How to make Healthy Morning Breakfast – Herbalife Shake

Hellow Friends, When we wake up in the morning. We think, what we should have in morning breakfast? So I am going to tell you a healthy morning breakfast Its Herbalife Shake. Its in 4 flowers, Chocolate, Vanilla, Mango and Orange Cream And it has to take with protein powder You will need a shake cup for make Herbalife shake You will get this from online Ebay, Amazone or any offline cutlery shop in Rs. 100 to 300 I have herbalife Branded Shaker cup I am going to gift you this shake cups. Contact me I will tell you ‘How I will gift you this’! I am making chocolate shake I will make it with milk You have to take low fat milk There will be level marking on shaker cup use 200 ml milk The milk package is of 500 ml, use half of it. Its 200 ml milk now You are getting a FREE spoon with this products. This spoon will be in Protein powder tin. Take 2 spoons of chocolate and 1 spoon vanilla. and 1 spoon protein powder put the net of shaker cup on the cup and close the lid properly. Mix it normally and then shake mix it properly shake like this. powder should touch to net of the cup so it will mix properly. you can add ice cube also if you want. Our normal breakfast like Poha, Bhakhri,thepla, parotha we do not get proper nutrients from all those breakfast You are getting more then 100+ nutrients from this HERBALIFE SHAKE. SHAKE IT… SHAKE.. So, You have to take this shake each morning. I had my shake, but I want to tell something. if you don’t have shaker cup and have a blender or Mixer you can take 200 ml milk in a jug use 3 spoon shake and 1 spoon protein powder and bland properly. you can use mixer also. ALWAYS REMEMBER — 200 ml milk, 3 spoon shake and 1 spoon protein powder. you can do topping also. strawberry crush + vanilla you can use any fruits to mix. anything you mix that should be HEALTHY.. Our Aim is to have a “HEALTHY MORNING BREAKFAST”.

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