How to Make Potato Pancakes – Classic Potato Pancakes Recipe

How to Make Potato Pancakes – Classic Potato Pancakes Recipe

Hello this is Chef John from with Potato Pancakes
one of my favorite potato preparations
it’s something I just don’t make often enough
its super easy to make
take two pounds actually I had 2 and a quarter
2 pounds of russet potatos
peel them and then grate them with a cheese grater
into a bowl of very cold water
and i’m also going to grate in half an
onion into the same bowl and by the way
you’ve never cried
until you’ve grated onion, it’s a good cry
alright once that’s done I’m going to add some
more water, fill it up a little more
and these are going to sit in the cold water for
about twenty, thirty mins you don’t need to rinse it
just let them sit there
in the mean time take a couple eggs
some flour
black pepper
a little pinch of cayenne
salt of course
and we’re going to whisk that up until very smooth
and then set that aside
and when our potatoes are ready
drain them, rinse them
put them in a collander and squeeze squeeze
all the water must be squeezed out
so i squeeze it a fistful at a time
and then I press it again with some paper towel
make sure all the water is out
of your potatoes,
it’s the only way to screw this up
is to have wet potatoes
once the potatoes are as dry as humanly possible
add them to a bowl
mix in your egg mixture with a
and that is a potato pancake mixture
ready to fry
it’s an incredibly easy recipe, I told you
I’m going to cover that while I make these
because you don’t want any air to get to the potatoes
if possible, because they do oxidize
this is not something you could store, put
away and it’s going to be good the next day
so you’re going to want to make this stuff
alright now to fry these we’re going to
use a heavy-duty skillet with a good
amount of oil they say a
quarter-inch of oil, I don’t know if you
quite need that much on the bottom but you need
enough oil to come up the side at least halfway up
the pancake
if you want a nice crispy cake, this one
I’m just doing a little test to taste for
salt and we’re going to heat the pan on medium high
and when it’s hot add your pancake mixture
flatten it out, this one is a little smaller than
the ones you’re going to see
but again I’m just tasting it for seasoning I’m going to taste this
Oh man so good and it did need a little more seasoning
so what you want to do, is you want to put your oil in the pan
heat it to medium high when it starts to shimmer
add your potatoes, flatten them down a little bit
they don’t have to be round who says they need to be
round? If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand
times the kitchen is no place for a perfectionist
alright flatten them down to about
half an inch
cook them for about like I said five minutes per
side you want to see the edges get really
crispy and crunchy before you turn ’em
five minutes on the other side and when
I flip them normally I turn them down to
medium because this is raw potato
you got to give it time to cook through if
you keep going on high heat or medium high
the whole way sometimes towards the end
the edges start getting a little too brown
and the middle isn’t quite tender enough
and there you go
I topped mine with smoked salmon, sour cream and dill
a very classic combination
you could do these with apple sauce and sour cream
another even more classic combination
or just plain next to some eggs and bacon
anyway go to the site – the ingredients for the filling
are quite important, so go check those out
and as always

100 thoughts on “How to Make Potato Pancakes – Classic Potato Pancakes Recipe

  1. Just made my first potatoe pancakes. Followed the chef, came out tasting awesome. Never had them before, will make again thanks.

  2. My grandmother used to make German potato pancakes and we topped them with apple sauce, and they were so good.

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  4. I squeeze the water out using a linen cloth
    I use the same cloth for straining the last few bits out of stock to be sure it's absolutely clear.

  5. I make it all the time. No onion, I use garlic and black pepper, salt, finely chopped parsley, fry it on bacon or any pork, duck or goose fat, and it's lovely.

  6. Wow have been begging my mom to give me the recipe on how to make my grandma's tasty Potato Pancakes. It seems she doesn't have it… so this'll do!

  7. Ooookaayyy! I made these TONIGHT for my daughter and myself! They were good! I tweeked them a bit, chili powder instead of cayanne and I put jalepeno cheese on top of my daughters with sour cream. YUM! 😊

  8. "The kitchen is no place for a perfectionist."

    Cute statement for all the home cooks, but absurdly wrong. There's a reason the perfectionist chefs have 3 michelin stars.

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  10. To get a perfectly round potato, first draw a perfect human head, then erase the extra details and bwahla! A perfectly round potato pancake

  11. You're not much of a chef – those are hash browns. 'Tater 'cakes are made from mashed 'taters – usually leftover from last night's supper. Jaysus. Anybody with a camera can call them self a chef or anything else they want to, anymore. Why don't you be a rocket scientist in your next video – maybe leave the planet to people who know what they're talkin' 'bout.

  12. I'm a bit plebian. I like mine with maple syrup. A little applesauce is good on it, at the same time, too. It has that sweet, savory thing going, big time. Yum!

  13. You could show one how to cook liver, and while i wouldn't enter the same room in which they were located – i would STILL watch your video! 😉

  14. Must have done something wrong…The taste was awful. Rather, no taste at all. Flat and dull. Will have to try again cause the results I got were far from satisfying.

  15. This video was made before his well-known Chef John Cadence voice. Lol I'm also LOLing because my German relatives would never have put Cayenne pepper in potato pancakes. They do look delicious though!

  16. Mum used to call this "Mock White-bait"… poor house recipe… never realised that until much later… also liver, kidney, brains, mince, snags etc… cheap as! I still make and Love all! [But some no longer cheap! …I used to feed y Great Dane on Lamb Shanks…. Costly now!]

  17. I have had and made these for nearly 60 years and never put the potato and onion into water, can’t see why this is done

  18. Ow wow they look ao good and easy , i cam totaly do this .

    3 hours later i am sitting in my kitchen, which is coverd with potato shreds and egg mixture and in front of me i have 3 black “potato pancakes” that are somehow still raw inside , is over salted and doesn’t have any paper ( I clearly added paper)

    And that is why guys i do not cook.

  19. Ah yeah, I like to add a little garlic and chives to mine for a little extra zest. Also, I recommend trying sweet potato pancakes, they're just as amazing with a little pinch of cinnamon added 😀

  20. This is why I love this guy. All I have to do is look in my fridge for what I got. Think about it for a few minutes and then search his channel.

  21. My mother grated them very fine. She had a special grater for the potatoes. She didn't mind the oxidation. Instead of the eggs, she beat egg whites and folded them into the potato and onion. She also fried them in butter. The very fine and small grate and the egg white allowed the potatoes to cook quickly and gave them a tenderness and moistness they wouldn't have in this preparation.

  22. Chef John….me looooooves your videos!!!  Your teaching style is out of this world and your voice is so calming!!!  Even if WORLD WAR III broke out….I would sai to myself screw the WORLD….if it's my last day on Earth….I would want to be listening to your awesome videos and chillaxing with a nice brewski!!!  Cosmic Hugs to your dear JOHNKINS…..YOU ROCK!!!iiiii xox😍🍻✌🎸

  23. I started using a potato ricer last year to make my hash browns. would work here. No more ruining tea towels trying to dry the potato.

  24. Chef John, we’ve always served our potato pancakes with sour cream and cold canned peaches. I know it might sound weird, but so delicious!

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