How to make Bhakri – भाकरी | Recipe by Archana | Traditional Maharashtrian Food in Marathi

Our routine diet forms of dal, rice, chapatis and a vegetable. But during occasions or when guests are to arrive,.. ..puri or Bhakri (Indian flat bread) will be a part of the menu. So, today I’m here to show how to prepare Bhakri. It’s an unconventional one. This is made using 3 kinds of flour. This is ‘Triguni Bhakri’ Primarily, we’ll let everything come to a boil. Let’s measure the quantity of ingredients. Take a container and
add 1 and a half cup of water in it. Next, we’ll add some salt. Small amounts of oil or ghee. Just little… Around half tbsp. Let’s wait until it boils. Bring it to a boil. The water has boiled, now turn off the stove. Once it’s boiled,.. ..take this container off the stove. Let’s add all 3 flours. First, add 1 cup rice flour. Next comes 1 cup jowar flour. Finally, 1 cup bajra flour. Mix them well. Let it cool down. Wait for 5-10 minutes approximately.. ..until it cools down completely. Now, start kneading as it’s cooled down. While you knead,
apply some water to your hands to avoid it sticking. Knead it well.. ..without adding much water. We are using 1 and a half cup of water to 2 cups of flour. When preparing rice flour Bhakri,
use 1 cup of water to 1 cup of flour. If its bajra and rice flour Bhakri,
use 1 and a half cup of water. Again, apply some water to your hand
and gather it well. We are done with kneading. Check if it’s easily rolled into a ball,
must be soft enough. Should be easy to roll.. ..or else the Bhakri will tend to crack at the edges. Switch the stove on.. ..and preheat the pan. Let’s start rolling the Bhakri. Either take rice flour or all purporse flour (maida) to dab. Now, roll the Bhakri. The best part is, we got the flour mixture boiled.. ..and hence the consistency is firm refraining from cracks. Neatly keep rolling it…
It feels nice to get the desired outcome! Round in shape. Let’s place it onto the pan. Do not lower the flame.. ..and meanwhile let’s roll another Bhakri. Check if it’s cooked. Bhakri is ready! Popular Maharashtrian main course dish,.. ..Bhakri is ready to eat! Triguni Bhakri! But, it should have some accompaniment. Let’s take a onion! For now, Bye!

42 thoughts on “How to make Bhakri – भाकरी | Recipe by Archana | Traditional Maharashtrian Food in Marathi

  1. प्रिय अर्चना ताई,
    सप्रेम नमस्कार,
    आपण तयार केलेल्या रेसिपीज  सोप्या पद्धतिने वर्णन केलेल्या आहेत. सर्व रेसिपीज आवडतात. त्रिगुणी लाटलेली भाकरी मनपसंद .स्वतः भाकरी बनविल्या .सर्वांनी ताव मारला.पदार्थ स्वतः तयार करुन पाहिले. सगळ्यांना आवडले धन्यवाद.शुभेच्छा

  2. Hey Archnatai, you are genius….. Me kiti struggle karat hote this ukad idea is superb me nakki try Karen Thank you so much !!!

  3. amazing idea!!
    query :- tai, usually bhakri tavyawar takli ki apan pani lawato, tasa tumhi dakhawala naie so kay difference aahe.". second, ki bhakri che pith june asle kivha bajartlya pakita madhle aske ki tutate, tar mag kay karayache? kanit takayachi nasel tar.? ashich ukad keli tar hoil ka nit? thank you

  4. hello archana kaki, I must always watch ur recipes regularly which is very delicious recipes, I want to know while making three flour bhakri we can also have another flour that is wheat flour , so can we add them?

  5. I love your simple yet super delicious recipes. Ukad made my bhakris taste good and easy to make. Thank you so much. Tumachya recipes ithe door deshi mala khoop upyogi padatat thank you. Keep posting.

  6. hi archna tai,tumi dhakvalya pramane me Karun bagitale,pan bhakari latatana crack hote,latatha yete nahi,kay kele pahije?

  7. Archana Tai, thank you for sharing great recipes. please let me know how can I make bhakari on electric hot plates.

  8. सर्व कमेंट वचल्यानन्तर निष्कर्ष title चुकलेल वाटतंय

  9. Thank you so much… I learnt and made them and they were awesome..but can you please tell me quantities only for Jowar roti.

  10. Mhnje tai jwaricha peetchi jari bhkri krychi asel tari hi ukduncha ghyche n peetha
    fkkt panyche praman thode jast gyche n
    jase tumhi bolalat tandlchya bhkrila 1 cup peet 1 cup pani
    tasecha jwriche peet 1 cup asel tar 1 1/2 cup pani kaa

  11. Nice lady but she makes it looks a science project. If she doesn't get it exactly right, her kitchen will blow up. On the other hand, she could be the official chef of the Indian Space Program and they're gonna send these bhakris to the moon!

  12. ताई तुम्ही नक्की माझा घरी या मला खूप खूप आनंद वाटेल. तुमचा कडून मला खूप स्वैपाक शिकायचा आहे.

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