to put in to attain that goal means long-term weight
loss so first of all when we look at it as a health issue rather than strictly a
weight issue we’re much more likely to solve the problem correctly because from
a health point of view being at a good weight talks about eating correctly
talks about doing enough exercise talks about being able to use our body the way
that is healthy and helps us to enjoy life better and it also talks about our
internals functioning well right you’re much more likely to have proper
functioning internals when you’re at a a healthy weight it’s not guaranteed but
it’s more likely so investing in solving that problem over a period of time
rather than trying to quickly do it in a few months is to your benefit because it
makes sure that your internals are able to get back to a place where they’re
functioning well you want your heart to be working well you want your liver your
pancreas your kidneys to be functioning properly and able to clean up the system
the way that they’re supposed to so the way that we do this is that we set
ourselves up that our body can care for itself
appropriately on a daily basis and the best way is to start with number 1 which
is the food that I’m eating by eating the highest quality food that you can so
that means if you can afford organic and grass-fed eat that
if what you can afford is grocery store food and you can afford grocery store
steaks and pork chops and grocery store lettuce and good quality vegetables eat
that if what you can afford is grocery store burgers and hotdogs not bread but
I’m talking about but the patties and the ground beef eat that you need to
look at your budget and buy the quality that you can afford remember that we’re
aiming for higher fat content a lot of the times that works in our favor
because the higher the fat content the less it costs in the store that benefits
you but I want you to go shopping for the best quality food you can because
the better the quality of nutrients that you were eating the better quality body
you will build if I build a better body it will function better and it helps me
to be able to manage things well so that’s step one let’s fuel ourselves in
the best possible healthiest way while we’re doing this I’m asking you to keep
your carbohydrates low doing a low carb lifestyle weight would mean that you’re
eating less than 125 grams of carbs per day or you can do a ketogenic lifestyle
which is what I really do suggest for most people keeping your carbohydrates
20 grams of carbs per day lower than 20 grams of carbs per day if you want to do
a carnivore lifestyle you can also do that then you just be focusing on the
meats my point is the fewer carbs you have especially if you’re trying to
solve a weight problem trying to solve a metabolic issue taking your carbs really
low helps your body to have less inflammation helps your body to use the
energy that you’re eating and then tap the fat that you have stored rather than
storing carbohydrates as fats and eating a really good-quality diet also gives
you the protein that you need to build a body that’s going to be healthier
I would also encourage you that if you can afford it and you find it palatable
to eat things like the organ meats the organ meats actually contain a lot of
the micronutrients that we need so allowing yourself to eat the liver and
the brain and the parts of the body that usually we don’t eat we usually go for
the muscle meat but allowing yourself to eat these other parts will give you
better nutrients again you’re trying to build the best quality body that you can
I started this off by talking about the fact that your weight game might have
been caused by big stressors that happens in your life and the other thing
that you can do to help yourself to manage your weight better is to pay
attention to these stressors and approach them directly if you’re
suffering a grief situation it’s tempting to try to not think about the
person it’s tempting to try to pretend that you’re strong and everything’s ok
it’s ok to be sad it’s ok to miss that person it’s ok to let yourself get those
emotions out so cry and be sad the truth is by engaging grief directly and
allowing yourself to go through that process right now you will feel better
sooner and in engage your life so get back to your normal life faster than if
you push the grief away if you have a work situation that needs to be
addressed if you have a relationship a situation that needs to be addressed if
you have a friendship social situation whether you’re lacking friends or having
trouble with your friends moving towards these situations and addressing them
directly is what’s gonna help you to manage your life better solve these
problems so that your cortisol levels can come down living repeatedly in a
stressful situation because I’m not managing my problems with my spouse for
example and so on a daily basis being super stressed whenever you’re around
your spouse keeps those cortisol levels high and stops you from managing your
life so then stops you from managing your weight problems if you need
psychological help so a therapist to help you through this I encourage you to
do that because the sooner you solve the problem the sooner you can start address
in your health issues being overweight and having too much cortisol which means
having too much sugar in your system can lead to diabetic issues can lead to
heart issues can lead to other issues because excess carbs in your system
regardless of where it’s coming from is still excess carbs in your system so to
really try your best to address these things it’s so important to manage your
psychological health and then manage your eating habits so that you can get
your body to a physical place where you feel good and I want to make sure that
I’m clear on this please if you take the time to invest in your physical
well-being so eating a better quality diet eating a better quality low carb /
ketogenic lifestyle if you take the time to invest in solving all the problems
that were happening in your life when you resume living healthy and when
you’re back at your ideal weight please consider what effort and energy it took
you to get here now that you’re back don’t ruin it by going back to eating
the standard American diet don’t ruin it by allowing chips and cakes and cookies
back into your life consider most people end up gaining about a pound or two a
year just because they’re not paying attention to these things after doing
all the work to get yourself back to a healthy weight don’t ruin it by going
back to the eating habits that got you there in the first place don’t ruin it
by avoiding problems again and allow and acting as if you don’t need to address
things because now I’m in a healthy weight these things are always important
we’ve learned to do them go forward in your life eating well go forward in your
life taking care of yourself so being physically active socializing
appropriately and solving any psychological emotional work-related
issues that come up solve them family related issues that come up solve them
right away I really hope you found this video helpful and if you’re not already
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want to thank you for watching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet I
love making these videos for you guys I can’t wait to talk to you in the next

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