How to Make the Fluffiest Pancakes with Matty Matheson

100 thoughts on “How to Make the Fluffiest Pancakes with Matty Matheson

  1. a chubby guy yelling fuck the cops. why? cause they can outrun you? how about some respect to people without whom you would live i a "purge" reality.

  2. Can anyone tell me where to find the whistling track playing in the background? It's used in so many productions, it must be open source, but I can't find it anywhere! Plz hlp

  3. Making these as we speak.. just flipped my first two.. and my god they look perfect and beautiful!

    update: this is my first time ever making pancakes .. whisking egg whites isnt as easy as it seems… But the end result is so worth it, flavor is 10/10.. the family loved them!

  4. I watched this video within like two days of when it first aired, and continously re-watch it now and then to get some Matheson-vibe going – and just now realised the salt and pepper shit in the first 20 sec. look like dicks.

  5. He threw out a yolk because it broke and then put all the other yorks in the mix of whites and buttermilk. WTF??! Just another idiot with "the best something"

  6. I was waiting when Matty was going to scream. For some reason, this one seemed boring. Didn't know he used to be mellow… xD

  7. He’s adorable! I know how to cook but a man that can cook 👍🏽
    If you can teach me a thing or two, you have my respect 🙏🏼

  8. So wierd hearing you talk with out you telling every other sentence. This is so wierd and makes me sad that the yelling is just a character ….

  9. *15 sec ads popup
    *Thinking about closing it up and open the vid again
    *Then remember im about to watch another matty's vid
    Me : mehh why not ill wait for u, u guys deserve some income

  10. Using Pam for grease is lower level juvenile cooking skills LMAO good luck with that and all the chemicals in that spray better to use ghee.

  11. you only need baking soda to neutralise the buttermilk so the baking powder can work. If you’re using milk don’t add baking soda or vinegar – since they cancel each other out anyway.

  12. Penis shaped salt and pepper shakers. That's freaking hilarious havent seen the cooking but I can tell this is going to be good. Matty you remind me of a family friend who i consider more family than friend hes a chef with an obsession of the Greatful dead with a similar bubbly personality.

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