How to Cook Lumpiang Hubad

How to Cook Lumpiang Hubad

“Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy!
Today we’ll be cooking another healthy dish”
because healthier to eat more vegetables, right?
and today we’ll be cooking vegetable springrolls “Lumpiang Hubad”
here’s the ingredients we need for this recipe
Mexican turnip
baguio bean or long green beans
sweet potato
we’ll also need onions
brown sugar
00:00:56,000 –>00:00:58,000
corn starch
fish sauce
ground black pepper
and of course, Knorr Pork Cubes
aside from these, we’ll also be needing water and cooking oil
and here are the list of all the ingredients and their measurements
Are you ready?
Come and join me as I cook.
In a medium heat pan, saute your thin sliced onions (chopped or minced onions will do). Saute for 30 seconds or until onions separates into strips.”
now, lets add garlic
this garlic was minced using mortar
for me, more garlic is advisable for this dish
Saute until onions are cooked and garlic turns into golden brown
Now, lets add pork
What I used in this recipe is pork shoulder cut into cubes so we can cook it faster
Saute until pork turns light brown in color
you may also use other pork parts such as loin as long as it is cut into small cubes
00:03:10,000 –>00:03:14,000
And now that our pork in brown, we may add water
we need to tenderize the pork so we have to simmer this later
lets now pour water into our pan and let it simmer
the amount of water we need depends on the pork part we are using
In this recipe, I used 1 1/2 cups of water
00:03:35,000 –>00:03:43,000
But if you think the part you are using cannot be easily tenderized, you may add water.
About 2 cups more or less, so that we can let it simmer longer for much tender pork.
Remember that pork becomes more tender when simmered longer
cover and bring to boil
once boiling, we may now add our Knorr Pork Cube
I always use this when cooking Lumpiang Hubad so that we may have a full blown pork flavor
stir it
and then cover
cover until pork is tender
make sure we are still between low to medium heat,
We are almost done once water evaporates from our cooking pan
now its ready,
we’ll just have to stir it
then we may add other ingredients
the best way to know if the pork is good to go is to take a small portion and taste it
this way, we can assume whether the pork is already cooked or if we still need to simmer this a little more
let us now add our parsley
this is a flat-leaf parsley that I chopped
you may also use coriander if parsley is not available
I include this because it adds freshness to our Lumpiang Hubad
Now, Lets add our carrots
This is a julienne carrot cut into strips
next is sweet potato
this sweet potato is also cut into strips
but you may also cut it into cubes
just like how we did in our Lumpiang Sariwa using fresh lumpia wrapper
it depends on your preference
Mix it until vegetables are soft. Add a little bit of water
it’s more or less 1/2 cup of water
let’s mix it again and cover the cooking pot
mix it for 1 to 2 minutes and then add the other ingredients
add long green beans or what we call “Baguio beans”
what i did is cut it crosswise, slightly diagonal and thin at the same time
now lets add our shredded cabbage or “repolyo”
It is important to toss all the ingredients for equal distribution of flavor
so as for the veggies to be cooked equally.
toss until cabbage and long green beans are cooked
cover and cook for 5 minutes
after 5 minutes, it is now ready
we can now season this
season with fish sauce and ground black pepper
For some who doesnt use fishsauce,
you may also use salt
you may use salt as a subtitute to fish sauce
aside from pork, you may use other types of proteins in this recipe such as tofu and/or chicken
we may now add our fish sauce or salt
season depending on your taste
ground black pepper
toss again
toss slowly, we doesnt want our veggies to be crushed / overmixed
once mixed, we may now add our Mexican Turnip
this Mexican Turnip was cut into strips
I add this as last ingredient because this adds crispy texture to our dish and gives that “crunch in every bite” feeling
and this recipe is best when you can savour that texture
imagine how flavorful our dish is and at the same time that unique texture when eating
Speaking of sauce, let’s set aside our cooked Lumpiang Hubad. Transfer it to a serving plate.
In making sauce, first, put water in the saucepan. We only need a small one.
Let it boil
while waiting for the water to boil, mix constarch and a little bit of water (for dilution)
dilute constarch in water
mix very well using a teasepoon until it is completely diluted
Then set aside
on boiling water, add soy sauce
then add garlic
I add garlic into the sauce because I wanted it to be well cooked
so that flavor won’t be that strong
most of the time, Lumpiang Sariwa or Lumpiang Hubad have that strong garlic flavor.
This means that the garlic is still raw and has that distinctive spicy taste
Some may like such flavors but for beginners, its advisable to cook the garlic well for a mild flavor
but if you’re already used to it, you may have garlic as topping instead of cooking it with its sauce
depending on your preferences
let us now add our dark brown sugar
mix until sugar dissolves in boiling water
after this, lets add our diluted cornstarch
its purpose is to thicken our sauce
as you may observe, while we stir it,
our sauce thickens
I placed only half of the constarch mixture to make sure I’m getting the right texture of the sauce
gradually add the cornstarch mixture until our sauce thickens
keep stirring as we are adding our conrstarch mixture so it won’t precipitate
now that the desired consistency of the sauce was achieved, top it in our Lumpiang Hubad placed in a serving bowl
and then top it with peanuts
then serve
this is now our Lumpiang Hubad
top our sauce and peanuts
Let’s go and taste it!
Come, let’s taste this!
wow the color looks beautiful
the color makes it so appetizing
let’s see how does this taste?
it’s so delicious and so flavorful
and the texture is there
that is why we added the mexican turnip last
you know what, the food is different when its tasty
but when we add more texture to it like this “crunchy” feeling, we tend to enjoy our food more
plus the sauce and the peanuts which adds another texture
This is really great!
It’s so delicious!
You should try this recipe
this may be simple to cook but as of the flavor, I’m sure you’ll love this
I hope you learned something new today
a healthy dish that you may cook daily
much better if you cook it daily so that you may practice and perfect this
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