How to prepare soft chapati Recipe- Phulka Recipe-Roti Recipe by Healthy Food Kitchen

Today lets see how to prepare soft and fluffy chapati recipe Wheat Flour – 200 gr Add salt to taste Add 2 & 1/2 tsp of warm milk Water for kneading the dough Measure hot water using the same cup used for measuring flour and add it to the milk Only 1/2 cup of water was required for kneading the dough Add 2 tsp of oil and knead the dough well Once the dough is ready set it aside for 2 hrs For 1 cup of flour 1/2 of water is required for kneading the dough After 2 hrs , the dough is very soft Make small balls and dust it with dry flour Once you have pressed it to a round , fold it as shown Folding it this way , gives you a soft and fluffy chapati , moreover you will get layered chapati When small bubbles appear on the surface flip the chapati to the other side Once again flip the chapati and add oil or ghee as you wish Fluffy and soft chapati is ready !!! Now add ghee or oil on the surface to prevent it from drying

33 thoughts on “How to prepare soft chapati Recipe- Phulka Recipe-Roti Recipe by Healthy Food Kitchen

  1. Hi mam,I really like ur method…it comes out well …..I followed many methods for chapati…but it does't comes out well….I follwed ur way….it's amazing…..thank u…

  2. Thank u..for ur recipes…if u can pls upload more chapathi varieties with veg's stuffing….like bottle gourd,redish,carrot,cauliflower.,cabbage….thank u

  3. Hello Mam I also roll chapati after folding it but mine never puffs like ur chapati. Mam can u please add English subtitles to understand what advice r u giving.

  4. I don't understand why my chappathi is not cooked is some corner while it raises and I did exactly the same way as you said Please akka clarify., this to me

  5. i like ur video. its the only video that shows any shaped chapathi can still puff. mine is never round. you gave me hope. thank you.

  6. I hate making chapathi because it's always a hit or miss . i absolutely love your tutorial . i will surely try it . do you post non veg recipes as well ?

  7. romba super sammai ya erundhu chu enaku eppo round round chapathi solithara assai ana adu tha dhadava round seiya kathukongo.

  8. making soft chappathi is the big difficult task for me.but today u change that task into a magic .iam …big fan of u mam.

  9. Can I make this just round instead of the triangle layer? I hate making chapathi. Turns out like biscuits..hard and breakable

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