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  1. I dated a guy who's mom put apples and pineapples in their stuffing for Thanksgiving, and I love stuffing. My feelings were so hurt that day, thank God there was no potato salad. I couldn't bet let down like that again🤧

  2. I’ve literally never seen a raisin in potato salad before, and apparently that makes me lucky because it seems like it’s a traumatic experience for those who have seen it

  3. No raisins for sure. Never thought of grading the onion great touch. I would like to see Mac and cheese w/out Velveeta and your take on baked beans.

  4. Raisins? Is that even a thing? As an Ashkenazic Jew, that sounds like something my people would do, if we made potato salad, which we generally don’t. Not that it would be terrible – as long as they were properly rehydrated – but I feel like the job of potato salad is to provide a fatty and starchy recess between all of the more aggressively seasoned dishes.

  5. I don't like potatoes in general but when it's well seasoned, I'll eat a couple of bites. It makes me cringe with each bite about how many fast digesting carbs are going into my body though. (Diabetes runs in my family so I am careful about carbs.)

  6. Looks good but can't have hot sauce no miracle whip or relish I add cucumbers that's the way my momma made it

  7. Is this some black history month bullshit or are we gonna see more people of color on tasty. Technically half if not more of these recipes have been stolen from us anyway. I’m feelin old boy but not the fool who crafted this recipe or the script. What black person leaves the skin on potatoes🙄😳🤨🧐 When the Asian tasty chefs come on do they sound like an extra in Kung fu hustle. We don’t talk or sound like nothing like mot of the dialogue I had to listen to in his video. Damn loved tasty for today.

  8. Am I the only one who doesn’t like potato skin on potato salad. I like it on coocked potatoes and when it is fried, but in potato salad it’s just weird

  9. Sick as a dog and now Im craving potato salad. And as a White/Hispanic midwest kinda gal…i do not approve of raisins in potato salad gag

  10. This monstrosity of a recipe has me appalled. You can get full flavor of potato salad with like half these ingredients. I'm appalled. And don't want this anywhere near my cookout. And those canned responders ought to be ashamed of themselves

  11. Hmm not sure about raisins, but worth a try. I made amazing chicken wings on my channel. My guests were amazed 😁

  12. I grew up in an Italian white household and we also used almost everything you did….except the hot sauce and onion (I'm allergic)….People put hot sauce in everything now. I may try that, that sounds good…..Most people love all my foods….Not bragging but this is why a lot of people like my cooking..I season the crap out of everything. I cannot stand bland food.
    People , I don't care what color, nationality you are, season your food….It's much more enjoyable….Thanks !!

  13. Black people on potatoes salad dont mess with the traditional recipe, same for me as Mexican please don't mess with the original version of enchilada sauce.

  14. The only thing my family recipe does differently is half sour cream instead of miracle whip but they both have that tangy thing so I bet they would taste pretty similar.

  15. Flaws: Unpeeled potatoes, grated onion (grating onions increases onion flavor), Dijon and stone ground mustard (Black folks potato salad is yellow. French's yellow mustard only!), eggs are chopped too small, MIRACLE WHIP!!!!!!!!!!!???????(No,No,No,No,No!!!!!!!!!!)…no celery salt. White pepper optional (Check with Big Momma or Aunt Hattie first).

  16. Raisins in traditional potato salad?!? Inhuman! Your sauce threw me. My family uses mayo, sour cream and mustard. As much as I love Frank's, not in my potato salad. Otherwise, basically the same recipe.

  17. Okay so I really don't like egg in my potato salad lol but thats me. Love German potato salad tho its got a nice vinagar kick(if you can eat bacon do try it).

  18. This was amazing. We need a full series starring that seasoned king in the video 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 happy black history month everybody

  19. Raisins do NOT go in everything! Do you know the only thing I put raisins in? That's right, my mouth. Straight out the container. No other way!

  20. Let's try this out!

    sees miracle whip

    dill relish

    sweet relish

    okay what the fuck is this I've never heard of this shit and I can't find it in my country ugh

    (I wish they put the ingredient name instead of the brand for miracle whip :/)

  21. In my family, if the mayo ain't Duke's (I'm a NC girl), don't even bother bringing the potato salad..your bowl will be barely touched, lol. I started grating the onion years ago when my ulcers started kicking after eating raw onions. And raisins will get you disowned and removed from the family tree.

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