62 thoughts on “How to Choose Healthy Foods That Help You Lose Weight

  1. Eat avacados, spinach/kale, grapes, bananas, quorn & cereals with semi skimmed milk + lots of water, that helped me, however if your a GIANT American, unlike me (English) then i feel sorry for you, but good luck burning those Cals 😀

  2. @melodysapos2010 It depends on what kind of fat.
    Like potato chips have fat in it, it doesn't mean it's good for you at all.
    But at the same time, peanut butter has fat, and it's good to eat 1 tablespoon a day.

  3. @jasonsandoval052408 exactly!!!!
    We (we as in Americans, not we as in my family, cause we eat REALLY healthy) could have saved so much money if we just passed on the super-sized fries. Could have saved us a few bucks a week, and definitely saved us a trip to the doctor to get a lap band.

    Yep. That's America for you. The land of the obese.

  4. Djust don't eat foot that contains gemicals. i stil eat just as fat. but not with dangerus gemicals. and i am losing waght slow but stable. and don't eat food that contains aspertane!!

  5. @robortalien No. You need to gain precisely 2177 grams. Not kilograms, GRAMS. Or, two point one seven seven kilos

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  7. does it taste like shit : eat it every single day
    is it really really yummy : run like hell so you will stay away from it

  8. @TheSmartchick2000 …Er… You think that shake is gross-looking? I'm sorry, but that's basically the same as every other smoothie. xD You just have to strain out the blueberry bits.

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  22. ENOUGH WITH THE WEIGHT LOSS SELF PLUGS and by the way drinking white tea instead of green tea gives you more nutrition

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  31. It's one of those lazy days where I'm kinda hungry, but super lazy, so I just watch other people talk about food online xD

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