How to Pronounce BALL, BOWL, BALD, BOLD, BOWLED – English Pronunciation

How to Pronounce BALL, BOWL, BALD, BOLD, BOWLED – English Pronunciation

hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech
with your pronunciation question today’s question is how do I pronounce the words
ball bowl bald bold and bowled the way we’re going to tackle this today is
because there are so many words is to look at the different vowel sounds so
we’re going to look at the American short o and the American long o
so for the American short o oh you’re going to open your mouth into a wide
oval and the tongue is going to be pointed the tip of your tongue will be
down in the front of your mouth and the back of your tongue is going to be
pulled up a little bit oh let’s see if you can look at that oh
ball for the long O we’re gonna start with that mouth shape
that very oval open mouth but then move to more of a pucker o so we have oh o now there’s another tip that you need to
keep in mind make sure for this L sound that you touch the tip of your tongue to
the back of your top front teeth to make that sound very distinct so let’s put
this all together for the short oh ball now let’s try the long O bowl bowl now
to say bald and bold we’re going to add an LD same with the word bowled
don’t let that spelling confuse you make sure that for that ED you’re just
adding the one D sound so yes bold and bowled are pronounced the same okay let’s put these all together then ball
bowl bald bold bowled and yes you’re gonna see for these last two words
because I’m puckering my mouth for that long
o that my lips are going to look a little bit different for that be because
my brain is helping my mouth get ready to make my life a little bit easier so
one more time all the way through ball bowl bald bold bowled now I have to take a peek at my sentence here the bald man was bowled over when his opponent made the bold move to bet he could get the ball into the small bowl give it a try I
know people are going to notice the difference if you found this video
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23 thoughts on “How to Pronounce BALL, BOWL, BALD, BOLD, BOWLED – English Pronunciation

  1. LONG lesson today. Best of luck and let me know what you think: easy or difficult?

  2. I need your help could you please explain to me the right meaning of Currently I did a research and it says at the present time ok I get that for example I am currently working for MacDonald's, how ever I also read an article where it says it was currently reported that some people have been treated badly this is not present time will you please help me I'm genuinely sorry for the inconvenience the I'm causing you thank you again

  3. Once again you just saved my life I really thank you and I will always be indebted to you I really mean that and God bless you

  4. This is a terrifying lesson… These words appear in my worst nightmares… Hell is full of these words, I know… I really know it… Lord, help me… Just kidding!!! But Jennifer, seriously, distinguishing these words is very complicated. Thank you so much for putting us hard tests. By the way, the word "tests" is pronounced "tes – ts" as you taught us the word "tasks"? Have a nice weekend!

  5. Thanks for helping me with 'Bold' and 'Bald'. I used to pronounce both of them just the same. Never knew difference between short-o and long-o. I am so happy to learn 🙂

  6. Can you tell the pronunciation of L sound. Like in the Grill, it is just an L. But if in the word Smile, it sounds like 'smai-oh-L'. Can you clarify it for me

  7. Wow!! Long phrase!!! Very good. Maybe someday I go to learn articulate well my tongue and lips too. That's great tips!! Congratulations!!! Ms. Tarle. Thank you. Hot Sunday here😳

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