How to Make Sour Cream – Gemma’s Bold Baking Basics Ep 21

How to Make Sour Cream – Gemma’s Bold Baking Basics Ep 21

Hi Bold Bakers!
Dairy ingredients, like sour cream, buttermilk,
and yogurt, are such important ingredients
when it comes to baking, so it’s important
to me that you know how to make them.
Today I’m going to show you how you can
make sour cream using three ingredients and
just one jar.
Into a glass jar, I’m going to pour in some
Into the cream, I’m going to add in a little
bit of fresh lemon juice.
This is what gives it that acidic flavor.
Now just mix these two ingredients together.
Into our cream and lemon mix, I’m going
to add in some milk.
Then, all you want to do is take the lid for
your jar, seal it up nice and tight, and give
it a really good shake, to get all of those
ingredients to mix really well together.
Okay perfect.
That’s it.
So now what you want to do is take off your
lid, and then we’re going to get a piece
of breathable kitchen paper, so any kitchen
towel works really well.
Place your kitchen paper over the top of the
And then I’m going to get an elastic band,
and then just seal the kitchen paper around
So now what we’re going to do is let this
sour cream sit out at room temperature for
24 hours.
That helps it get sour and thicken.
Now if your kitchen is particularly hot, try
and put it in a bit of a cooler spot, so it
just doesn’t overheat.
I made this sour cream yesterday because I
wanted to show you what it’s supposed to
look like.
So we’re going to take off our kitchen paper.
And you will notice that the sour cream will
have separated a little bit, and it will be
solid on the top and liquid on the bottom.
So what you want to do is just give it a really
good stir altogether, and there you go, lovely,
thick, homemade sour cream, perfect for all
of your baking.
Now this will last in your refrigerator for
up to two weeks.
I have simple baking videos on how to make
your own butter, yogurt, self-raising flour,
lots more just like this one, so make sure
you go check those out!

100 thoughts on “How to Make Sour Cream – Gemma’s Bold Baking Basics Ep 21

  1. How to make cream? I am leaving in india and basic cream is also not available . Pls tell me that how to make cream?

  2. this is perfect and easy to follow! Thanks Gemma… will need sour cream in my recipe for my dad. God bless! and i love you.

  3. Nice Video!
    Here is another video of how to make sour-cream. It's a german cooking-channel!

  4. Thanks a lot , I’ve been looking for sour cream & finally found it … but , can I use whipping cream instead of cream which you suggested ???? I don’t know which one to use

  5. Hi! I live in Sri Lanka and room temperature is 29c inside the house. Is it OK to keep it out or is it too hot? The next option is to keep in the fridge. Please let me know. Thanks

  6. Could you please give us measurements in the video? We shouldn't have to go to another site to get them. Thanks!! 🙂

  7. Hi , i don't know if i still get notice huhu i always follow your recipe and it's all so good thank you for sharing it to us.. anyway I just wanted to ask if what kind of milk did you use , can i use any kind ?

  8. gemma i can't thank you enough. this worked liked a dream and set up (with almost no residual liquid) in about 14 hours. it tastes so fresh and rich and real with that awesome gentle lift from the lemon. just in time for loaded burritos. so happyyyy

  9. Thank you so much Gemma,
    I am looking for an alternative to (baking powder/baking soda/ sodium bicarbonate ) in regards to baking recipes (rising and puffinnes effect) and I found your interesting video, do you think sour milk will do the job?
    Or maybe you have something else?

  10. I putted maybe too much milk. And it didn't come out good. Haha. I don't want to throw it into the dustbin. Can you give a solution?

  11. I tried this recipe and it actually worked. I'm really impressed with this recipe and it is also easy to make. Thanks Gemma

  12. Hi. Thanks for this recipe. What cream did you use? We only get fresh cream and double cream in India. Which one should I use?

  13. Can it sit for less than 24 hours? I mean if sour cream isnt available in local markets and i was a bit in a hurry can it sit for like a couple of few hours?

  14. Hi, i cant fine heavy cream in my there any other item that i can use to substitute the heavy cream?

  15. Hi Gemma I want to make a cake that involves sour cream and I want to surprise the person. I can’t go to the store to buy it myself because I’m too young and I don’t want the person to be suspicious. Is there a substitute I can use for heavy cream?? It would help me so much.

  16. hey, i made this but mine didn’t separate. however, it smells like sour cream so i’m not sure if it worked or not

  17. Hey Gemma.. my country doesn’t have Greek yogurt. We only have the regular yogurt. Can you please teach us how to make it?

  18. I am new to cooking, may I have a stupid question: How can I buy or get "cream" which is used to make "sour cream"". Any body help please!

  19. After 24hrs at room temperature, my sour cream had foam on top but still remained watery after stirring, is this normal?

  20. This is so great for me as I’m abroad in rural Japan and not at all close enough to a Costco to just buy some.

  21. Let me make sure I have this right. After it sets for 24 hours, then separates….then you stir all of it back together?

  22. Hi Gemma, I tried making this. However it didn’t separate like yours did the next day. Is that ok? And it has a smell too. Not bad but just a sour acidic one. Please do let me know. Thank you.

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