How To Make Buffalo Wings – Extra Hot Wings Recipe | Hilah Cooking

How To Make Buffalo Wings – Extra Hot Wings Recipe | Hilah Cooking

Hilah: Go Superbowl. Hey everybody. Welcome
to Hilah Cooking. I’m Hilah. I’m very happy to announce that we
are coming up on our year anniversary of the show. To celebrate that
fact, we’re going to be bringing on a lot of special guests this month.
Today, I have a very special friend that came all the way from
Houston, and she’s going to show us how to make chicken wings for your
Superbowl party. May I introduce Jenny Kelly from ‘I Love Flavor’.
Say hi. Jenny: Hi. Hilah: Hi. What is it about your chicken wings
that makes them so special? Jenny: They are super-super-spicy. Hilah: Awesome, I love spicy. Jenny: Me too. Hilah: You love spicy. Jenny: I do. Hilah: This is terrific, Texas spice. The
Longhorns are not in the Superbowl. Jenny: Sadly, no. Hilah: Sorry. The first thing we’re going
to do is rub the chicken wings with some spices. You want to tell us
about that? Jenny: Yeah. First, we’re going to just take
the chicken wings and then we’re going to put a ranch dip in it.
I know it sounds weird, but it tastes amazing. Hilah: I bet. Jenny: Then the adobo seasoning, which is
just a bunch of garlic and a bunch of spices put together. Really nice. Hilah: I got . . . you can buy whole chicken
wings, but I got the ones that are wing portions, so they’re already
cut up into bite-size pieces. Let’s tear into this baby. Let’s see.
Oh, my God. I’m really strong. This is a little over 2 pounds, which
is a pretty typical package size. I’ll let you put the seasonings
on since your hands aren’t covered in chicken yet. Season them
up, Jenny. Jenny: First we’re going to take the adobo
seasoning and just . . . you don’t have to season it too much, or you
don’t want to get too salty. You pretty much just shake it. Hilah: Just a nice even coating. Jenny: You don’t have to measure, you just
lightly do it. That’s the great thing. That’s fun. Hilah: It’ll be good, no matter what. Jenny: Some awesome goodness. Then the best
part, the ranch dip. Who doesn’t love ranch? I love this stuff. I think
I had this lying around the house one day, and I’m like, “This sounds
good.” Hilah: You put ranch on them anyway, so totally. Jenny: You just shake it over. You don’t have
to, you could just blop it in. Looks fancy. Hilah: Chicken’s good. Then we just . . . Jenny: Dig right in. Hilah: We washed our hands with germs. Just
kidding. It smells good. This is the best-smelling raw chicken I’ve
ever smelled. Jenny: I know. It’s good. I swear it’s that
ranch. Hilah: These are coated, as are our fingertips.
Jenny, you said you could let them rest overnight in the fridge
if you want, but who has time for that? Jenny: I’m too lazy for that, but you can. Hilah: It’s an option. We’re just going to
let them rest like this while we heat up some oil for frying, and
also wash our paws. We’re going to heat up some oil, now that we have
cleaned ourselves. We just heat it up over high? Jenny: It’s usually high, medium-high, depending
on your stovetop. Hilah: I like to cook on high . . . Jenny: We can do that. Hilah: . . . because I like things to be done
fast. Jenny: Let’s do it hot. Hilah: How deep . . . sunnova. How deep oil
do we need? Jenny: I usually do it a couple inches. Hilah: It’s a terrible question. Jenny: Probably about 2 inches, because you
want it to cover the chicken entirely, that way you don’t have
to flip it over as much, takes a lot less time. Hilah: It cooks up the sides and everything. Jenny: Usually about 32 ounces, 48 ounces,
depending on your pot. It works. Hilah: That looks like maybe just under an
inch. Jenny: Probably 2 inches would be good. That’s
perfect. Hilah: Awesome. Jenny says perfect. While
we’re waiting for that to heat up, why don’t you tell us a little about
how you got started with your show and what you’re doing with it. Jenny: One day . . . I love cooking. I always
loved cooking. I love to cook with flavor, make it easy. Lots of my
friends don’t know how to cook. Hilah: Me too. Jenny: They’re like, “You need to get on YouTube.
You need to do something so we can actually learn how to
cook.” I’m like, “OK.” Pretty much bought a video camera that day,
bought all the stuff, and started playing around on camera. Hilah: Just learn as you go. Jenny: Yeah. It’s fun. Hilah: You definitely look like you’re having
fun in the videos. Jenny: I have a lot of fun, but it’s all food.
It’s good. It’s all about the food. I want to focus on flavor,
easy cooking, and just having fun. Hilah: Cooking should be fun. Jenny: I know. Hilah: I think people get hung up on it and
they’re like, “It’s so hard.” Jenny: It shouldn’t be a chore. Hilah: Exactly. Jenny: I taught myself how to cook. My parents
did not cook, ever. Hilah: How old were you when you started cooking? Jenny: I think 12-13; I stared at Food Network
for hours, day and night, because I didn’t even know how to do
anything. I knew how to make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,
but whenever it came to even chicken or anything like macaroni
and cheese . . . Hilah: Nothing? Wow. Jenny: It was fun. Hilah: Did you cook dinner for your family? Jenny: I did. I failed a lot. I screwed stuff
up. Hilah: We all fail sometimes. Jenny: It’s a learning curve. I started to
cook dinners for my family, and now I’m the person who makes Thanksgiving
and Christmas dinner. Hilah: Awesome. Jenny: It was a little intimidating at first,
but they love it. I’m the family favorite at the moment because
I can cook. Hilah: Congratulations, you’ve made it. Jenny: Kind of. Baby steps. It tastes good,
so as long as the food tastes good. It works. It’s fun. Hilah: Cool. Maybe we should . . . do you
want to check the oil? Jenny: What I do is just as . . . I don’t
leave the oil for long periods of time because I’m still learning;
I don’t know exactly the timing. The way you watch the oil turn into
hot, you either can stick the wooden spoon in, and then you stick it
right in. If it starts to bubble, that means it’s hot enough. Hilah: Cool, that’s a good trick. Jenny: Definitely. Hilah: Tell me if this looks good. Jenny: You can just ease it on in. Hilah: It’s totally happening. Jenny: That’s perfect. That’s good. Hilah: Now we’ll just put them all in. Jenny: Make sure you ease it on in so that
you don’t burn yourself, since it is hot oil. I have burned myself
so many times. Hilah: I know. Jenny: You really won’t burn yourself if you
just ease it on in. I just was impatient, and just was like ‘chicken.’ Hilah: Throw them all in at once [inaudible:
06:52] explosion. Jenny: You can squish them all in, they can
touch. After a couple of minutes of cooking, we just shake them up
a little bit and make sure they don’t stick to the bottom. They’re really
good to go. Hilah: Using a really deep pot like this helps
prevent splatters too, like you were saying. I’m stirring them; is
that OK? Jenny: Yeah, it is. Hilah: I just started doing it. Jenny: After I usually put them in the pot,
I immediately stir it up so they don’t stick together. After that,
you just watch it off and on. [inaudible: 07:23] We can also put the
hot oil pan cover on it too, if you’re worried about splatter. There
you go. The cool thing about that is it keeps your counter clean.
I hate to clean, I do. Hilah: You have to do it. Jenny: It’s just something . . . Hilah: It’s a chore. These will cook . . . Jenny: About 20-25 minutes, depending. It
usually takes me about 25 minutes. Not too long. Hilah: No. We got to make a sauce, so that’s
the perfect thing to do . . . Jenny: There you go. Hilah: . . . while this is cooking. I’m going
to actually move this to the back burner so we can use the front. Jenny: We can do that. Hilah: Now we’re going to put the sauce together
while those continue to fry. What have we got here? Jenny: We got some Hooter’s sauce. Any wing
sauce will be good, but Hooter’s is always good. We’re just going
to spice up some Hooter’s sauce. Hilah: Sounds easy. We trust Hooter’s. They
know about wings. Jenny: They do, and it’s good. Hilah: A cup of this? Jenny: I do just over a cup, so you don’t
have to do the whole thing. It just works out to be just enough. Hilah: That looks like about a cup. Jenny: That was perfect. Hilah: What we going to spice it with? Jenny: First, we’re going to sweeten it up
a little bit with some dark brown sugar. Hilah: Nice. Jenny: Make it . . . if you like them extra
hot and extra spicy, you don’t have to do the dark brown sugar. That’s
the sweet element. Hilah: They’re still spicy; it’s just there’s
going to be a nice balance. Jenny: It’s definitely going to be spicy,
but you’ll be able to enjoy your wings a little bit better. You’ll have
taste buds by the end of it. I just used 1/2 cup. I do the old-fashioned,
just pour it all in. Hilah: Eyeball it. Jenny: Eyeball it method. 1/2 cup is always
good. Then we get the fun stuff, just Worcestershire sauce. I just do
about a teaspoon of this, which is just about a couple of blobs just
all around. That’s a good bottom layer element to it. Hilah: A little depth. Jenny: Who doesn’t love garlic? I’m a little
obsessed. I just shake it all in. Hilah: You like shaking stuff. Jenny: I do. It’s fun. About a teaspoon, or
if you’re real excited and you love garlic, and you want more garlicky
wings, do a tablespoon. Hilah: This is totally . . . obviously, you
can make this however you like. This is how you like it. Jenny: It’s how I like it. Some people don’t
like garlic, so you don’t have to add it. All of these . . . Hilah: Those people are crazy. Jenny: I know, they’re crazy. Onion powder,
which is always good. Again, the same . . . I usually do the same
amount of onion powder as I do garlic powder, so a teaspoon or tablespoon,
and then just a little bit of pepper. Why not? Hilah: Pepper’s good. Jenny: It’s in the kitchen. I usually do about
5 grates. You can do a pinch or 2 pinches. This is some old-fashioned
measuring right now. Paprika, I just do a pinch or so. This is
just adding a little bit more spiciness to it. Hilah: Some color, too. Jenny: It makes it fun. I know a lot of people
don’t have these spices, so they don’t really have to add all
of them, but it just kicks up your sauce [inaudible: 10:41]. Hilah: Just add whichever ones you happen
to have around. Jenny: Definitely. That’s what I did. I just
one day . . . that’s how I created this sauce. I’m like, “I love Hooter’s
sauce, but I want to [inaudible: 10:50].” I went to my pantry and
grabbed all the spices, and just like, “Let’s have a taste test.”
It was fun. Hilah: The best things are invented that way. Jenny: That’s right. It’s always good. This
is cayenne red pepper, which is also fun and spicy. Hilah: Fun equals spicy in this case. Jenny: This is pretty cool; this is a blend
of black and red pepper, but it’s called Hot Shot. I saw the name to
be honest with you, and I’m like, “I have to try this.” Hilah: The marketing worked. Jenny: It did. This is . . . if you want to
make something super- spicy, it’s fun. Hilah: I just want to try it. Jenny: Try it. It’s good. It has a little
kick. Hilah: It’s just peppers. There’s no salt
in it? Nice. Jenny: I don’t think so. Hilah: There’s not. Jenny: The cool thing is we’re not really
adding any salt. I know there is some salt in some of this stuff,
but not much. You just season it up a little bit. That’s really it.
All you’re going to do is heat it up and simmer it. Hilah: Just simmer it. The brown sugar is
making it turn a really rich color. That’s pretty. I’m just trying to break
up the lumps, and then we’ll turn it down to simmer and let it integrate.
We’re just going by the color on these, right? Jenny: Yeah. What I do is I like them extra-crispy.
It’s that dark brown, not really burnt, but really close
to being burnt look to it. The reason why I like it extra-crispy is because
it tastes so good with the sauce. If you don’t make it extra-crispy,
it sometimes tastes gooey and the chicken isn’t fully cooked. Hilah: Soggy. Jenny: A lot of restaurants sometimes don’t
cook their wings extra- crispy, so I actually request it for extra-crispy. Hilah: I never thought about that. Jenny: It tastes so much better, and it’s
a whole new experience. I love it. Hilah: As you said, it’s been exactly 25 minutes. Jenny: There you go. Let’s see. Hilah: Check them out; beautiful golden brown. Jenny: That’s exactly what you want, that
golden brown but not burnt look. Hilah: Just a shy of burn. Now I’ll turn the
heat off. Jenny: That’s what I do; I just turn it off
because that way I don’t forget. Then I do a hard shake, and then just
put them in paper towels. That drains off all the nice hot oil
that we don’t want everywhere. Hilah: It makes them a little more diet-friendly. Jenny: Exactly, a diet-friendly food, but
it tastes so good. You’re not going to kill the wings either by squeezing
them. which is nice. Hilah: They’re pretty sturdy. These are drained
a little bit, so we’re just going to magic trick . . . Jenny: There you go. Just pull them up, Hilah: The table’s still set. Do you want
to do the honors? Jenny: If I must. All I do is I just . . . you
just drizzle it right over the wings so it . . . slowly pour it,
drizzle it, just to coat it. You just stir them up to coat it. Hilah: Wow. These look good. Jenny: They go around the merry go round-type
thing. Just flip them. Whenever you’re stirring it, you don’t kill
the chicken, you just slightly turn it. It’s really not . . . there’s
no beautiful art or science to this, you just make sure it’s all
coated, and we’re done. Hilah: Awesome. Who left this here? Jenny: Wow. I have no idea. Looks good. Hilah: Let’s put these chicken wings on it. Jenny: They’re beautiful. Hilah: They are totally beautiful. We’re going
to need some napkins, paper towels. Let’s try them. I want this
one. Jenny: Choices. I’m going right for the center. Hilah: That is wicked. Jenny: That’s good. These are really good.
I think I make them better with you. Hilah: These are awesome. Thank you so much
for coming and sharing. Jenny: Thank you for having me. This is awesome. Hilah: Thank you, Jenny, for sharing your
awesome recipe with us. Guys, her channel is called ‘I Love Flavor’.
She’s in my cooking buddy section down there. Subscribe if you’re not
already subscribed to me; also do that please. We’ll see you later.

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